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Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB have been nominated for an award at the 2010 Metal
Hammer Golden Gods. The band has been nominated in the category of best
underground band at the coveted awards, which take place every year.

GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE comments:

“We would encourage every man, woman and child, as well as all serviceable
robots and It-beasts, to vote for us in this category; not for our glory,
but to strike a hammer blow for high-speed thrash metal from Ireland.
Basically, for our glory. Best underground band. We like the sound of
that, don’t you?”

Show your support for GAMA BOMB and thrash metal by voting for them in the
“best underground band” category at

GAMA BOMB recently announced a string of tours, including headlining Irish
and UK tours, followed by a European tour with SEPULTURA.

Catch them live at the following shows:

10 Apr 2010 – Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland – The Square Peg

15 April 2010 – Cork, Ireland – An Cruiscin Lan
16 April 2010 – Dublin, Ireland – The Pint
17 April 2010 – Belfast, Northern Ireland – The Speakeasy
18 April 2010 – Galway, Ireland – Kelly’s

1 May 2010 – Sheffield, UK – Corporation
3 May 2010 – Sheerness, UK – Ivy Leaf
4 May 2010 – Newcastle, UK – Trillians
5 May 2010 – Grimsby, UK – Matrix
6 May 2010 – London, UK – Islington Academy
7 May 2010 – Brighton, UK – Engine Rooms
8 May 2010 – Jaen, Spain – Jaen Metal Festival 2, Auditorio de la Alameda
(without MUTANT)
9 May 2010 – Derby, UK – Old Bell

View the tour flyer at

14 July 2010 – Bristol, UK – Bier Keller
15 July 2010 – Sheffield, UK – Corporation
16 July 2010 – Cardiff, UK – Millenium Hall
17 July 2010 – Wolverhampton, UK – Wulfrun Hall
18 July 2010 – Dublin, Ireland – Academy
19 July 2010 – Dundee, UK – Fat Sam’s
20 July 2010 – Reading, UK – Sub 89
21 July 2010 – Norwich, UK – Waterfront
22 July 2010 – London, UK – Scala

30 July 2010 – Loreley, Germany – Rock Area Festival

GAMA BOMB’s new album, TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE, is available now
worldwide on CD and vinyl. Get your copy in Europe at or in North America

TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE is also still available as a free download at

For more GAMA BOMB news and info, head to


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MERZBOW – ‘Graft’ LP & 7″
The King of Japanoise! Ltd x 150 copies on green vinyl with extra 7″
Shipping: Now – LAST COPIES!!!

Maniac (ex-Mayhem, Skitliv), Vivian Slaughter (Gallhammer), Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound), Ingvar Magnusson (Skitliv)
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SKITLIV – ‘Bloodletting’ 10″ Picture Disc
Ltd x 777 copies with exclusive artwork from David Tibet. Maniac (ex-Mayhem), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining). Includes a track from CURRENT 93.
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WICKED KING WICKER – ‘God Is Busy… Save Yourself’ CD
IRON FIST OF THE SUN – ‘Behavioural Decline’ CD
NDE – ‘Krieg Blut Ehre Asche’ CD
CAGES – ‘Folding Space’ CD

“Priests Of Sodom”, the new video from Florida-based death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE, can be viewed below.

Commented bassist Alex Webster: “We had a great time working with [director] Kevin Custer [HATEBREED, TESTAMENT, SUFFOCATION, OVERKILL] on the ‘Priests of Sodom’ video; he was totally professional and really seemed to understand what to do with our music. He brought a lot of cool new ideas to the table, ideas that may very well make this our most intense video yet.”

“Priests Of Sodom”‘s lyrics can be found in the Vince Locke-illustrated CANNIBAL CORPSE “Evisceration Plague” 96-page graphic novel, which is still available in VERY limited quantities.

CANNIBAL CORPSE is gearing up to hit the road on the band’s first headline run since it appeared on the Hot Topic stage on 2009’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Joining CANNIBAL CORPSE on “The Evisceration Plague Tour” are SKELETONWITCH, LECHEROUS NOCTURNE and 1349 on select dates.

“The Evisceration Plague Tour” kicks off on Tuesday, April 20 in Orlando, Florida and finishes up in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, May 15.

CANNIBAL CORPSE recently completed the the Decimation Of The Nation 2 North American tour with HATEBREED, BORN OF OSIRIS, UNEARTH and HATE ETERNAL.

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Title: Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Ref.: XM 035 LP
Release date: 15.03.2010
Barcode: no barcode
Track list:

01. Apocryphal (intro)
02. As I Behold I Despise
03. Deadsoul
04. The Forlorn
05. Tears Of God
06. Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
07. Embrace The Darkness/
Blood Of The Perished
08. Fear Obscures From Within
09. Transmigration Beyond Eternities
10. Towards The Shrouded Infinity
11. Perpetual Ascent
12. Darkened

New vinyl re-issue of this true Death Metal classic!! Orange-splattered vinyl + insert. 1st album from ’92 of this mythic finnish band that achieved the most perfect balance between brutality, melody, speed, heavyness, darkness, mysticism… An essential work for anyone that really enjoys Death Metal!!

limited to 500 of which 300 are already gone in pre-orders!! Order your copy before it’s too late or prepare yourself to pay a fortune on eBay later!!

Buy directly online through the XTREEM MUSIC online shop at
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..Florida’s INFERNAEON have completed writing their upcoming album for Prosthetic Records and are entering Safe House Production studios to work with legendary guitarist James Murphy (TESTAMENT, OBITUARY, DEATH), who is working with the band from pre-production through mastering. INFERNAEON’s last release, “A Symphony of Suffering” was released in March of 2007, also on Prosthetic.
The band is also proud to announce the addition of guitarists Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger and bassist Mike Poggione. Frontman Brian Werner had this to say about the new members:

“It is a real breath of fresh air getting these three in the band. Taylor and Steve are both young, 18 and 19, and hungry and their talent and work ethic are second to none. We’ve accomplished more in three months than I’d ever been able to accomplish in a year before! I spent time with Mike Poggione in Monstrosity and he’s really helping us out in our bass player’s absence. Also our drummer Jeramie Kling (The Absence) has really stepped up his game, and in my opinion he could be the next Derek Roddy or Tim Yeung. He has really come into his own as a drummer and it’s an honor to still be working with him. The end result is an absolutely amazing sounding album one that I’m proud to be a part of.”
The band has posted a behind the scenes look at some of the insanity which went on during the writing process of the album at Werner’s, home on a 30 acre compound in central Florida, where anything goes. Named the “Wildest House in America” by both Playboy Magazine and Girls Gone Wild, the band has a reputation for getting out of control, to say the least. Check out the video,

Title: Fall of the Archetypes
Ref.: XM 077 CD
Release date: 15.03.2010
Barcode: 8436039067035

Track list:
01. Fall of the Archetypes
02. Leviathan
03. Vita Adeus
04. Silent War
05. Syndicate Empires
06. Less Than Human
07. Threshold
08. Ashes of Civilization
09. Scourge
10. Mindprobe
11. Dark Tomorrow

2nd full length by this legendary Death Metal act from Florida!! 16 years after their latest recording, the band is back heavier than ever with their well known brand of old fashioned Death Metal influenced by bands like SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL…

Killing Addiction is a death metal/grindcore band hailing from the Florida music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s that spawned dozens of influential bands in the death metal genre.

Legacies of Terror, 1990 demo
Necrosphere, 1991 7″ EP, Seraphic Decay Records
Omega Factor, 1993 LP, JL America Records
Dark Tomorrow, 1994 split EP
Brutal Aggression, 1993 JL America Records compilation
Kiss of Death, 1995 EETME Records compilation
Dark Tomorrow of the Necrosphere, Mastercult Records (bootleg double EP)
Chris Wicklein – guitar
Chad Bailey – guitar
Pat Bailey – bass, vocals, Optimus
Chris Ballina – percussion (1989–1992)
Chris York – percussion (1992–1995)

The band Feeble Minded meet with an echoes from surrounding in 1998 after recording stuff Meanwhile We’re Alive. In 1999 Feeble Minded had played plenty of gigs also with more famous bands.
In autumn 1999 the new guitarist Erik followed the band and Feeble Minded played only new material. The promo named CML-5 was released — 5 songs recorded at home. Racy death music with grind influence made the band ready to play more gigs and fests.
A record Hate Feeling was sampled in November 2000 and released as a split CD with Limits of Nescient in March 2001. The CD was released by Grodhaisn Productions together with Copremesis Records.
In the following two years Feeble Minded had played about 60 concerts in Czech Republic and abroad. In 2002, Erik was replaced by the new guitarist Banjo and our electronic drums were replaced by live drummer David at the end of the year.
The year 2003 has been dedicated to CD My Anorexia that was released at Grodhaisn Productions again. It’s a first recording with the live drummer (six pieces are played by Lille of German brutal death band Defeated Sanity, one by David). Feeble Minded are still receiving very positive comments on the CD and live shows.
Another changes in the end of 2004 comes on guitarist and drummer posts. Instead of Banjo was Erik back and David was replaced by Wena. In year 2005 Erik leaves Feeble Minded again. On live shows band presents material from the last CD and brand new stuff only.
In September 2006 was released DVD-R Nothing But Death with new material and two video-clips.

Though the austrian death metal band DESTINATION VOID (AUT) was founded just recently — in the end of may 2008 – the bands history reaches way back to the early 90s of the last century, when GREGOR SCHMIDT (later also known by the pseudonym “CAPRAL ADORATOR”) drummer of the Vienna based death metal band CALDERA (AUT) joined a side-project called MIASMA (AUT) in november 1990.

In december 1990 GREGOR had his 1st live appearance drumming for MIASMA and (!) CALDERA on the same evening, supporting another local band called APHIS (AUT) @ GRAFITTI — VIENNA. GREGORS first band CALDERA disbanded soon after when GREGOR decided to put all his efforts into only one band — MIASMA.

In march 1991 GREGOR and MIASMA recorded their 1st DEMO “GODLY AMUSEMENT” with the kind support of MARTIN SCHIRENC at that time mastermind of the legendary PUNGENT STENCH (AUT) – now playing w/ HOLLENTHON (AUT). In october 1991 GREGOR and MIASMA performed live w/ DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (AUT), DISASTROUS MURMUR (AUT) and ULCEROUS PHLEGM (GER) @ ARENA — VIENNA.

October 1991 was also the month when the 1st MIASMA-ALBUM “CHANGES” was recorded and mixed, again by MARTIN SCHIRENC. In december 1991 GREGOR and MIASMA had a live appearance w/ ASPHYX (NED), SAMAEL (SUI) and SILENT DEATH (SUI) @ METAL-CLUB — FLUMS (SUI).

In january 1992 a show followed w/ EVIL DEAD (USA) and LÄÄZ ROCKIT (USA) @ ROCK HAUS — VIENNA. 1992 MIASMA and GREGOR performed numerous live shows throughout europe:

June 1992: HEADLINER of “SHARK ATTACK-FESTIVAL” w/ a horde of polish death metal bands — among them VADER (POL) itself @ LEIPZIG
November 1992: 3-WEEK EUROPEAN-TOUR w/ DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (AUT) destroying Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

In January 1993 MIASMA and GREGOR entered again the studio to record the EP “LOVE SONGS”.


During 1993: After the break up with the band manager and the leaving of some band members GREGOR, the former MIASMA-guitarist PETER PROCHAZKA and the former MIASMA-bass-player ATTEMS formed a new band called “MISSING LINK”. They also changed the musical style at that time into something what could be described as Progressive Instrumental metal.

1995/1996: GEORG WILFINGER joins the band as the new singer and the band returns again to the original band name MIASMA. A DEMO-TAPE («MIASMA 1995») and some club gigs followed until MIASMA ceased to exist once again after a farewell-show @ the “ROCK ON THE WATER”-FESTIVAL @ STRANDBAD — GREIFENSTEIN (July 1996).

In spring 2005 GREGOR and all other original members of MIASMA tried another reanimation of the band, followed by many lineup-changes.

In december 2006: MIKE FISCHER (BASS) and JOHNNY PATRASCU (LEAD GUITAR) joined GREGOR and MIASMA. The band at that time is writing again many new songs, while rehearsing the old stuff as well.

In 2007 after a long pause they return on stage:
May 2008: Performing with GEORG WILFINGER again growling for MIASMA (instead of GOREHEAD due to illness) w/ ANGELCORPSE (USA), REVENGE (USA) and ARKHON INFAUSTUS (FRA) @ FREIRAUM – ST. PÖLTEN At the end of may 2008 GREGOR, MIKE and JOHNNY decided to leave MIASMA and form a new Death metal band — DESTINATION VOID — with GEORG WILFINGER as shouter.

In september 2008 DESTINATION VOID recorded their so-called Rehearsal Room Demo 2008 with the help of SEBASTIAN GEISSLER from GREEN ISLAND STUDIOS. And 4 songs were uploaded on MySpace.

In winter 2008 and spring 2009 DESTINATION VOID played some club and festival-gigs in Vienna (Escape Metalcorner, Viper Room Vienna etc.)

In march 2009 ALIN KALAM joined the band as second lead guitarist. He fitted in very well with his enthusiasm and fast learning of the songs. DESTINATION VOID has been working WITH HIGH INTENSITY on another LOAD of KILLER TRACKS since the release of the 2008-demo.

In september 2009 finally 10 tracks were recorded & mixed w/ MARTIN SCHIRENC (well known as ex-PUNGENT STENCH and now HOLLENTHON-mastermind) in Vienna, Austria. Mastering was done by BOBAN «BO» MILUNOVIC from FABRIKA 13, Slovenia. CD-Name and Artwork done by REMY from HEADSPLIT DESIGN will be unveiled soon — here! THAT’S THE STORY SO FAR GUYS…..

Vermin is a five-piece Death Metal band using progressive elements in the songs. The death of the drummer’s and guitarist’s old band was the start for Vermin . Born in April 2002 , Pascal (dr) and Ron (gtr) had a similar interest in Death Metal, so the project was started.

A lot of rehearsing —up to 4 times a week- resulted in many ideas and songs as well. We both recorded these songs, and with this tape we soon found the remaining members who finished that demo, now known as «Alea Iacta Est» , latin for something like «now it’s really getting started» and in the Roman era it was a declaration for war… These 3 songs got us a lot of gigs —we played some more songs, of course-, and soon a second demo was at hand.

This time a full-length «Solypsis», complete with a video clip «Deviate» on it as a bonus (11 takes, shot, mixed, added with some graphics ourselves…) , this time the pressure gained as well as the amount of gigs. Our second guitarplayer had to quit, a suitable replacement was found quickly.

We played some nice , interesting shows too , like the one in Kade Zaandam in 2004, a pre selection round; we won out of 8 (!) bands on the Metal Battle… In May 2004, our vocalist stated to quit due to lack of interest in Death Metal, so we had to find another singer, which was found fast aswell… in September 2004 we did a try-out gig with both old and new vocalist on stage, doing each a part of the set.

Plans for recording our «official» debut were already made, and we started recording on October 2004. We recorded 16 songs at the well-known dutch studio for the genre: Excess in Rotterdam , the sessions went smooth, probably of the recording experience of the guys and the plans/schedule we made for the recordings. However, Excess was suffering from illness under the crew those weeks, so some stages had to be postponed to later times. The final mix and mastering were done on May 7th and 8th . Meanwhile, Bart —guitarist in Textures (Netherlands) and graphic artist- was preparing the artwork for the CD. In February 2005 we shot another new video «Falling Deathwards» , this time we had at least 4 cameras running at each take simultaneously. On May 2006, we finally released «A Nihilistic Swarm», which is available on Deity Down Records, and includes an interactive menu containing the video for Falling Deathwards and 17 tracks of Brutal Death Metal with a Progressive twist!!

The next two years that followed Vermin played a whole lot of shows , starting the campaign with a showcase on the famous Fuck The Commerce fest 2006 after winning the bandbattle in Hamburg for it , and later that year a minitour in Portugal with our friends Alcoholocaust , a dutch minitour with the guys from Embedded from Germany and a european tour along with the brasilians of Insurrection Down that brought us in countries like Switserland , Rep of Chech , Germany , Belgium and Poland ..

The next year in went silent , Vermin started to work on the new album , we’ve done one preview show in oktober in Dongen were we played 3 new tunes , and 2009 we’ll be recording the new one while in februari we’ll do another preview show that includes another bunch of new songs in the set , more news soon …