Canadian experimental death metal band Vhod to release debut album

Posted: September 16, 2015 in death metal
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After a few months in his home studio in Armstrong, BC, Chris Shaver
has produced the debut full-length VHOD album, ‘Dreamcleaver’. Chris
mans the helm alone, performing all the instruments and vocals and
this album showcases snippets of unused material spanning many years
as well asbrand new material. The release is a fair representation of
VHOD’s experimental death metal angle and will cement a milestone for
Chris in his quarter-of-a-century musical journey thus far.

VHOD was conceived in January 2014 and is a merger of Godcursed
(2004-2014), Morbid Darkness (1989-2014) and Worms Of The Birth
(2011-2014), which were all active projects of sole member Chris
Shaver at the time. Early VHOD releases exhibited sporadic styles and
were mostly instrumental pieces used as a basis for finding a more
focussed signature sound. Said releases consist of 3 singles, ‘The
Scornful Winter’, ‘One Fallen’ & ‘Cimmeria’ and an EP, ‘Dreams Of
11.14′, respectively, all released independently. In December of
2014, work began on the ‘Tor’ Series, which consists of 4 parts:
‘Behind The Shroud Of Mist’, ‘Wrap Three Times’, ‘Portal’ and ‘The
Desolates’, respectively. In these independent releases an evident
foundation was made with which future VHOD recordings will branch out
from. Dreamcleaver is set for release November 13th 2015 on Finnish

Track list:
1. Still The Blood
2. The Spectre’s Behest
3. On The Tree Of Woe
4. So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
5. Dragon Sand
6. Reap The Harvest
7. Now Underground
8. Flesh For Our Swords
9. Obsequies
10. Dreamcleaver

Line-Up: Chris Shaver (All Instruments, Vocals, Compositions)

More info:

Official Website:

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