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Italy’s horror death metal/grindcore band HAEMOPHAGUS have finally completed working on the new album to be released March 20th 2017 on Selfmadegod Records

The band’s third album entitled “Stream of Shadows” was recorded, engineered and mixed in Palermo by the long time friend Silvio “Spadino” Punzo at Tone Deaf Studios. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (IMPALED, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, IRON REAGAN, GHOUL). Artwork by Luis Sendón (NASHGUL, BRUTAL TRUTH, MACABRE, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER).

You can listen to “Deranger” song from the upcoming album on Selfmadegod Records’ SoundCloud as well as check awesome video clip for the same song on the label’s YouTube profile.

HAEMOPHAGUS hails from Palermo, Sicily in Italy and have been around since 2004 playing horror obsessed death metal/grindcore influenced by early CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, TERRORIZER and the likes. The band has under its belt two full lengths and tons of vinyl-only splits with bands like AGATHOCLES, SPIRAL, GRIND CRUSHER, BONESAW, REPUKED, SUBJUGATION, MAUSOLEUM. The band’s line-up consists of past and current members of such bands as ASSUMPTION, GRAVESITE, MORBO, UNDEAD CREEP, REPULSIONE.

05.Meteor Mind
06.Electric Circles in a Yellow Sky
07.Captured from Above
09.The Cosmicorpse
10.Infectious Domain
13.Twisted Syllables
14.The Darkest Trip

Into the Mortuary (demo, self-released, 2005)
Split with TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROM (CDr, F.D.A. Rekotz, 2007)
Split with AGATHOCLES (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2008)
Split with SPIRAL (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2008)
Illegal Grinding – An International Grindcore Gathering (CD, D.I.Y. labels, 2009)
Slaves to the Necromancer (CD, Ignorant Worm Records [1st press] Despise the Sun Records [2nd press], 2009)
Split with GRIND CRUSHER (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2010)
Split with BONESAW (CD, Aphelion Productions, 2011)
Slaves to the Necromancer (LP, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2011)
Split with REPUKED (7″, No Posers Please! Records, 2012)
Atrocious (CD – Razorback Records, LP – Iconoclast Records, MC – Weed Hunter Records, 2014)
Split with SUBJUGATION (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2015)
Split with MAUSOLEUM (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2015)
Stream of Shadows (Selfmadegod Records 2017)

Finnish melodic death metallers Superdeathflame has released new 2-song Single “The Final Truth”. It’s been a while from their full length “The Last Wave” (2011) and the single “Prey” (2014) but Superdeathflame hasn’t lost it’s grip a bit from their intense and melodic death metal sound.

Check the single from



Superdeathflame @ Facebook

Wrathrone plays brutal old school death metal with their own spices. Early years 2008-2011 Wrathrone was doing gigs in slow flow, though the first self-released EP “Burning Hatred” saw the daylight in 2011. The second self-released EP “Left Unburied” was out in 2013. From the year 2013 Wrathrone did gigs more and more, and now they have done over 30 aggressive death metal shows altogether.

Wrathrone was stomping over the Baltics in 2013 and year 2014 Germany met their destiny. The year 2015 has been busy and 2016 will be even more so.

“Born Beneath” was recorded in great conditions of V.R. Studio in Turku, in Jussi Vuola’s hands. Inverse Records will release the debut album in January 22nd 2016.

The brand new music video “Eternal Salvation” available here:

1. Born Beneath
2. Age of Decadence
3. Eternal Salvation
4. Failing flesh, enduring spirit
5. Blunt Blade Birth
6. Dead End
7. Sea of Sickness
8. Carnal Lust

Lauri Holm – Guitars
Matti Vehmas – Vocals
Pekka Wärri – Bass
Mikael Ruoho – Drums
Vili Mäkinen – Guitars & Backing Vocals



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‘Skull Grinder’ is the latest release from the US gore legends, and contains 7 new tracks of gut-wrenching death metal delivered in the unmistakable Autopsy way from members Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles & Joe Trevisano. Recorded once more at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, with Adam Munoz, ‘Skull Grinder’ perfectly captures the rancid essence of Autopsy in all its savage glory, with a suitably dirty and organic sound mixed with brutal riffs, resulting in a slab of relentless horror.

The North American label Sevared Rec. to release the new and second full length CD from Inbreeding Sick called “Sickness and Plagues”…This is the cover artwort and the track list… soon more information!!!

Track list:

01.sickness and plagues of carnage the scum’s world

04.hanged, beheaded, without entrails

05.putrified wounds

06.sanguinary extraction

07.dismembered by trucks

08.stab your children!!!

and 2 bonus re-recorded tracks in live session



After a few months in his home studio in Armstrong, BC, Chris Shaver
has produced the debut full-length VHOD album, ‘Dreamcleaver’. Chris
mans the helm alone, performing all the instruments and vocals and
this album showcases snippets of unused material spanning many years
as well asbrand new material. The release is a fair representation of
VHOD’s experimental death metal angle and will cement a milestone for
Chris in his quarter-of-a-century musical journey thus far.

VHOD was conceived in January 2014 and is a merger of Godcursed
(2004-2014), Morbid Darkness (1989-2014) and Worms Of The Birth
(2011-2014), which were all active projects of sole member Chris
Shaver at the time. Early VHOD releases exhibited sporadic styles and
were mostly instrumental pieces used as a basis for finding a more
focussed signature sound. Said releases consist of 3 singles, ‘The
Scornful Winter’, ‘One Fallen’ & ‘Cimmeria’ and an EP, ‘Dreams Of
11.14′, respectively, all released independently. In December of
2014, work began on the ‘Tor’ Series, which consists of 4 parts:
‘Behind The Shroud Of Mist’, ‘Wrap Three Times’, ‘Portal’ and ‘The
Desolates’, respectively. In these independent releases an evident
foundation was made with which future VHOD recordings will branch out
from. Dreamcleaver is set for release November 13th 2015 on Finnish

Track list:
1. Still The Blood
2. The Spectre’s Behest
3. On The Tree Of Woe
4. So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
5. Dragon Sand
6. Reap The Harvest
7. Now Underground
8. Flesh For Our Swords
9. Obsequies
10. Dreamcleaver

Line-Up: Chris Shaver (All Instruments, Vocals, Compositions)

More info:

Official Website:

Inbreeding Sick is making the pre-sale of 2015 t-shirt “Cleaning the Scum´s World” which will be full color front and one ink back…

US$12 (shipping no include)

September 19 the band will be play in the festival “Medallo Gutural Fest 2015” with the bands: Suppuration, Planta Cadaver, Hedor, Averno, Aggresor, Confusion, Groteque Atrocity, Human Abasement, Mouldered, Cadarrine, nekrotikos… info: 317 6547547 – 2114935.

Inbreeding Sick is mixing what will be their next CD, soon more information.



Virulency wrote:
We’re pretty stoked to announce the guest vocalists to be featured on ‘The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution’. They are two of the European Brutal Death most renowned vocalists; Konstantin ‘Konni’ Lühring (ex-Defeated Sanity, Despondency, Revulsed) and Paolo Chiti (ex-Putridity, Devangelic). Their contribution is the perfect culmination to this high-level sheer brutality album!

More details will be announced very soon….meanwhile, we remind you to gaze at the astonishing piece of art made by Andrew Tkalentko ‘Daemorph’ for our album.

It is scheduled to be released on Fall/late this year by New Standard Elite. More details soon.

Death metal legends OBITUARY have released an animated music video for the track “Violence” from their most recent album Inked in Blood.

The band commented on the video:
“We had a blast creating the idea for the video and to watch Balázs animate us was a very cool experience. In the world of modern technology it is easy to shoot a music video with a camera crew and high-tech video equipment but we wanted something different. Something we hope the fans enjoy and understand that OBITUARY, though we are the godfathers of Florida death metal, don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy having fun. This cartoon is a perfect example of what kind of people we are. Not afraid to kick ass on stage but also not afraid to laugh at ourselves. We know that music is created for fans to enjoy and get away in their mind from the real world for just a few moments at a time and this video we hope makes them smile and laugh with us and at us.”

Music video by Obituary performing Violence (Official Music Video). (C) 2015 Relapse Records

It’s been ten years now since Ian Arkley breathed life into the creative entity that is My Silent Wake. Over the course of that decade members have come and gone and the band have explored a diverse palette of sounds – from doom metal to ambient and acoustic releases – but an incredible consistency of quality has always been maintained. Following on from the 2014 ambient album, Eye Of The Needle, the band are now ready to unveil a new album of darkly atmospheric, breathtakingly powerful doom metal. Damnatio Memoriae is perhaps the most spectacular release of My Silent Wake’s career, standing tall over a back catalogue already overflowing with class and majesty. Recorded at The Priory studios, under the watchful eye of Esoteric man Greg Chandler (who also adds some of his impressive vocals to the mix), Damnatio Memoriae surges with tides of emotion, envelops the listener completely in its world of shadows and melancholy. There are melodies to touch the heart, solos that sear the soul, riffs that reduce stone to dust, drums like thunder and vocals infused with passion and sorrow. My Silent Wake have achieved something majestic, something magical, something the world needs to hear.
Attrition’s Martin Bowes has added touches of synths to the songs, adding the perfect finishing touches where required and the package is completed with the haunting album artwork, created by renowned Finnish artist Juha Vuorma (Autopsy / Whiplash / Edge Of Sanity). Every detail has been addressed making Damnatio Memoriae the most complete My Silent Wake release to date and the undoubted pinnacle of their career so far.

Ian Arkley – Vocals and Guitar
Addam Westlake – Bass
Gareth Arlett – Drums
(Mike Hitchen – Live Rhythm Guitar)
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: Paradise Lost | My Dying Bride | Indesinence
Further Information:
“…moments that are simply awesome…”
Zero Tolerance Magazine |

My Silent Wake – Damnatio Memoriae Label: House Of Ashes Release Date: 29.06.15
Track Listing:
1 – Of Fury | 2 – Highwire | 3 – Now it Destroys | 4 – Black Oil | 5 – And so it Comes to an End | 6 – The Innocent | 7 – The Empty Unknown | 8 – Chaos Enfolds Me