Defiant – new album this summer

Posted: June 16, 2015 in black metal, death metal, metal

Defiant is a Croatian death black metal band formed in 2005. In the last few months we recorded our third album ”Morbid Spiritual Illness” with the new line up after a two-year break. On the last 2 albums we played a melodic death metal but after some changes in the band we have decided to change our style to pure death black metal.
We have just returned from our last tour. We have played a lot concerts and festivals in Europe…In Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Bosnia, Croatia, Switzerland, Serbia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia,
New album Morbid Spiritual Illness is recorded in Studio Armageddon with Eldar Ibrahimović – Piper and we sign the contract with Switzerland label “Miner Recordings”.


The End of Beginning [Self- released 2006]
Without Religion There is No Fear [Promo, 2008]
Era of Substitution [Grom Records, 2012]
Morbid Spiritual Illness [2015 Miner Recordings]

Ivan Kovacevic – Kova – Vocals (2012 – present)
Kristijan Krpan – Kris – Guitars (2005 – present)
Leonardo Markovic – Leo – Drums (2011 – present)
Mislav Gojo – Bass (2011 – present)

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