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Vermin is a five-piece Death Metal band using progressive elements in the songs. The death of the drummer’s and guitarist’s old band was the start for Vermin . Born in April 2002 , Pascal (dr) and Ron (gtr) had a similar interest in Death Metal, so the project was started.

A lot of rehearsing —up to 4 times a week- resulted in many ideas and songs as well. We both recorded these songs, and with this tape we soon found the remaining members who finished that demo, now known as «Alea Iacta Est» , latin for something like «now it’s really getting started» and in the Roman era it was a declaration for war… These 3 songs got us a lot of gigs —we played some more songs, of course-, and soon a second demo was at hand.

This time a full-length «Solypsis», complete with a video clip «Deviate» on it as a bonus (11 takes, shot, mixed, added with some graphics ourselves…) , this time the pressure gained as well as the amount of gigs. Our second guitarplayer had to quit, a suitable replacement was found quickly.

We played some nice , interesting shows too , like the one in Kade Zaandam in 2004, a pre selection round; we won out of 8 (!) bands on the Metal Battle… In May 2004, our vocalist stated to quit due to lack of interest in Death Metal, so we had to find another singer, which was found fast aswell… in September 2004 we did a try-out gig with both old and new vocalist on stage, doing each a part of the set.

Plans for recording our «official» debut were already made, and we started recording on October 2004. We recorded 16 songs at the well-known dutch studio for the genre: Excess in Rotterdam , the sessions went smooth, probably of the recording experience of the guys and the plans/schedule we made for the recordings. However, Excess was suffering from illness under the crew those weeks, so some stages had to be postponed to later times. The final mix and mastering were done on May 7th and 8th . Meanwhile, Bart —guitarist in Textures (Netherlands) and graphic artist- was preparing the artwork for the CD. In February 2005 we shot another new video «Falling Deathwards» , this time we had at least 4 cameras running at each take simultaneously. On May 2006, we finally released «A Nihilistic Swarm», which is available on Deity Down Records, and includes an interactive menu containing the video for Falling Deathwards and 17 tracks of Brutal Death Metal with a Progressive twist!!

The next two years that followed Vermin played a whole lot of shows , starting the campaign with a showcase on the famous Fuck The Commerce fest 2006 after winning the bandbattle in Hamburg for it , and later that year a minitour in Portugal with our friends Alcoholocaust , a dutch minitour with the guys from Embedded from Germany and a european tour along with the brasilians of Insurrection Down that brought us in countries like Switserland , Rep of Chech , Germany , Belgium and Poland ..

The next year in went silent , Vermin started to work on the new album , we’ve done one preview show in oktober in Dongen were we played 3 new tunes , and 2009 we’ll be recording the new one while in februari we’ll do another preview show that includes another bunch of new songs in the set , more news soon …