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Slamentation - Procreating A New Body Art EP 2011, Switzerland, Brutal Death Metal, Sevared Records

Slamentation - Procreating A New Body Art EP 2011, Switzerland, Brutal Death Metal, Sevared Records

Slamentation – Procreating A New Body Art EP
2011, Switzerland, Brutal Death Metal, Sevared Records

01. …As I Felt Nothing 03:51
02. C@@t Eater 03:27
03. Dripping Jaw 02:26
04. Procreating A New Body Art 02:57
The cover art is from Mottla Art

Livio – Vocals, Drums/Programming,
Morten – Bass & Guitar,
Blixx – Vocals

DISBELIEF published the cover of their upcoming album “HEAL” [to be released on may, 21st On Massacre Records]

The new DISBELIEF – album HEAL will be released on 05-21-2010 europeanwide!!!
To celebrate our 20th-anniversary we recorded 8 songs including 3 coverversions and a remake of the classic track SHINE. The remaining 4 new DISBELIEF – songs are meant to be a tribute to bands who influenced us a lot over those 2 decades concerning their music and attitude!!

All songtitles of HEAL:

LOVE LIKE BLOOD (Killing Joke)
RED SHARKS (Crimson Glory)
WELCOME HOME (King Diamond)
SHINE (title track of the SHINE-album from 2002)
Besides this the release will contain a DVD with a complete DISBELIEF-show of WALPURGIS METAL DAYS in 2009!!
Produced by Witali Weber and DISBELIEF @ FILLITALLI – STUDIO
Mastered by Andy Classen @ STAGE ONE STUDIO
Solo – guitar by Matthias Richter

Switzerland’s MUMAKIL have teamed up with France’s BLOCKHEADS for a split 7” release. The split features three tracks from each band including “Wish You The Worst”, “No Warning”, and “Doomed” from MUMAKIL and “Buenos Aires SC”, “Famin”, and “Follow The Bombs” from BLOCKHEADS. “Doomed” can be heard online now via MUMAKIL’s MySpace page: and “Buenos Aires SC” can be heard via BLOCKHEADS’ page:
MUMAKIL and BLOCKHEADS will team up for a show together in Nancy, France on June 4th. MUMAKIL has a string of French tour dates lined up for late May in addition to summer festival appearances. A listing of confirmed tour dates can be found here with more to be announced soon.
MUMAKIL’s Relapse debut Behold The Failure is currently streaming in its entirety at this location:

Geneva – year 2004, 4 guys unite their strength to create a new war machine. Jerome (Nostromo, guitars) and Jeremy (Knut, bass) are motivated in playing together a brutal and in-your-face grindcore/death-metal. Basically, the main idea is to have fun and to play without any stress. Thomas (Sumpfucking, vocals) and Seb (Deceit, drums) join the army and Mumakil create their first songs in June 2004.
In November, Mumakil play their first show in Geneva, opening for Blockheads (from France) and grindcore heroes Nasum (from Örebro, Sweden). This concert is a total success. After that, Mumakil record their first demo in January 2005 in Jerome’s home-studio (aka Terrier 5) in Geneva.

The year 2005 is characterized by the rise of Mumakil in the grindcore and metal scene in Europe. The Demo 2005 is available on Mumakil website (for free), and hundreds of freaks download it every month. Mumakil creates also its own Myspace page, and receive every day positive comments and encouragements. Mumakil play a few concerts this year and almost get on their first tour, in October across France (with Lost Sphere Project from Geneva as support). This tour makes it possible for Mumakil to be really known in France.

From January to March 2006, Mumakil get in Jerome’s studio to record their 1st album : “Customized Warfare”. 32 tracks of straight, tight, brutal grindcore.
The album is mixed by Jerome in April. Then Mumakil send the CD in Sweden, where it’s masterised by Thomas Eberger at the Cutting Room, in Solna.

Mumakil concluded a deal with the Greek label Blast Beat Mailmurder to re-edit the 1st demo as a 7” (the “Stop Whining” EP).

In summer 2006, Mumakil play at the Obscene Extreme Festival, in Trutnov (Czech Republic) with more than 50 grind and death-metal bands. Mumakil also play at the famous Mountains of Death Festival in Muotathal (Switzerland) in August 2006 with bands like Suffocation (USA), Wasteform (USA), Rotten Sound (Finland), or Disavowed (NL).

Mumakil released Customized Warfare as their 1st full-length on Overcome Records in October 2006. After that, they get on tour with Blockheads, from 19th to 28th October, in France.

2007: Mumakil continue to tour in France & Switzerland and leave to England for their very first UK TOUR (March 2007). This is a great experience for the band. (During this tour, Mumakil opened for “Carving Europe Tour 200” w/ Necrophagist, Misery Index, Disrkeet, Origin, in Leeds).

After that, their label Overcome Records must cease its activities due to any structural and financial problems. Then Mumakil signs a deal with the Canadian label Caustic Rhythm (Prodisk) in order to repress the album and tour in Canada / USA in the future.

On 22nd June 2007, Mumakil plays at HELLFEST Festival in Nantes/Clisson with other metal giants like Slayer, Megadeth, Napalm Death, Emperor, Neurosis & more.

Then Mumakil get back in studio to record several new songs which will appear on 3 new splits :
split w/ Misery Index “Ruling Class Canceled” (on Power-it-up records)
split w/ Inhume “Slimewave Series N°6” (on Relapse records)
split w/ Blockheads “Night of the grinding dead” (Bones Brigade records)

Several shows in autumn and winter 2007…

2008 : After touring in Italy and Spain (February – March 2008) Mumakil conclude a deal with Relapse Records to release their next album, on which the band is currently working hard.
Out Now On Relapse Records
~ CULTED – ‘Of Death And Ritual’ CD
~ CEPHALIC CARNAGE – ‘Halls of Amenti’ CD
~ -(16)- – ‘Curves That Kick’ CD Reissue
~ -(16)- – ‘Drop Out’ CD Reissue
~ SAYYADINA – ‘The Great Northern Revisited’ CD
~ OBSCURA – ‘Retribution’ CD Reissue
~ HAEMORRHAGE – ‘Grume’ CD Reissue
~ HAEMORRHAGE – ‘Apology For Pathology’ CD Reissue
~ CONVULSE – ‘World Without God’ CD Reissue
~ BARONESS – ‘Blue Record’ Deluxe 3xLP
~ BUZZOVEN – ‘Violence From The Vault’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ TOXIC HOLOCAUST – ‘Evil Never Dies’ CD
~ TOXIC HOLOCAUST – ‘Hell On Earth’ CD
~ BRUTAL TRUTH – ‘Evolution In One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2’ CD
~ ABRAXAS – ‘Wretched Existence’ CD
~ MAMMOTH GRINDER – ‘Extinction of Humanity’ CD
~ COALESCE – ‘OXEP’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ NIRVANA 2002 – ‘Recordings 89-91’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ SUFFOCATION – ‘The Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City’ CD
~ BARONESS – ‘Blue Record’ CD & Ltd. Ed. CD w/ bonus live disc
~ REVOCATION – ‘Existence Is Futile’ CD
~ DYING FETUS – ‘Descend Into Depravity’ CD, Ltd. Ed. LP & Ltd. Ed. Digipak
~ BLACK ANVIL – ‘Time Insults The Mind’ CD
~ WEEKEND NACHOS – ‘Unforgivable’ CD
~ BURNT BY THE SUN – ‘Heart Of Darkness’ CD & Ltd. Ed. Deluxe CD / DVD
~ MAN MUST DIE – ‘No Tolerance For Imperfection’ CD
~ ATHEIST – ‘Unquestionable Presence: Live At Wacken’ 2xCD
~ CULTED – ‘Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep’ CD
~ HOWL – ‘Howl’ CD EP
~ DYSRHYTHMIA – ‘Psychic Maps’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ VOIVOD – ‘Infini’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ COALESCE – ‘OX’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ V/A – ‘Contamination 2009 Sampler’ exclusive ITunes digital album
~ GRAVES OF VALOR – ‘Salarian Gate’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ MINSK – ‘With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone’ CD
~ BIRDS OF PREY – ‘The Hellpreacher’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED – ‘Agorapocalypse’ CD, Longbox CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ BRUTAL TRUTH – ‘Evolution Through Revolution’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ MUMAKIL – ‘Behold The Failure’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ INEVITABLE END – ‘The Severed Inception’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ BURIED INSIDE – ‘Spoils Of Failure’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ ANTIGAMA – ‘Warning’ CD
~ OBSCURA – ‘Cosmogenesis’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP
~ TOMBS – ‘Winter Hours’ CD & Ltd. Ed. LP

Title: Fall of the Archetypes
Ref.: XM 077 CD
Release date: 15.03.2010
Barcode: 8436039067035

Track list:
01. Fall of the Archetypes
02. Leviathan
03. Vita Adeus
04. Silent War
05. Syndicate Empires
06. Less Than Human
07. Threshold
08. Ashes of Civilization
09. Scourge
10. Mindprobe
11. Dark Tomorrow

2nd full length by this legendary Death Metal act from Florida!! 16 years after their latest recording, the band is back heavier than ever with their well known brand of old fashioned Death Metal influenced by bands like SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL…

Killing Addiction is a death metal/grindcore band hailing from the Florida music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s that spawned dozens of influential bands in the death metal genre.

Legacies of Terror, 1990 demo
Necrosphere, 1991 7″ EP, Seraphic Decay Records
Omega Factor, 1993 LP, JL America Records
Dark Tomorrow, 1994 split EP
Brutal Aggression, 1993 JL America Records compilation
Kiss of Death, 1995 EETME Records compilation
Dark Tomorrow of the Necrosphere, Mastercult Records (bootleg double EP)
Chris Wicklein – guitar
Chad Bailey – guitar
Pat Bailey – bass, vocals, Optimus
Chris Ballina – percussion (1989–1992)
Chris York – percussion (1992–1995)