HAEMOPHAGUS – New Album Coming Soon

Posted: March 13, 2017 in death metal

Italy’s horror death metal/grindcore band HAEMOPHAGUS have finally completed working on the new album to be released March 20th 2017 on Selfmadegod Records

The band’s third album entitled “Stream of Shadows” was recorded, engineered and mixed in Palermo by the long time friend Silvio “Spadino” Punzo at Tone Deaf Studios. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (IMPALED, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, IRON REAGAN, GHOUL). Artwork by Luis Sendón (NASHGUL, BRUTAL TRUTH, MACABRE, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER).

You can listen to “Deranger” song from the upcoming album on Selfmadegod Records’ SoundCloud as well as check awesome video clip for the same song on the label’s YouTube profile.

HAEMOPHAGUS hails from Palermo, Sicily in Italy and have been around since 2004 playing horror obsessed death metal/grindcore influenced by early CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, TERRORIZER and the likes. The band has under its belt two full lengths and tons of vinyl-only splits with bands like AGATHOCLES, SPIRAL, GRIND CRUSHER, BONESAW, REPUKED, SUBJUGATION, MAUSOLEUM. The band’s line-up consists of past and current members of such bands as ASSUMPTION, GRAVESITE, MORBO, UNDEAD CREEP, REPULSIONE.

05.Meteor Mind
06.Electric Circles in a Yellow Sky
07.Captured from Above
09.The Cosmicorpse
10.Infectious Domain
13.Twisted Syllables
14.The Darkest Trip

Into the Mortuary (demo, self-released, 2005)
Split with TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROM (CDr, F.D.A. Rekotz, 2007)
Split with AGATHOCLES (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2008)
Split with SPIRAL (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2008)
Illegal Grinding – An International Grindcore Gathering (CD, D.I.Y. labels, 2009)
Slaves to the Necromancer (CD, Ignorant Worm Records [1st press] Despise the Sun Records [2nd press], 2009)
Split with GRIND CRUSHER (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2010)
Split with BONESAW (CD, Aphelion Productions, 2011)
Slaves to the Necromancer (LP, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2011)
Split with REPUKED (7″, No Posers Please! Records, 2012)
Atrocious (CD – Razorback Records, LP – Iconoclast Records, MC – Weed Hunter Records, 2014)
Split with SUBJUGATION (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2015)
Split with MAUSOLEUM (7″, multiple D.I.Y. labels, 2015)
Stream of Shadows (Selfmadegod Records 2017)


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