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The song “06:30 The Alarm” is a outtake off work-themed album “Nazienda” out on September 25th on Mighty Music (Denmark).
In the video, actor Roberto Marinelli is subjected to a brutal awakening treatment by members of Resurrecturis who chase him and scream at him during the early morning preparation before going to work!

“For sure the video is pretty funny and ironic, but is built upon a bitter reflection on today’s suffocatingly tightening time use schedules and the ever increasing stress at work… Preoccupations don’t leave us even in the privacy of our bedroom or in the toilet!
The song 06:30 The Alarm occupies an important position in the economy of Resurrecturis’ Nazienda since it marks the abrupt transition from the comfort we experience at home with our dears to the stress-filled time of the working day.
Significantly the lyrics end saying The working day has begun, and it is pretty crazy since the character is still in the stairs at home, but his mind is already filled by anxiety.” (Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

NORYLSK – Catholic Dictatorship (Selfmadegod Records)
Country: Poland
Style: Grind / Grindcore
Format: CD
Release date: July 15th 2015

Second full length of this Polish band playing 14 songs of heavy as f@ck, merciless and relentless grindcore in the vein of early REGURGITATE, DEAD INFECTION, SQUASH BOWELS, BRUTAL TRUTH (“Extreme Conditions…”). Prepare for crushing grindcore bulldozer!!!

01. F.K.K
02. Product Of Lobotomy
03. Potential And Flesh
04. Mental Alienation
05. Sexual Apartheid
06. Mental Selection
07. Children Of The Political System
08. Political Monologue
09. Opec Paradox
10. The Run
11. The Pilgrimage To The Holy Places
12. The Face Of Death
13. The Wh0re Across The Ocean
14. The Creator

The band was formed in 1987 by Max OTERO, Stéphane VIARD, Gerald GUENZI & Boris MANDAVIS under the name Merciless, before realizing that the name was already property of a Swedish band. Mercyless was born.

The gang then spent its time between local gigs and rehearsals, recording two demoes “Immortal Harmonies” in 1988 and “Visions of the Past” in 1989, allowing it to get noticed. Death/Thrash Metal from Florid such as Death, Obituary & Morbid Angel, influences their style.

In 1990 the group presents its first appearance on records under the label Jungle Hop with its E.P “Vomiting Nausea” but also on the now cult compilation “Total Virulence” with the title Without Christ, forging at the same time a strong reputation thanks to its incisive Death Metal, and also mostly to its concerts with Loudblast, Cannibal Corpse, Agressor, Massacra, Hypocrisy, and so on.

In 1992, Mercyless hires a new bass player in the person of Rade Radojcic and records its first album “Abject Offerings” for the English label Vinyl Solution, with producer Colin RICHARDSON (Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Machine Head…) in charge. The album gets a very good reception from the fans and the European press, and allows Mercyless to sign a more important deal with Century Media for its second album.

In 1993 “Coloured Funeral” is released, still recorded and produced by Colin Richardson, and allows the group to leave on two European tours, one with Death and Anacrusis, the other one with Morgoth, Unleashed, Tiamat and Samael. Thanks to an international distribution and a large distribution among the medias, Mecryless quickly becomes one of the spearheads of the
French Metal scene. Unfortunately, Century Media, sensing a change in the wind (the great period of Grunge), dropped the group in 1994.

In 1995, Mercyless strengthens with keyboard player Tom Smith and changes its rhythm section with the arrival of Pierre Lopes on bass and David Kempf on drums, while developing a new musical direction.

The arrangements are darker, colder, heavier, and despite a few appearances on compilations, it took 1996 to see the release of their third album “C.O.L.D.”, out on German label Impact Records, followed by gigs across France and a Spanish tour. Evolution went on with fourth album “Sure to be Pure”, but the will to evolve to other projects put the group on hold in 2000.
In 2010 Legion of Death Records releases a double collector album with demoes, live recordings, a 34 pages booklet, marking the return of MERCYLESS on the front stage.
And it’s with the return of Matthieu MERKLEN on bass duties and Laurent MICHALAK behind the drums that the band comes back to the Death Metal style of its genesis. Numerous gigs follow with Incantation, Nervo Chaos, Ad Patres, Loudblast, Agressor,
Misanthrope, Affliction Gate, No Return…

The making of a new album comes quickly and “Unholy Black Splendor” is released in October 2013 on label Trendkill Recordings, mixed and produced by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Dissection, Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath…), seeing the return of the band’s favorite style!

In 2014 one of the funding members, Stéphane Viard, has to take the most difficult decision, leaving Mercyless for health problems. Gautier MERKLEN immediately replaces him.

The new team decides to take it one step further with a new partnership signed with French label Great Dane Records, giving birth to the rerelease of first album “Abject Offerings”, remastered by Jipouille de St Loup.

CARNAL GHOUL started not until 2013, when Daniel “Mett-God” Jakobi (formerly in Lay Down Rotten) got bored by only Milking The Goatmachine and joined forces with Desaster, Asphyx and Metalucifer-drummer Tormentor to start a band to worship the old school of Swedish Death Metal. These bastards doing a god damn good job so check them out!
Style: Death Metal
Roots: Grave, Entombed

Party.San Open Air

MALEVOLENT CREATION is a bunch of persistent bastards; that much is certain. They don’t always get their due, and through over twenty years and as many line-up changes, while trends may come and go, the band just continues churning out some of the most vicious and caustic death metal around. True Floridian death metal – without frills, without trends, without mercy…! Go and praise them!
Style: Death Metal
Roots: Possessed, Venom

Australian monstrous force in savage death metal, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS, will be releasing a new 7″ EP this Fall. The record will include a brand new track “Lamia” and a re-recording of “Demonsword Infernal”, a song from the band’s 2006 Demo. Prepare for extraordinary death metal brutality and darkness.
The EP will be released on transparent red wax as an act of death metal alliance between Lavadome and Unholy Prophecies Records.

In the meantime, you can listen to the last BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS material, the magnificently brutal “Dreaming Death” EP, released on vinyl via Lavadome this year, at this location:

The “Dreaming Death” MLP can be obtained from Lavadome or Unholy Prophecies shop or directly from the band.

PURTENANCE “Awaken From Slumber”

Posted: October 7, 2013 in metal

purtenance_awaken_300pxArtist: PURTENANCE
Title: Awaken From Slumber
Ref.: XM 135 CD
Release date: 01.10.2013
Barcode: 4042564147940
Track list:

01. Intro
02. Hatred
03. What Was Hidden
04. Toxic Death
05. Field of Terror
06. Vaikka Paahtuisin Tulessa
07. End for the Parasites (Called Humankind)
08. Hour of the Cannibal
09. Temptation of Suicide
10. Risen From Grave
11. Endless Abyss (outro)

Long awaited 2nd album by this mythic finnish band. A monstruous work of dark, dense and heavy Death Metal for lovers of bands like INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER, ABHORRENCE, RIPPIKOULU…

Band Website:
Purtenance @ Facebook

Listen here:

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After 5 endless months since recordings started and going through laborious process of editing, mixing & mastering, the long awaited new album of AVULSED “Ritual Zombi” is finished!! This album will have a never-seen-before particularity on such an undeground Death Metal release (even never seen on major labels!!) and consists of a simultaneous release with 9 releases on 8 different labels around the world in 4 different formats:

– Xtreem Music (Europe) CD
– Seraved Rec. (North America) CD
– Coyote Rec. (Russia/CIS) CD
– American Line Prod. (Central America) CD
– Obliteration Rec. (Japan/Oceania) CD
– Disembodied Rec. (South America) CD
– Xtreem Music (World) vinyl 12″LP
– Narrowwards Rec. (Asia) Cassette
– Metalhit & Avulsed (World) Digital

All releases are due to come out in September 1st, making it instantly available almost everywhere at reasonable prices within their own territories.

Track listing for “Ritual Zombi” is as follows:

01. Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)
02. Dead Flesh Awakened
03. Z-Hunter
04. …Was Not My Blood
05. Horrified by Repulsion
06. Zompiro
07. Elegy for the Rotting (Interlude)
08. Unborn of the Undead
09. Brainsuck
10. Zombie Ritual (DEATH)
11. Cannivegan Corpse
12. Cult of the Living Dead
13. Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)

As the band states: “We’re extremely proud of the final result. We feel we took the best decision using Javi from Moontower Studios for the mixing cos he knew what we wanted in every moment; his experience was essential. But the work made by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios on the mastering which in fact wasn’t a typical mastering, but kind of a second mix, was what definitely gave this new album an incredibly heavy, thick and organic sound. We never sounds so fucking crushing!! This is easily the best AVULSED album, not only productionwise, but also the own songs and the great cover artwork, of course!!”.

A new song will be revealed in the coming days via the band’s official Facebook, so stay tuned!! In the meantime, the band has organized a special pre-listening party next friday 19th of July at the Tyrant metal pub in Madrid after 20:30h. for anyone, both medias, fans and friends that wants to give it a complete listening to the album. Of course, all band members will be there to share some beers, so if any of you is in Madrid in that moment and want to have an exclusive listening to the whole “Ritual Zombi” album, you’re more than welcome!!

The band is preparing very special packs both on CD & 12″LP (gatefold) formats contaning lots of stuff like exclusive shirt, signed photocard, patch, sticker, badge, guitar pick, exclusive card, poster, etc… limted to 100 units that will be available for preorder in early August exclusively through the Xtreem Music online shop.

2013-03-15 16:33 – After years as one of the UK’s most successful unsigned acts, London modern metal mob THE DEFILED have signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, who will release their second album “Daggers” this summer.

To whet the appetites of fans, the first song from the album, “Sleeper”, will be released via iTunes this Sunday March 17th.

Releasing their debut album “Grave Times” via Metal Hammer magazine in 2011, THE DEFILED have since enjoyed status as the UK’s biggest unsigned metal act. Making huge strides forward on their own, their achievements as a self motivated and independent band in the world of heavy music, which includes sold out tours, prestigious slots at the biggest festivals and a Golden God Award, is remarkable.

Their unwillingness to compromise or settle for anything less than their ambition dictates has got them this far; this alliance with indie metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast Entertainment now sets the sky as the limit. Frontman Stitch D stated:

“We’re ecstatic to announce that we are signing to Nuclear Blast Entertainment. After years of being an independent band and doing everything DIY we can’t wait to have such a huge label and great team behind us to take us to the next level. It’s an honour to be working with a label that have released some of our favourite bands of all time.”

The Avd added:

“It’s amazing to get the seal of approval from Nuclear Blast, all the years of barely scraping by and putting literally everything in to The Defiled have finally been recognised by the amazing team that is Mark Palmer and Monte Conner. We have wanted to work with these guys for years now and our dream is being realised.
Signing to Nuclear Blast means we can now go world wide and do this thing properly, the way we have always envisioned in our heads.”

Monte Conner, President of Nuclear Blast Entertainment states:

“The Defiled are real self-motivators and what they have accomplished so far all on their own is very impressive and caught my attention. With the added muscle of Nuclear Blast, they can do some serious damage this time. Most importantly, the new album is a HUGE step forward in every direction. Great songwriting and violent production meld together to create something that will very forcefully imbed itself in your brain.”

The band head out on the Jagermeister Music Tour next week with GHOST and GOJIRA. Catch them at the following shows:

Monday 18th March – Sheffield O2 Academy
Tuesday 19th March – Glasgow O2 Academy
Wednesday 20th March – Bristol O2 Academy
Thursday 21st March – Tunbridge Wells Forum (Headline show not part of Jagermeister tour)
Friday 22nd March – Bournemouth O2 Academy
Saturday 23rd March – Birmingham O2 Academy
Sunday 24th March – Brixton O2 Academy

Tickets are available at for £5 plus booking fee.

The band also have a run of shows in May around Takedown Festival in May:

Thu 09 May 13    MARGATE West Coast Bar
Fri 10 May 13    BRIGHTON     Haunt
Sat 11 May 13    SOUTHAMPTON Takedown @ Southampton Uni (w/The Blackout, While She Sleeps, Don Broco and many more)
Sun 12 May 13    EXETER     Cavern
Mon 13 May 13    BRISTOL    Fleece

After an incredible delay of several months caused by the artist in charge of the cover artwork that made us impossible to set up an exact release date for the new VERMINOUS opus, we can finally reveal the cover art for “The Unholy Communion” and track list which is as follows:

01. Intro
02. Keepers of Chaos
03. I.N.R.I (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Insecta)
04. Hordes ov Vermin
05. In the Name
06. Glorious Sacrilege
07. Verminous Fluids – Part II
08. Old is the Shadow of Death
09. Immersed in Semen
10. The Gospel of Verminous
11. Devil Worship (Sabbat cover) [*]

[*] Bonus for 12″LP version

The definite release date for CD will be April 15th whilst vinyl version will come out two weeks later in May 1st.

You can actually see the album cover on big size and listen to an advance album track on the following link: (choose HD quality & full screen)