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Virulency wrote:
We’re pretty stoked to announce the guest vocalists to be featured on ‘The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution’. They are two of the European Brutal Death most renowned vocalists; Konstantin ‘Konni’ Lühring (ex-Defeated Sanity, Despondency, Revulsed) and Paolo Chiti (ex-Putridity, Devangelic). Their contribution is the perfect culmination to this high-level sheer brutality album!

More details will be announced very soon….meanwhile, we remind you to gaze at the astonishing piece of art made by Andrew Tkalentko ‘Daemorph’ for our album.

It is scheduled to be released on Fall/late this year by New Standard Elite. More details soon.

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After 5 endless months since recordings started and going through laborious process of editing, mixing & mastering, the long awaited new album of AVULSED “Ritual Zombi” is finished!! This album will have a never-seen-before particularity on such an undeground Death Metal release (even never seen on major labels!!) and consists of a simultaneous release with 9 releases on 8 different labels around the world in 4 different formats:

– Xtreem Music (Europe) CD
– Seraved Rec. (North America) CD
– Coyote Rec. (Russia/CIS) CD
– American Line Prod. (Central America) CD
– Obliteration Rec. (Japan/Oceania) CD
– Disembodied Rec. (South America) CD
– Xtreem Music (World) vinyl 12″LP
– Narrowwards Rec. (Asia) Cassette
– Metalhit & Avulsed (World) Digital

All releases are due to come out in September 1st, making it instantly available almost everywhere at reasonable prices within their own territories.

Track listing for “Ritual Zombi” is as follows:

01. Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)
02. Dead Flesh Awakened
03. Z-Hunter
04. …Was Not My Blood
05. Horrified by Repulsion
06. Zompiro
07. Elegy for the Rotting (Interlude)
08. Unborn of the Undead
09. Brainsuck
10. Zombie Ritual (DEATH)
11. Cannivegan Corpse
12. Cult of the Living Dead
13. Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)

As the band states: “We’re extremely proud of the final result. We feel we took the best decision using Javi from Moontower Studios for the mixing cos he knew what we wanted in every moment; his experience was essential. But the work made by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios on the mastering which in fact wasn’t a typical mastering, but kind of a second mix, was what definitely gave this new album an incredibly heavy, thick and organic sound. We never sounds so fucking crushing!! This is easily the best AVULSED album, not only productionwise, but also the own songs and the great cover artwork, of course!!”.

A new song will be revealed in the coming days via the band’s official Facebook, so stay tuned!! In the meantime, the band has organized a special pre-listening party next friday 19th of July at the Tyrant metal pub in Madrid after 20:30h. for anyone, both medias, fans and friends that wants to give it a complete listening to the album. Of course, all band members will be there to share some beers, so if any of you is in Madrid in that moment and want to have an exclusive listening to the whole “Ritual Zombi” album, you’re more than welcome!!

The band is preparing very special packs both on CD & 12″LP (gatefold) formats contaning lots of stuff like exclusive shirt, signed photocard, patch, sticker, badge, guitar pick, exclusive card, poster, etc… limted to 100 units that will be available for preorder in early August exclusively through the Xtreem Music online shop.

“Cancer Eradication”, the very long awaited 2nd album of CHRIST DENIED, one of the most talked about returns in the Brutal Death camp, is totally finished and ready for its release next 15th of June as previously announced. Just 2 weeks after this, the band will perform their very 1st show ever on their almost 20-year history!! This will be at the MOVE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN FEST in Barcelona, followed a week later by OBSCENE EXTREME FEST in Czech Republic and later on, in October, at the RITUAL ZOMBI FEST in Madrid.

The band is absolutely satisfied about how the production of the new album turned out, achieving a truly crushing, brutal and heavy sound, making of this album a fucking sonic bulldozer, an absolute madness of blasts and unparalleled guttural delirium!!

Track listing for “Cancer Eradication” is as follows:

1. Weak Lunatics
2. Blasphemic Blessings
3. Putrid Christian Blood
4. Christ is Gone
5. Limbless God
6. Prophylactic Execution
7. Beheading the Abomination
8. Infidel’s Triumph
9. Of the Underworld (Imprecation)

As previously revealed, the magnificent cover artwork was created by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, which you can see on HD quality as well as listening to an advance song on the following link:

For more information about CHRIST DENIED, you can follow them at their official Facebook:

Spanish Thrash Metal newcomers TRALLERY have reached an agreement with Xtreem Music for the exclusive worldwide distribution and promotion of their debut album “Catalepsy”. Coming out from various local acts and previously playing as a METALLICA cover band, TRALLERY finally decided to start the recordings of their album in summer 2012 finishing in December of the same year that’s when they got in contact with Xtreem Music who immediately shown interest in the band.

After some months where the band had to deal with various matters, specially the making of the cover art by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Skeleton Witch, Deathraiser…) and their participation on the Wacken battle of bands of which they were winners of the whole Spanish territory, resulting on the band’s inclusion on Wacken 2013, TRALLERY is ready to release this album and June 1st is the chosen date for its release date.

TRALLERY plays and stunning brand of classic Thrash Metal with a fresh sound and varied dynamics resulting on extremely catchy yet both melodic and aggressive tunes with an outstanding instrumental and vocal performances that makes of this band one of the most hopeful formations on the healthy Spanish Thrash Metal scene.

For more information about the band, please check TRALLERY’s official Facebook here: Trallery Thrash Metal @ Facebook. An advance song of the album “Catalepsy” can be heard on the following link:

La nueva banda española de Thrash Metal TRALLERY ha alcanzado un acuerdo con Xtreem Music para la exclusive distribución y promoción a nivel mundial de su álbum debut “Catalepsy”. Surgidos de varias formaciones locales y previamente habiendo tocado como banda de versiones de METALLICA, el trío finalmente comenzó la grabación de su álbum en verano de 2012 finalizando en Diciembre del mismo año que fue cuando entraron en contacto con Xtreem Music quienes inmediatamente mostraron interés en TRALLERY.

Tras varios meses en los cuales la banda tuvo que ocuparse de varios asuntos, especialmente la confección del arte de la portada por el afamado artista Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Skeleton Witch, Deathraiser…) y su participación en la batalla de bandas del Wacken donde resultaron ganadores del territorio español, lo cual les ha valido su inclusión en el festival Wacken 2013, TRALLERY están listos para la edición de este álbum y el 1 de Junio ha sido la fecha elegida para su edición.

TRALLERY practica un impresionante estilo de clásico Thrash Metal con un sonido fresco, variado y dinámico resultando en temas extremadamente pegadizos a la vez que melódicos y agresivos con una destacada ejecución instrumental y vocal que hacen de ésta banda una de las más esperanzadoras formaciones en la saludable escena de Thrash Metal española.

Para más información sobre la banda, visita el Facebook oficial de TRALLERY en: Trallery Thrash Metal @ Facebook. Puedes escuchar un tema de adelanto del álbum “Catalepsy” en el siguiente link:

Legendary spanish Brutal Christophobic Death Metallers CHRIST DENIED, who got reactivated in late 2011, have been hard working on their long awaited sophomore album after their acclaimed debut in 1996 “…Got What He Deserved” and various split CD’s and their collection CD “Drink… Drink the Blood!” from 2004. This work has resulted in 8 new songs plus a cover song of IMPRECATION which will be featured on the new album that will be entitled “Cancer Eradication”, that continues where the band left, combining all elements of their different recordings and for sure will not dissapoint any of their fans.

Recordings are almost finished and the album is expected to be released during the first days of June, right before the very first shows of the band in its history. Yes, CHRIST DENIED will perform live, something unthinkable until Roger Infected joined the band replacing David Nigger. So far, the band has already been confirmed for three festivals for this year:

Jun.29 – Move Your Fucking Brain Fest (Barcelona/Spain)
(w/Enthroned, Severance, Benighted, Baalphegor….)
Jul.06 – Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov/Czech Rep.)
(w/Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Grave, Exhumed…)
Oct.12 – Ritual Zombi Fest. (Madrid/Spain)
(w/Avulsed, Purtenance, Dissect & Onirophagus)

At the moment there’s no more shows expected and the band wants to keep it this way, just offering very few and selected live appearances, So don’t miss your chance to experience the relentless blasting & guttural performance of CHRIST DENIED on stage while you can!!

Hereby we can reveal the artistically blasphemous cover artwork for “Cancer Eradication”, a magistral piece of ART made by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, an artist rarely (if ever) used on extreme Metal, but which perfectly captured the essence of the ancient paintings, giving it a totally gloomy and macabre atmosphere. If you want to check the cover art on bigger size with more detail, vist the band’s official Facebook at:

As soon as the recording, mixing & mastering process of the new album are finished, the band will post one advance song on their official Facebook as well, so keep an aye open for it!! The war against christian hypocrisy is fiercer than ever and CHRIST DENIED are already embarked on their second crusade to eradicate the worst cancer of humanity!!


CHRIST DENIED, la legendaria banda española de Brutal Christophobic Death Metal, quienes se reactivaron a finales de 2011, han estado trabajando duro en su largamente esperado segundo álbum tras su aclamado debut de 1996 “…Got What He Deserved” y varios CD’s compartidos, así como el CD que incluye esas grabaciones sueltas “Drink… Drink the Blood!” de 2004. Este trabajo ha dado como resultado 8 nuevos temas y una versión de IMPRECATION que formarán parte del nuevo álbum que llevará por título “Cancer Eradication”, que continúa donde la banda lo dejó, combinando todos los elementos de sus diferentes grabaciones y que a buen seguro no defraudará a ninguno de sus fans.

La grabación está casi finalizada y el álbum se espera que sea editado durante los primeros días de Junio, justo antes de los primeros shows en la historia de la banda. Si, CHRIST DENIED actuarán en directo, algo realmente impensable hasta que Roger Infected entró en la banda sustituyendo a David Nigger. Hasta ahora, la banda ha sido confirmada para tres festivales durante este año:

Jun.29 – Move Your Fucking Brain Fest (Barcelona/Molins de Rei)
(con Enthroned, Severance, Benighted, Baalphegor….)
Jul.06 – Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov/Rep. Checa)
(con Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Grave, Exhumed…)
Oct.12 – Ritual Zombi Fest. (Madrid)
(con Avulsed, Purtenance, Dissect & Onirophagus)

Por el momento no hay más shows planeados y la banda quiere mantenerlo de ésta forma, sólo ofreciendo muy pocas apariciones en selectas ocasiones. Así que no te pierdas la ocasión de experimentar la implacable guturalidad y puro blast de CHRIST DENIED sobre un escenario mientras tengas ocasión!!

En el presente comunicado os podemos revelar el trabajo artísticamente blasfemo de la portada para “Cancer Eradication”, una magistral pieza de ARTE hecha por el artista griego Gerasimos Kolokas, un artista raramente usado en Metal extremo (si es que alguna banda lo ha llegado a utilizar antes), pero que ha sabido capturar a la perfección la esencia de las pinturas antiguas, dándole una atmósfera absolutamente tenebrosa y macabra. Si quieres ver la portada a mayor tamaño con lujo de detalles, visita el Facebook oficial de la banda en:


AVULSED has uploaded, the entire video on YouTube showing the band’s performance at AltaVoz Festival which took place last 16th of October 2011 in Medellin (Colombia). The show is 55 minutes long and has a great quality, recorded with many cameras and shown live on TV.

The picture quality is great, although the sound mix could have been better, specially on the first songs, but it’s getting better song by song. This didn’t depend on the band, although we hope you enjoy it anyway. However, the video captures another killer show by AVULSED, which performed an epic concert under the rain. Yes, all musicians (except drummer) were playing under nonstopping the rain, right upfront the stage, where normally gay musicians don’t even dare to play, haha!! And this, together with the great audience formed by thousands of Colombian maniacs, made of the band’s first trip to this country, an unforgettable experience.

Need to mention that the guitarist you can see on the right is Miguel Barez, a good friend of us from the band INNTRANCE, who replaced Cabra on this show. He learnt all song in record time and did a great performance!!

The band wants to give very special thanx to Alex Okendo (MASACRE/MORBID MACABRE), for helping us all the way and getting this video for us and of course the organization who did a killer job and let’s not forget the AltaVoz TV channel for the video. It took 9 months to get it, but here it is, entirely for free for the most brutal enjoyment of all AVULSED fans!!

New drummer Osckar will play at Hellfest!!

After long consideration, AVULSED has finally decided to officially present new drummer Osckar Bravo at Hellfest, being this the best possible opportunity to show all our fans the capabilities of our new band mate.

There was an initial chance that Riky (ex-drummer) would play at Hellfest in case that we didn’t have a drummer ready for it, for which we’re very grateful, but since the adaptation of Osckar has been nothing but excellent, the band feels ready to face the challenge of having his official debut at such big event.

In the meantime, AVULSED has been confirmed to perform as headliners on the next edition of the REPULSION Fest. which will take place in Sevilla (Spain) on 29th of September along with bands like EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED, NO FATE, PURULENT NECROPSYS and DIGGING YOUR TOMB.

CADAVERIA new album ‘Horror Metal’ will be released on January 31st, 2012 on Bakerteam Records.

The second part of the Studio Report in now available on YT a this link:

CADAVERIA was formed in 2001 by Cadaveria and Marсelo Santos (aka Flegias) with the intent to create a virtual space where to freely express themselves as musicians and extreme artists. In few months, after having recruited some of the most talented personalities from the Italian Metal scene (Killer Bob – aka John – ex Necrodeath, Frank Booth and Baron Harkonnen – aka LJ Dusk – from DyNAbyte), the band record the debut album The Shadows’ Madame (Scarlet Records), that receives exalting consents worldwide.
Since then, CADAVERIA private virtual space became part of the collective Metal universe. The band’s style is immediately labeled as Horror Metal, definition that means all and nothing and that therefore leaves them the chance to play from the classical Heavy Metal to the new progressive tendencies, passing through Death, Gothic and Black Metal. The lyrics, scheming, hermetic and introspective, mirror the dark soul and the vexed personality of the singer Cadaveria, talking about presages, existence, memory, energies, intellect and death…
Once finished the live activity supporting the first CD, CADAVERIA release a Home Video, featuring the videos for the cult songs Spell and Circle of Eternal Becoming, the Making-of the video clip and some other unpublished backstage acts. The video is fully self imagined/made/produced/distributed; its professional result testifies the initiative and the fervent creativity of the band and CADAVERIA’s love for the visual dimension besides music.
In 2003 the group begin the composition of the second CD, while Baron Harkonnen leaves the band to devote himself to his Industrial Metal project DyNAbyte. CADAVERIA continue its musical walk with no keyboards, building more melodic guitar riffs, but still preserving the original aggressiveness. The vocals become more variegated, flamboyant and fanciful.
While licensing The Shadows’ Madame in UK (Salvation/Triple Silence), in 2004 the second album Far Away From Conformity is released (Scarlet Records). The reactions of the audience are very hot and sometimes conflicting: CADAVERIA reached an appropriate autonomous complex style, that, as the title of the album says, is well away from the stereotypes of Death/Black Metal and from any trends of pre-existing genres.
The CD artwork, as always manufactured with photographic works by contemporary artists, shows also a renewed band look, hard but detailed and absolutely out of time. With Far Away From Conformity CADAVERIA are hated or loved!
This album, licensed also in Russia (CD Maximum) and South America (Hellion), collects good reviews from magazines and webzines all over the world and is supported by a tour that ends with a great live show at the Marquee, in central London.
During 2006 CADAVERIA work on the composition and production of its third full length. In early 2007 the band change label and join Season of Mist, that in May releases the new album entitled In Your Blood: twelve brand new songs that mark another step ahead in the band’s artistic career. The album is announced by the video for the song The Dream, immediately followed by the psycho-splattering Anagram video clip.
After having spent the last years in promotion and live shows in Italy, France, Mexico, Spain and Romania, CADAVERIA is now ready to face the future engagements with an enlarged line-up, as a second guitarist, Dick Laurent, has joined the combo. The quintet completed the songwriting and the recording of eleven dramatic new tracks, that will flood into CADAVERIA’s fourth album. The new release is expected for early 2012.
A new era of horror and darkness has begun!

REDIMONI signs to Xtreem Music

REDIMONI signs to Xtreem Music

The maniacs of REDIMONI have signed to XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their 2nd full length album!!

Influenced by old SODOM, EXODUS, SLAYER and ABSU this Barcelona-based old school Thrash Metal band has been ripping around for over twelve years. Their debut MCD “The Onset of Chaos” and their 1st album “Into the Coiling Arms of Mayhem” constitute a true sheer attack of Thrash without mercy only for old school freaks.

Recorded at “Claws and Agony” Studios and Namtaru Creations in charge of the cover design, this ReDimonic third delivery of chaos and madness will be entitled “Standing Before the End of Time” and it’s expected to be released sometime in spring 2012.

You can actually listen to two advance tracks (Shrapnel Wounds” and “Towards Destruction”) still unmastered, through the band official MySpace ( or at their website (

REDIMONI, a four-headed beast born from the ashes of GROWING CELLS, began around the year 2000. It was initially created as a side-project but it soon took shape as a proper band with a clear path to follow: playing insane Thrash Metal! After several gigs and good response from the crowd we decided to keep up with our compositions and move forward. During Spring 2005 we recorded our material for the first time, attracting the attention of Witches Brew, a label out of Germany which releases Thrash Metal at its best. Shortly afterwards, we signed our very first record deal with the aforementioned label! Our debut release, a MCD entitled “The Onset Of Chaos”, was released in December 2005 and contains eight songs combining the old, raw Teutonic sound and the classic, thrashy US style with some hellish Rock N Roll and plenty of mid tempo, headbang-inducing riffs ! See the releases section for tracklist and MP3 download.

Near the end of 2006 our bassist decided to quit and was replaced by Edu otherwise known as: Perverted Lust Monster Devoted to Vices of Eternal Damnation.

Throughout 2006 and 2007 we played a lot of great shows with bands such as AVULSED, DESTRÖYER 666, EDGUY, HOLY MOSES, VIDRES A LA SANG, DESTRUCTION and many cool local bands. In mid 2007 we started work on our second Infernal Thrashing release entitled “Into The Coiling Arms Of Mayhem”. Work on the album was completed in early 2008 and released on Witches Brew in March / April 2008.

In late 2009 two songs were recorded for a split-7” with GRAVEYARD which will see a release sometime in 2010.
In late 2010, our bassist decided to leave and we took our former one from the original line-up as a replacement.
In April 2011, ‘Cesc (Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer of Mayhem) – uone of our guitarrists and singers – decides to set aside the band. As a replacement our sound technician David joins the band. He’ll be known as: The Atomic Puppetier Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind.

Our third album is expected to see a release in Summer 2011 on Witches Brew

Our Music and lyrics are orchestrated by:
War Drums – Thundering DrumBasher Summoner of the Eternal Legions of Chaos
Four Strings Torture – The Bestial Swordmaster Commander Of Evil Batallions
Sixstring Scratching & Infernal Squeals – Thy Mighty Apocalyptic Hermit Foreteller of Doom
Demonic Riffs – The Atomic Puppetier Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind

Former Members:
(2000 – 2011) Demonic Riffs & Blasphemies – Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer of Mayhem
(2006 – 2010) Four Strings Torture – Perverted Lust Monster Devoted to Vices of Eternal Damnation




HOUWITSER (Nl) Brutal Death
TU CARNE (Spa) Gore Grind
MINDLY ROTTEN (Col) Brutal Death
TENSION PROPHECY (Iran) Technical Brutal Death
ANAL GRIND (Bel) P@@no Gore Grind
CRANIAL OSTEOTOMY (Rus) Slamming Brutal Death
BIG AND BOLT (Rus) Brutal Death
7 H.TARGET (Rus) Slamming Brutal Death
F@CK YOUR DEPRESSION (Rus) Modern Death/Grind