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Death metal legends OBITUARY have released an animated music video for the track “Violence” from their most recent album Inked in Blood.

The band commented on the video:
“We had a blast creating the idea for the video and to watch Balázs animate us was a very cool experience. In the world of modern technology it is easy to shoot a music video with a camera crew and high-tech video equipment but we wanted something different. Something we hope the fans enjoy and understand that OBITUARY, though we are the godfathers of Florida death metal, don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy having fun. This cartoon is a perfect example of what kind of people we are. Not afraid to kick ass on stage but also not afraid to laugh at ourselves. We know that music is created for fans to enjoy and get away in their mind from the real world for just a few moments at a time and this video we hope makes them smile and laugh with us and at us.”

Music video by Obituary performing Violence (Official Music Video). (C) 2015 Relapse Records

Only The Ruthless Remain is the imminent new full-length from recently reactivated New York death metal kings, SKINLESS. Boasting their classic late ’90s lineup of founding guitarist Noah Carpenter, vocalist Sherwood Webber, bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bob Beaulac, with the recent addition of second guitar gun, Dave Matthews, Only The Ruthless Remain is an unrelenting, seven-track symphony of sonic sickness as only SKINLESS could compose.

Today, SKINLESS is pleased to officially unleash the gut-wrenching sounds of opening psalm, “Serpenticide” for public inebriation. Relays Webber, “‘Serpenticide’ was the song that got us into the flow of creating this album. This track has the grind, dirge, and vengeful bludgeoning that makes it a slicing cross cut of Only The Ruthless Remain.” Listen to the crushing new track On

On YouTube

After signing with Relapse Records in late 2011, this week Auckland, New Zealand-based death metal horde Ulcerate will enter hometown MCA Studios to harness their anticipated fourth LP.

Ulcerate’s founding drummer Jamie Saint Merat states, “After almost exactly twelve months of exhaustive work we are now in the final stages of preparation for our fourth album. This week we enter the studio to track what has become a violent, monolithic piece of work.”

The yet-to-be-named fourth opus from Ulcerate follows two albums on Willowtip Records — 2009’s Everything Is Fire and 2011’s critically-lauded The Destroyers Of All — not to mention their 2007 Neurotic Records debut Of Fracture And Failure. The band down wave after tumultuous wave of dissonant riffing and a nonstop barrage of leveling, technical percussion with organic brute force and otherworldly discordance, topped with a purely disdainful, guttural lyrical attack. Their brutally-charged, sinister death metal bears an innovative, blackened edge resulting in a catastrophic concoction not dissimilar to Mitochondrion, Mithras, Portal, Glorior Belli and Deathspell Omega.

Ulcerate has toured with extreme metal heavyweights across all of New Zealand, Australia and heavily across Europe alongside the likes of Nile, Krisiun, Decapitated, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Grave, Corpus Mortale, Svart Crown and others, and even assaulted North American audiences for the first time with several shows around and including 2012’s annual installment of the massive Maryland Deathfest.

Expect updates through all of 2013 as Ulcerate completes their latest work and allows it to erupt forth onto humanity later this year, in addition to taking their sonic destruction to the stage in support. New Zealanders can catch the band in Auckland and Wellington with labelmates Rotten Sound this April.

ULCERATE Live Actions:
4/11/2013 Rising Sun – Auckland, New Zealand w/ Rotten Sound
4/12/2013 Bodega – Wellington, New Zealand w/ Rotten Sound

Pitchfork is streaming Inter Arma’s commended Relapse debut Sky Burial in its entirety. The band’s seamless coalescing of doom, psychedelic sludge, grind and black metal also further explores elements of noise and programming, along with elements of classic Southern Americana on the more than hour-long Sky Burial.

Let all eight roaring anthems from Sky Burial loose now at Pitchfork.

INTER ARMA kicked off their massive tour schedule, continuing their ongoing tour with Mutilation Rites, then scheduled to tackle several shows with Men’s Room, and finally an East Coast tour with Earthling in April.

INTER ARMA Tour w/ Mutilation Rites [underway]:
3/19/2013 Chasers – Phoenix, AZ
3/20/2013 Moustache Bar – Tijuana, Mexico
3/21/2013 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA
3/22/2013 Mayas – Corona, CA
3/23/2013 Rock City – Camarillo, CA
3/24/2013 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
3/25/2013 Colony – Sacramento, CA
3/26/2013 Highline – Seattle, WA
3/27/2013 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA
3/28/2013 Rotture – Portland, OR
3/29/2013 The Shredder – Boise, ID
3/30/2013 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
3/31/2013 Aqualungs – Denver, CO
4/01/2013 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
4/02/2013 Medusa – Minneapolis, MN
4/03/2013 High Noon – Madison, WI
4/04/2013 Franks Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI

INTER ARMA w/ Men’s Room:
4/05/2013 TBA – Ft. Wayne, IN
4/06/2013 house show – Columbus, OH

INTER ARMA w/ Earthling:
4/21/2013 Slims – Raleigh, NC
4/22/2013 Blue Nile – Harrisonburg, VA
4/23/2013 The Lab – Washington DC
4/24/2013 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
4/25/2013 TBA – Providence, RI
4/26/2013 Democracy Center – Boston, MA
4/27/2013 St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
4/28/2013 Golden West Café – Baltimore, MD

Inter Arma recorded Sky Burial in Spring 2012 at Dark Arts Studio in Madison, Tennessee, with engineering, mixing and mastering duties helmed by Mikey Allred (Hellbender, USX), the songs created by T.J. Childers (drums, guitars, synthesizer, lap steel, noise), Trey Dalton (guitars, vocals), Steven Russell, (guitars), Joe Kerkes (bass, vocals) and Mike Paparo ­(vocals), with sporadic stand-up bass, theremin and organ contributions supplied by Mikey Allred. Photography and design for the packaging was completed by Orion Landau and James Rexroad, with special effects by Drew Pierce of Cutthroat Studios. The album is out now!

Spawn of Possession - Incurso CD Relapse Records)

Spawn of Possession - Incurso CD Relapse Records)

The wait is over. ‘Incurso’, Spawn Of Possession’s Relapse debut and first new record in over five years is a headspinning masterpiece of technically brutal death metal. Featuring current and former members of tech-titans Necrophagist and Obscura, Spawn Of Possession absolutely annihilate with ‘Incurso’. Devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex and sophisticated songwriting all combine to create an opus of next level death metal. Spawn Of Possession’s ‘Incurso’ is simultaneously fresh and instantly classic, an immediate landmark in the death metal canon.!/RelapseMailordr

F@@k The Facts – DIE MISERABLE Review

F@@k The Facts – DIE MISERABLE Review

F@@k The Facts продолжает радовать поклоников грайдкора новыми релизами, надо заметить – качественными релизами. Если прослушать первую песню до середины можно сделать вывод – брутальный хардкор перетекающий в грайдкор (или mathcore как вам будет удобнее) НО продвигаясь дальше в глубину звуковых джунглей альбома DIE MISERABLE сталкиваешься с многогранностью этого канадского коллектива. Не успеваешь и глазом моргнуть, как 35 минут проносятся как скоростной поезд без остановок. На новом альбоме помимо грайдкора FTF втиснули mathcore, eclectic metal, даже рок и прогрессив метал всё в рамках грайдкора – Главное эти стили не звучат отдельными кусками в песне, а сначала их расплавили в дуговой сталеплавильной печи – затем сделали монолит вмещающий множество музыкальных идей и подали на стол. Приятного аппетита. Рекомендую для всех поклонников хорошего грайда – Michael Grindcorefan Krivoshey
1 Drift (3:56)
2 Cold Hearted (4:37)
3 Lifeless (3:05)
4 Census Blank (7:25)
5 Alone (4:12)
6 Die Miserable (1:35)
7 A Coward’s Existence (4:10)
8 95 (6:17)

F@@k The Facts – DIE MISERABLE Review

F@@k The Facts – DIE MISERABLE Review

Cavalera Conspiracy / Blunt Force Trauma (Deluxe Limited CD/DVD) / CD $20.00 $17.00

Cavalera Conspiracy / Blunt Force Trauma / CD $16.00 $13.00

Release Date: 3/29/2011
Those who have survived a car crash will always remember those feelings from the immediate aftermath: anxiety, fear, shock, bewilderment and an overwhelming adrenaline rush igniting all of their senses. When heavy objects collide unexpectedly there are always passengers whose perception of reality undergoes a sudden transformation. Blunt Force Trauma, the pulverizing new album from Cavalera Conspiracy, is the musical evocation (and possibly even the literal equivalent!) of those sensations. Abrupt, hyper-charged and possessed of some of the fiercest riffage and percussive bombardment of the Brazilian born Cavalera brothers’ storied career, it’s a sophomore-slump defying declaration that the Cavalera Conspiracy was no mere one-off, fluke or temporary side-project.

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Rotten Sound – Curses – Single – 2011 – Grindcore
1. Curses
2. Hollow

Rotten Sound’s brand new full-length album, Cursed, will see its worldwide (excluding Finland) release on March 15th via Relapse Records. The album will see its Finnish release on March 16th courtesy of Fullsteam Records.

Cursed, the follow-up to 2008’s Cycles, was recorded at Nordic Audio Labs. Lyrically, the 16-track album will be themed around the six curses of mankind. Cursed is currently available for pre-order. Additional album details to be posted soon.

Rotten Sound, who will be touring in North America early next year, has also announced a headlining European tour in support of Cursed. This four week tour will kick-off in early April and also include Trap Them, Gaza, The Kandidate and Haust. A listing of confirmed tour dates and cities can be found below with more to be announced soon.

Rotten Sound will be touring North America as part of The Finnish Metal Tour 2 featuring Finntroll, Ensiferum, and Barren Earth. This five-week tour will kick-off on January 31st in Orlando, FL and conclude in early March in Raleigh, NC.

The Finnish up-tempo-junkies, Rotten Sound, has been delivering their top notch grind with crust and death influences since the forming of the band on one crazy night in July of 1993. Their upcoming album, Cursed, is going to drop a few new jaws among the ones, that have been gasping for air after every earlier release. “We wanted to stay in the grind-core genre, but the album contains also dark and heavy moments right before your ears are getting maimed again by insane drumming, crushing guitars, distorted bass and senseless screaming” says the the vocalist Keijo Niinimaa, who has been in the band since the very beginning and has seen the evolution from crust to grind and beyond.

Lyrically Cursed takes the listeners behind the scenes of the global tragedy we experience on daily basis. “After the apocalyptic Cycles I started to think about the reasons behind all the problems we cause to ourselves and this planet. I found myself studying the human nature and I came up with the six curses of humanity that degrade all of us generation after generation, culture after culture and disaster after disaster.” continues Niinimaa about the lyrical content of the album.

Rotten Sound has been touring actively since the beginning of the millennium and is always looking for possibilities to conquer new territories while they continue pounding Europe and USA over and over again with their auditory assaults. Their long touring history consist of shared shows with Carcass, Disfear, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ, Misery Index, Sayyadina, Magrudergrind, Trap Them and Aborted to mention a few of fellows in crime. Their next assignment is the participation to the follow-up of highly successful “Finnish Metal Tour”. Part two is also taking place in the North America and Rotten Sound performs as the direct support to the co-headlining countrymen Finntroll and Ensiferum. Package is being opened by the progressive-death-rock-super-group Barren Earth.

After the US-crusade they will head back to Europe to start their fourth headlining tour with Trap Them (US), Gaza (US), Nails (US) and Haust (NOR). “This tour is a real dream-come-true to us: having these four bands in the same bill makes us honored and we are very happy to see all of them live every night.” states Keijo Niinimaa. Then, in the summer of 2011, Rotten Sound expects to hit as many festivals as their schedule allows to make sure, that all the grind-, metal-, death-, crust- and whatever-heads will see them playing live.

Their pre-Cursed back-catalogue consists of five albums, one live DVD, and bunch of other releases and many of them are considered as the corner-stones of modern grind-core. Murderworks is the album that the fans considers their new beginning and follow-up Exit got the band a solid state among extreme music listeners around the world. The follow-up, Cycles, was their soundtrack for the auto-apocalypse of humanity and Cursed is executing a precise and cynical mental autopsy for the reasons behind the centuries of misery and destruction (to come).

Cursed is going to be released by the legendary Relapse Records on 15th of March 2011 around the world with exception of Rotten Sound’s home country Finland, where the album is going to be released by the dynamic Fullsteam Records on 16th of March 2011.

Deathgnnd is tough to get just nght, pile on the death metal too thick and all the raw chaos vanishes -treading that fine line since 1993, Finland’s furious ROTTEN SOUND will obliterate OBSCENE EXTREME 2011 with a perfectly controlled bombardment of extremity.
Relentlessly technical without sacrificing an single drop of passion, not lightly have Rotten Sound been compared to the late, great NASUM, their fourth album in particular, 2005’s ‘EXIT, showcasing the kind of ruthless perfection, intimidating musical skill and genuine anger that’s made them very real heirs to the Swedish mob’s throne.
Freshly signed to RELAPSE RECORDS and paying homage to their influences with last year’s crust-caked ‘NAPALM’ EP, the mighty Rotten Sound are poised to scale new heights and become not just a rare ‘mainstream metal’ success for such a dedicatedly underground scene, but one who manage it by refusing to compromise on theirtoxic sound and rabble rousing politics.

Boston’s PSYCHO have been around for so long now. Started in 1981 as a punk band and released the legendary “8 song EP” in 1983. Then the band started to get some recognition being played regularly on local and national college radio programs. After putting out two full LPs PSYCHO were still staying in the punk rock vein but adding a bit of thrash to the mix. By 1990 and another change in bassist players PSYCHO got even more extreme with the sick death vocals. Over the next few years releases were plentiful ! Alot of split 7 inchers and a few full 7 inch eps were released. A killertour to Australia in 1992 secured the fact that PSYCHO are a brutal force in the underground music scene!
PSYCHO disbanded in 1994 but still released a few more split eps. The band decided to reform in 2005 with second bassist Ed Lynch and it was back to the punk/thrash /hardcore attack.
In 2010 they released the “Saw Blade” shaped 7 inch on PATAC Records . So far a small tour of Canada was done and they have been playing around the New England and New York areas very frequently. Also releasing 3 compilation Cds of all the old stuff, one of them is “The Grind Years” CD released on Selfmadegod Records from Poland/Europe. And now it’s time to conquer Europe and Obscene Extreme Festival in 2011!

We were all very sorry INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL could not grind us with their stench core already this year but worse things do happen… Anyway, IOS have been invited for the coming year again and we believe nothing is going to stand in their way to Trutnov!!!
While everyone is desperately trying to sound like Earache would have released their first albumin 1988, Instinct Of Survival are cranking it back even further, convincing anyone who’ll listen that Peaceville would have released their first LP in 1986 had they merely formed twenty years earlier. With these old school thrash/grind/punks ripping at their crusty heels.
Prepare your nostrils for maximum stench!!!

Listening to SUFFERING MIND it comes to my mind at once: an exclusive Polish answer to the beloved INSECT WARFARE? This is absolutely extreme mix ofgrindcore with power violence!!! Really an unbelievable, super uncompromising grind as the honeys like it!!! Grinddddddddd!!!

Afresh hardcore/thrash со re band, getting their name from and Anthrax song, combining hardcore/punk with thrashmetal and thrashcore. Played many shows in Belgium with bands such as Unkind, Asshole Parade, Voetsek, Sakatat, Active Minds, Raw Power, Insomnio, Colera, Lobotomia, … and released a demoCD (sold out) and split tape with Agathodes (also sold out) so far. they’re currently writing songs to release a full length EP with all new songs to be released this winter.


The two greatest warriors of brutal, one man death metal square off in a historic bout that is sure to level the earth and leave nothing but body parts in it’s wake. Shawn Whitaker’s VIRAL LOAD brings three tracks of drum machine fueled fury, including a ripping Dead Horse cover. Shaun Lacanne matches the devastation as PUTRID PILE, who embodies all that is sinister with a murderous rampage of his own! The crème of the crop have come to battle…who will reign supreme!!!???

The VIRAL LOAD / PUTRID PILE split is only available through Relapse Mailorder, get your copy now