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new stuff in stock:

“Apocalyptic Necromancy” CD
brand new 2nd album from 2011! already back with another killer album of shredding and blasphemous old-school metal of death! these cult legends continue on towards Death Metal domination!

“f@@kin’ Death” CD
killer re-issue of this late 80’s classic featuring Paul Speckman from Master! dirty and ugly raw death done the classic way! features bonus tracks and liner notes! a must!

“Gods of Death” CD
brand new 6th album from the masters of true Death Metal from the USA! another masterpiece of doomy hell raising metal of death, but with lots of killer high speed faster parts this time around! A crushing piece of pure hell metal done the Cianide way! Great mastering job done by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and Tombstones

“Convocation of Crawling Chaos” MCD
excellent and very dark Incantation-influenced Death Metal from the UK! a must for fans of Decrepitaph, Grave Ritual, Dead Congregation, Disma, etc. Import from Greece

“Grind Musick For the Ghouligans” CD
killer horror death metal from Spain, featuring a member from Gruesome Stuff Relish! oldschool, gory, and awesome stuff! features older material from this cult underground band! import from Mexico

“Mundo Cripta” CD
4th album from Spain’s horror death/grind monsters. This is the import version from Mexico and is hard to find!

“Member of Immortal Damnation” CD
legendary cult early 90’s Death Metal debut album from Finland, re-issued with liner notes, and the band’s demo and 7″ EP as bonus tracks! an absolute MUST have! import from Spain

“Death, Doom and Destruction” T-SHIRT
features the killer art that Putrid did for the re-issue! high quality heavy cotton Gildan brand t-shirts in WHITE. Very limited amount of these were printed! Get this fast! Only size XL left. *Please write down what size you want in comment box when ordering!
$15 US/$20 WORLD

“The Third Aeon” CD
There must be something in the soil that makes bands from Italy
alluringly off-kilter. The country certainly has a rich and colourful –
if dark can be considered a colour –history of occult music: From the
obscure experiments of progressive rock band Jacula to the heavy and
doomed metal sounds of acts such as Death SS, Black Hole, Paul Chain Violet Theatre and Zess. Yes, we can all agree upon the fact that some are more famous than others but all are just as important to the band in question here. Originating from this bottomless cauldron of talent and fascinated by the mysteries of life and death and all the horrors the imagination can conjure up – the occult and the macabre – Black Oath are on a pursuit to bring the secrets of spectres to ears eager to listen. The certain degree of anonymity the band demonstrates only appears natural under these circumstances -the unknown horror is always the most intriguing. So with lyrical themes and an image such as this Black Oath’s music of choice was naturally Doom metal, or perhaps it is more accurately described as traditional Epic Doom metal with a strong penchant for the legendary early albums by Candlemass. These influences – the mournful sounds pioneered by the Swedes and the conspicuously
strong Italian musical heritage – are consistently woven together to create doomed music that any fan of the genre cannot hope to ignore. By supporting the band you have signed the Black Oath….

“Slaver” CD
THRASHER DEATH, hailing from Chojnice, Poland, started out in the mid 80s in order to create raw and filthy Deathrash! Like so many bands originating behind the Iron Curtain, Thrasher Death developed a rather unique sound that soon brought them a large following in Poland and has led to an underground cult status abroad. This I HATE collection features both the 1987 “You Must Kill”-demo, the 1988 “Women die”-demo, 4 unreleased tracks from 1986, old photos, biography etc. The total running time is over 60 minutes. Thrasher Death – “Slaver” CD is both for the underground collector (who of course already owns a 4th generation dubbed tape of the material…) and for people interested in exploring a part of metal history seldom exposed to the more commercial scene of today! Bands worthy to mention alongside Thrasher Death are countrymen IMPERATOR & MERCILESS DEATH, as well the older material from Czech DEBUSTROL. For a more well-known comparison, think BLOOD FEAST. The CD is stric
tly limited to 500 copies

“Spawn of the Dead” CD
debut full album from this killer Swedish Death Metal doing it the oldschool way! a must for fans of Repugnant, Kaamos, and the classics such as Carnage, Nihilist, Dismember, and more! great import album from Mexico

“The Pleasures of Immuted/Doomed Zombies” CD
excellent early 90’s collection of killer Doom/Death Metal! includes rare demo material from the old days! this is a must for fans of Coffins, Cianide, and other doomy death metal bands! great import from Mexico

“Black Caped Carnivore” 7″ EP
back in stock! 2 brand new exclusive songs from this occult Doom Metal band drowning in black magic horror and grueling fear! Features even better production than ever before and once again the haunting female vocals crawl out of the speakers like a demonic banshee taking over your soul! Features stunning front and back cover artwork by horror artist Allen K. Limited edition of only 500 hand numbered copies on black vinyl. Released by Sorcerer’s Pledge Records from Germany. get this now before they’re all gone!

other recent new stuff:

“Surreal Overdose” CD
brand new 2011 release from these gods of horror death metal madness! another masterpiece from these legends of true and original horror metal the way it was meant to be! great comic book style cover artwork. a must have release!

“Demoslaughter” 2CD
The black prayers of Devil Metal worshippers have finally been answered… At last, for the first time ever, all 6 of the cult demo recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled “DEMOSlaughter”. Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously only been available as individual cassettes & 7″ EPs with very limited circulation throughout their 22-year history. Also included exclusively for this release, obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before. “DEMOSlaughter” showcases the chronicle evolution of the band from the very embryonic stages of them unleashing the rawest and most chaotic death metal of the mid- eighties to a gradual escalation of their very own unique genre known today as “Devil Metal”. Released as a deluxe DOUBLE CD (2-disc) set with 32-page book archiving the original artwork and photos alongside commentary from founding member Don of the Dead. 56 songs in total with
a running time of almost 2 hours.! *NEW LOWER PRICE!

“Hymns For the Wicked” CD
back in stock! debut album from this killer Death/Doom Metal band from Florida featuring members from Acheron and Incubus! a must for fans of Coffins and early Winter! features killer art from Putrid

“Urn of Blood” CD
debut 2007 album from this killer old-school barbaric Death Metal band from Australia featuring Damon Bloodstorm from Bestial Warlust! a must for fans of early Incantation, early Vital Remains, Morbid Angel, etc. Import from Australia

“The Conquered Are Burned” CD
2nd full-length album from this dark, crushing, old-school early 90’s style death metal band from Australia! 2010 release is a must for fans of early Incantation, Nunslaughter, Cianide, early Morbid Angel, Nihilist, Shub Niggurath, etc. Import from Australia

“Occult Spawned Premonitions” CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! SKELETAL SPECTRE has unleashed their army of fleshless ones, and delivered their 2nd crushing album, “Occult Spawned Premonitions”! 8 tracks of female fronted, ghastly Swedish Doom/Death Metal influenced by spirits of the undead, graveyard sacrifices at midnight, and other unearthly supernatural horror themes…while haunting the listener with destructive, earth-shattering riffs and demonic/ghostly death-banshee-from-hell vocals that will leave Doom and Death Metal fans cursed for all eternity!

CD/T-SHIRT package
*New LOWER price! You get the debut “What Evil Have They Summoned…” CD, the demon logo T-SHIRT, a sticker, and the Scaremaker toe tag! **Please specify what size T-Shirt you want in the comment box when placing your order! Sizes available: Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL

“Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” CD
Back in print from Razorback! The underground Death/Grind/Gore Metal classic from 1990 has been re-issued with the originally banned cover art fully restored in all its gory glory! The album has been re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and includes the infamous “Faceless” EP along with bonus live tracks! Also includes detailed liner notes from vocalist Stevo and all the old classic artwork, show flyers, photos and more! This is the ultimate edition of this beloved splatter classic! Uncle Creepy lives yet again!

“In Grisly Rapture” CD
The 3rd album from Revolting is here! Released in Germany to spread the name around more and featuring a different writing/art/concept team, but still staying true to the original horror oldschool Swedish Death Metal assault! 9 brand new songs! Import release from Germany

“Crippled Messiah” CD
killer 2nd album from this early 90’s influenced Death Metal band, a must for fans of early-Incantation, Rottrevore, Profanatica, etc. Hard to find album is a European import release

“Evilness And Darkness Prevails” CD
deluxe digipak version of this cult 90’s Death Metal release from Mexico! fans of early-Incantation, Mythic, Derketa, Cenotaph(Mex), Rottrevore, early-Sinister, etc. need this! one of the most underrated bands to come from the 90’s! insane packaging and artwork layout. Import from Mexico

“Necrofiles” CD
shredding, furious, evil blackened oldschool Metal of Death from Sweden! this includes their ultra cult demo and 7″ EP tracks! a must have for collectors! killer import release from Mexico and hard to find

“Arches of Entropy” CD
debut album of pure Finnish Death Metal, for fans of Convulse, early-Sentenced, Demigod, etc. Pure early 90’s style death metal insanity! Import from Spain

“Indhentet af Doden” CD
crushing debut album from this awesome oldschool Death Metal band from Denmark, in the vein of Crematory(Sweden), early-Grave, etc. Heavy as hell and one of the best newer bands around! Import from Spain

“Cycle of the Werewolf” CD
back in stock! debut album of killer oldschool Finnish death metal, features the singer from the legendary Demilich! import from Spain

“Chemical Assault” CD
this is simply the BEST thrash metal album in the last 15 years! released in 2006 and still the benchmark for all things thrash in today’s underground metal scene! like a mix of Metallica “Ride The Lightning”, Vio-lence “Eternal Nightmare”, and Kreator “Extreme Aggression”… this is nothing but a masterpiece of thrash metal! Import release from Brazil

“Annihilation Process” CD
back in stock! the latest release from these thrash metal lunatics from Brazil! probably the best thrash band around today! all brand new material! comes with huge booklet. Import release from Brazil

“Tardo Pede in Magiam Versus” CD
another amazing progressive horror rock band from Italy in the vein of Goblin and Antonius Rex! this is the 35th anniversary edition of this incredible album from 1973! comes in awesome digipak with thick booklet filled with art and other great stuff. a must for horror fans! Import from Italy

“Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades” CD
Finally the debut full-length album from Wooden Stake is out now from Razorback Recordings! “Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades” contains 9 black magic rituals, performed under a pale white moon at the stroke of midnight. Never has there been such a listening experience in occult, horror doom and never again will you hear such horrifyingly eerie, spine-tingling tales translated through the evil spirits from beyond. Amazing female-fronted atmospheric & heavy DOOM metal with a mix of traditional, clean vocals, and tormented banshee growls that summon forth the Skullcoven, and an unearthly display of ghostly retribution! Features incredible cover artwork by Adam Geyer. *First 200 copies come with an exclusive postcard/art print that you can’t get anywhere else!

“Black Caped Carnivore” T-SHIRT
High quality, black, Gildan brand t-shirts! Features awesome artwork from cult horror artist, Allen K. Sizes available: Medium, 2XL. *Please note what size you want in the comment box when ordering!

You get the debut full-length CD, “Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades”, as well as the “Black Caped Carnivore” T-SHIRT. Also comes with an exclusive limited edition postcard/art print and a Wooden Stake logo sticker! T-shirt sizes available: M or 2XL. *Please note what size you want in the comment box when ordering!

another amazing double CD collection of vintage early 90’s Swedish Death Metal! Uncanny were one of the best and most underrated of the obscure Swedish bands, and here is their full length album from 1993, “Splenium For Nyktophobia”, in all its glory! The 2nd disc features their demos “Transportation To The Uncanny” and “Nyktalgia”, as well as the tracks from their split LP with Ancient Rites. this comes with a great 12 page booklet filled with liner notes, lyrics, old demo art, etc. A must have!

“Ralefun” CD
amazing progressive horror rock from Italy, originally recorded in 1979! brilliant occult stuff that is a must for fans of Goblin and horror soundtracks! comes in a killer digipak with tons of photos, creepy looking art, and more! Import release from Italy and hard to find

“Zora” CD
another brilliant album of occult/horror progressive rock from this obscure Italian band! originally recorded and released in 1977! this amazing re-issue comes in a killer digipak with tons of art, photos, etc. Very hard to find Italian import release is a must have for fans of Goblin and Fabio Frizzi!

“The Principal Extinction” CD
Demontage is one of the finest new talents that are hidden this gigantic sea of new and average bands out there. With so much music out there you got to wonder what’s new, unique, and good out there these days. If you’re a fan of anything that involves old 80’s Black, Thrash, or Traditional Metal, look no further than this band. What’s simply amazing about them is their ability to play a lot different styles of Heavy Metal in chaos, yet blend them ever so smoothly is something no less of a great accomplishment. For fans of just about everything the 80’s had to offer in quality. There’s just no way you can pinpoint their sound; no cookie cutter here.

“s/t” CD
awesome and heavy American Doom Metal in the vein of Trouble, Penance, etc. Catchy, epic, and poweful stuff for fans of true doom metal!

“The Peaceful Dead” CD
Dawn Of Winter have been playing Traditional Doom Metal for nearly 20 years now! this is their most recent release and it’s crushing and heavy, and dark as hell! if you love doom you will love this band! for fans of Reverend Bizarre, Candlemass, The Gates of Slumber, etc.

“Damned And Mummified” CD
back in stock! one of the last albums that Abscess did! 12 tracks of horror and gore drenched madness! a must for fans of Autopsy! this is getting harder and harder to find

“What Evil Have They Summoned…” LP
deluxe vinyl version of the debut Scaremaker album is here! released by Grind Block Records from Italy and limited to only 500 copies! Features exclusive art not seen in the CD version, along with 2 bonus tracks! a brand new song titled “Demon Slave” and a demo version of the song “Gore Shriek”! Comes with collectible obi strip! We only have a limited amount of these in stock so order fast if you want one!
$15 US/$25 WORLD

“Profane Doctrines Unburied” CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! The crypt opens for the 3rd time! Decrepitaph summons the newest chapter in the Ancient Death Metal saga. Featuring 10 tracks of rotting blasphemy with the heaviest production yet! The latest album from these demonic demons has finally arrived and proves once again that HORROR PREVAILS!

“Burning Inquisition” demo tape
pro cassette version released officially by Wittchammer productions from Thailand and limited to only 250 copies! comes with exclusive artwork and layout design! the first ever release from Scaremaker!

“s/t” CD
amazing horror soundtrack style music from Europe! if you love Gobline and Fabio Frizzi, you will love this! fans of movies like Deep Red, Suspiria, Gates Of Hell, etc. need to hear this band! this is their debut full CD and it’s getting harder and harder to find!

split CD
Out now from Razorback Recordings! Over 40 minutes of brand new, exclusive material from these 2 incredible horror Doom Metal bands from America! Wooden Stake summons the spectre of death itself as well as the black countess of blood, while Blizaro conjures the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and malicious beings from beyond! Features a stunning full color painting by horror master, Adam Geyer. This special release is a limited edition of only 1000 copies and will never be repressed again!

“Witness” MCD
great 70’s style Doom Metal with female vocals from California. dark and mystical, with some trippy parts as well. fans of old Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Blood Ceremony, etc. will love this! hard to find import from Sweden

“Death Shall Set Us Free” CD
debut album from this obscure, old-school Swedish Death Metal band! this includes their demo and 7″ EP tracks! a must for fans of the ancient sound of Swedish death! Import from Greece

“The Astral Sleep / In The Eyes of Death” CD
Long before they turned into a wimpy goth/techno band, Sweden’s Tiamat were legendary old-school death metal masters! This was their 2nd album from 1991 and it’s a must have for fans of the classic early 90’s death metal gems! Original, heavy, and killer! like a mix of Swedish Death Metal and Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Venom, etc. This also includes 2 bonus tracks from the legendary “In The Eyes of Death” compilation!

“Eparistera Daimones” CD
Tom G. Warrior is back with his best music since the 80’s Celtic Frost classics! Heavy, dark, and bleak blackened Death metal from a true legend! a killer debut album that features great HR Giger cover artwork!

“Shadows in the Deep / Across the Open Sea” CD
back in stock! The band’s 2nd and 3rd albums from 1992 and 1993. Totally essential, dark, heavy, crushing, classic swedish death metal. Totally essential!

“Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil ” CD
back in stock! the first official release from these masters of classic Swedish death metal! even better, this includes the mighty “In the Embrace of Evil” material from Grotesque who were pre-At The Gates! a must have for fans of early 90’s Swedish death metal!

“Demon Entrails” 2CD
back in stock! classic “Satanic Rites”, “Triumph of Death” and “Death Fiend” demos from 1983…all remastered in this killer and ESSENTIAL re-issue! the masters of all death and destruction! comes in slick digipak and on 2 discs!

“Buried To Rise” 2CD
awesome DOUBLE CD re-issue of ultra obscure early 90’s Swedish Death Metal band! includes all their demos and EP tracks and features great mastering job by Dan Swano! comes with thick booklet filled with liner notes, the original lyrics, and tons of art and band photos! a massive release and a must have!

“From Beyond the Crypt” CD
Back in stock! Awesome collection cd featuring all the band’s early ep material. Features the Limbless 7″ and the tracks from the split 7″ with Inkblack. Also includes bonus rehearsal and compilation songs. Features awesome cover art from cult artist Jake of Tales From Uranus comics. Import from Holland

“Euphoric Hymns From the Altar of Death” CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! GRAVE RITUAL play awesome Death Metal with an emphasis on catchy song writing, dark passages, doom-laden riffs, and a true appreciation for Impetigo, Autopsy, and Incantation, while mixing in their own sound! “Euphoric Hymns From the Altar of Death” is a 9 song platter of utterly morbid and down-tuned Death Metal that is the stuff of nightmares!

“City of the Living Nightmare” CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! BLIZARO play incredible and mind-blowing 70’s-inspired Doom Metal mixed with Horror film-influenced synth/progressive rock to create an original sound that’s catchy, moody, and brilliant. Imagine the horrific sounds of Goblin crossed over with Witchfinder General and Pentagram, along with a ton of gloomy Moog synthesizers and hypnotizing, fuzzed up metal riffs and you get one hell of a sound that will leave you spellbound! Over 60 minutes of heavy, horror-drenched DOOM metal! Featuring John Gallo from ORODRUIN and CRUCIFIST!

demon logo T-SHIRT
*NEW LOWER PRICE! back in stock! high quality black Gildan brand t-shirts printed up by the band! features the official band logo drawn by Adam Geyer! **Please write down what size you want in the note box when placing your order! Sizes available: Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL
$12 US/$17 WORLD

“Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages” CD
finally out! the 2nd full length album from these gore metal freaks from Brazil! even better than the debut! more old-school death metal influences and more horror inspired as well! features amazing cover artwork from Putrid and special lyrics from Elektrokutioner of Decrepitaph and Scaremaker! this is a must for fans of Impetigo, early Carcass, Autopsy, Nihilist, etc. Import from Brazil

“Adrift Beyond” CD
the debut full length from Germany’s best new death metal band is finally here! a crushing masterpiece of pure early 90’s style death metal at its very best! catchy, heavy, and morbid! like a mix of Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Grave, etc. Import version from Spain

“The Sleeper Awakens ” CD
after their killer MCD, comes this amazing full album of crushing doomy Death Metal with amazing guitar leads and solos!! Heavy, catchy, and atmospheric old-school death metal at its best and one of the best new American death metal bands around today! this is a must have! features guest vocals from Sly of Fondlecorpse and Patrick of Crypticus, and cool cover art by Nev! features the out of print MCD as bonus tracks

“Lepers of the Loathsome” MCD
debut 4-song demo from this new band that features Sinworm and Elektrokutioner from Decrepitaph, Vanessa from Scaremaker, and Nev from Kaiju! a great mix of death, grind, thrash, and doom! limited to only 100 copies!

“Not For The Squeamish” CD
Out NOW on Razorback Recordings! TOMBSTONES have risen from beneath the ground! In the middle of the dark, damp night, a bone-chilling shriek is heard in the distance…you are compelled by morbid curiosity to determine the source of the cry. You arrive at the massive wooden door of what appears to be a charnel house from an older, more sinister age…as you work the rusty handle and struggle to slowly open the door, the ages-old stench of the forgotten dead fills your nostrils. In the pitch blackness, you can barely make out the features of the repulsive resting place…you approach a doorway that leads into an unknown chamber…as you cautiously turn to enter, you feel a cold, bony hand on your shoulder. More hands clutch at you…you realize it’s too late to scream, and if you could nobody would hear you…as your feeble heart begins to burst, the rotted, decrepit undead inhabitants of this ghastly tomb slowly rip your limbs to shreds…TOMBSTONES is the new band from St
evo of the infamous horror/gore legends IMPETIGO! His first death metal vocal performance since 1992’s classic “Horror of the Zombies”! This album is 2 years in the making and it’s finally here in all of its gory-glory! Features Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and Elektrokutioner from Decrepitaph! This is the ultimate horror-influenced Razorback release ever! Catchy, heavy, creative, twisted, maniacal, and ORIGINAL terror-ific DEATH METAL madness!

“What Evil Have They Summoned…” CD
out now on Razorback Recordings! What you are about to hear are cursed souls, trapped in 13 tracks of terror. The story starts with SCAREMAKER smashing its way through the gates of Hell and interrupting a party of weak souls who have unknowingly summoned it through seance. A nightmare of unspeakable events take place: Malicious deformed children who kill, undead immortals who suck blood from the living, backwoods maniacs fulfilling their mother’s hunger for gore, agonizing witch burnings, traumatic transmutations, old books dripping with fetid ink, horrendous skinning’s, malevolent vampires and offerings of forgotten horrors! The story ends, but is it really over? Or has the party just begun?! Get ready for an album loaded with demonic and violent riffs, murderous lyrical summoning’s and ghastly vocals that leave you unhinged. If you love being scared, it’ll be the DEATH METAL album of your life! Features an incredible full-color painting by Adam Geyer, and a special song wit
h lyrics co-written by Stevo of Impetigo! *First 200 copies come with a special limited edition official Scaremaker TOE TAG!

Razorback is proud to announce we will be releasing the debut CD from Italy’s SEPULCRAL!

This underground Italian band plays dark and catchy old-school Death Metal with Doom influences… taking inspiration from such classic early 90’s bands such as Derketa, Impetigo, Mythic, Autopsy, Necrotomy, Hellhammer, Incantation, as well as the brilliant and morbid horror themes from such masters as Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and more! This is simply a match made in HELL…

The debut 9 song album, titled “Anthropophagy of Doom”, will be released sometime later this year on Razorback Recordings. Be prepared for one of the best debut albums in unholy horror DEATH METAL!

Check out the song “Nightmare Mirror” on youtube from the upcoming album!