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Revolted Masses were formed in 2008. Their music approaches the area of modern death/thrash metal, with a unique touch of oriental elements. Their lyrics are mainly of a radical political nature.

“Age Of Descent” is their second full-length album, consisted of 11 powerful tracks, It is self-produced, while the artwork is done by Manster Design (Tardive Dyskinesia). The music video for the track “Waltz For The Fallen” is directed by Jim Evgenidis (Head Cleaner). Numerous guests have participated in the album, like Fotis Benardo (ex-Septic Flesh). The album is released under Inverse Records November 13th and it is available all over Europe.

Music video available at this location:

Track list:
01.Slave to the Media
02.Waltz for the Fallen
03.Bloodshed in Eden
05.Bite the Hand that Feeds Them
07.Severed Aphrodite
09.Flesh Inc.
10.Ruled by Rats
11.Murder ex Machina (ft. Fotis Benardo ex-Septicflesh)

George Stefanis – Vocals
Vaggelis Theodorakis – Guitars
Kostas Karvounis – Guitars
George Stathopoulos – Bass Guitar
George Anamouroglou – Drums

More info:

After a few months in his home studio in Armstrong, BC, Chris Shaver
has produced the debut full-length VHOD album, ‘Dreamcleaver’. Chris
mans the helm alone, performing all the instruments and vocals and
this album showcases snippets of unused material spanning many years
as well asbrand new material. The release is a fair representation of
VHOD’s experimental death metal angle and will cement a milestone for
Chris in his quarter-of-a-century musical journey thus far.

VHOD was conceived in January 2014 and is a merger of Godcursed
(2004-2014), Morbid Darkness (1989-2014) and Worms Of The Birth
(2011-2014), which were all active projects of sole member Chris
Shaver at the time. Early VHOD releases exhibited sporadic styles and
were mostly instrumental pieces used as a basis for finding a more
focussed signature sound. Said releases consist of 3 singles, ‘The
Scornful Winter’, ‘One Fallen’ & ‘Cimmeria’ and an EP, ‘Dreams Of
11.14′, respectively, all released independently. In December of
2014, work began on the ‘Tor’ Series, which consists of 4 parts:
‘Behind The Shroud Of Mist’, ‘Wrap Three Times’, ‘Portal’ and ‘The
Desolates’, respectively. In these independent releases an evident
foundation was made with which future VHOD recordings will branch out
from. Dreamcleaver is set for release November 13th 2015 on Finnish

Track list:
1. Still The Blood
2. The Spectre’s Behest
3. On The Tree Of Woe
4. So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
5. Dragon Sand
6. Reap The Harvest
7. Now Underground
8. Flesh For Our Swords
9. Obsequies
10. Dreamcleaver

Line-Up: Chris Shaver (All Instruments, Vocals, Compositions)

More info:

Official Website:

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You can find further information here:

Inbreeding Sick is making the pre-sale of 2015 t-shirt “Cleaning the Scum´s World” which will be full color front and one ink back…

US$12 (shipping no include)

September 19 the band will be play in the festival “Medallo Gutural Fest 2015” with the bands: Suppuration, Planta Cadaver, Hedor, Averno, Aggresor, Confusion, Groteque Atrocity, Human Abasement, Mouldered, Cadarrine, nekrotikos… info: 317 6547547 – 2114935.

Inbreeding Sick is mixing what will be their next CD, soon more information.


MOJO called it “Superior grunge-schooled rock”, whilst Kerrang! were so shocked at just how good the teenage trio’s debut is that they declared “the potential here is terrifying”.

Get your copy of ‘Urth’ now on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl at or get the album on iTunes with an exclusive bonus track at

Kagoule have also released a special Indie Store Edition of the album, which is available now exclusively in independent record stores and includes two bonus tracks on the CD, plus a unique code to download a further three tracks!

Here’s the full ‘Urth’ track listing:

1. Gush
2. Adjust the Way
3. Glue
4. Damp Sand
5. Empty Mug
6. Greenbeefo
7. Centralwing
8. Made of Concrete
9. Open Mouth
10. Mike
11. It Knows It

If you just can’t contain your curiosity any longer, you can also listen to ‘Urth’ in its entirety right now at

Lastly, don’t miss Kagoule on tour in support of ‘Urth’:

Sep. 27 – Leipzig, Germany – Ilses Erika (w/ BALL PARK MUSIC)
Sep. 28 – Prague, Czech Republic – Basement Bar
Sep. 30 – Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell (w/ BALL PARK MUSIC)
Oct. 01 – Brussels, Belgium – Witloof Bar @ Botanique
Oct. 03 – Portsmouth, UK – Dials Festival (w/ BLACK HONEY, HOOTON TENNIS CLUB)
Oct. 09 – Nottingham, UK – Rock City (w/ SLEAFORD MODS)
Oct. 10 – Leeds, UK – Beacons Metro (w/ TRAAMS, PINS, CRUSHED BEAKS)
Oct. 18 – Manchester, UK – Carefully Planned Festival
Oct. 23 – Birmingham, UK – All Years Leaving Festival

Follow Kagoule online for the latest news, updates and more:

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Twitter –

Enjoy ‘Urth’ and we’ll see you on the road!

Unleash the bulls! The Finnish shock industrial metal -band Fear of Domination and Junkyard Films are releasing a new music video titled El Toro.
The video is starring testosterone filled Ricky Vendetta as El Toro and Sara Elektra as the graceful matadora. The video is directed and produced by MikkoLehtonen from Junkyard Films and the song is composed by Johannes Niemiand Lasse Raelahti from Fear of Domination.
The story of El Toro is created by the vocalist and the lyricist SakuSolin. Solin describes, that El Toro is all about the life and how hard it is to love.
— El Toro is a story about two powers that are attracting each other like a magnet, even though they both understand, that it will always lead to a conflict, combat and competition. They are so attracted to each other and their combat, that they are simply unable to stop their never-ending game. Some force, an audience, a feeling is driving them to the same situation again and again, Solin says.
The vision of Solin was filmed in a horse stable in a city of Vantaa in Finland. The singer tells that the horse riding students were pretty confused, when there are suddenly over 30 people in their stable wearing black robes and masks.
— It was like some kind of a cult had arrived there! The expressions on the faces of the students and their parents were delicious. We had to struggle not to laugh. It was a pleasure to invite fans to the set and to participate in the film making.
With the new single Fear of Domination is heading towards a new album, which is about to be released in the beginning of 2016.
Fear of Domination was found in 2006, which is famous for its half-crazy and energetic live shows. The band has released three albums, from which the latest one Distorted Delusions was published in 2014.


Simulacrum have released a video teaser from their upcoming concept album Sky Divided. The video presents the versatile sound of the band which, in some occasions, bows towards classic progressive metal but in others, ventures into unexplored grounds.

The next important dates in Simulacrum’s calendar are the 14th and 28th of August, when the band releases two large-budget music videos that deepen the post-apocalyptic world of “Sky Divided” to the listener. The album will be released on the 28th of August on CD as well as on digital download by Inverse Records and a copy bundled with autographs

Simulacrum is:
Chrism – Keyboards
Niklas Broman – Vocals
Solomon – Guitars
Petri Mäkilä – Guitars
Olli Hakala – Bass
Henri Kallio – Drums


Progressive rock/metal band, Embassy of Silence has released a second single, “Hang Me High” from their third album “Verisimilitude”, out on August 28th, 2015.

The single represents the album’s more fast-paced side, and is described as a continuance or a sequel to the song “I Ride Alone” from the orchestra’s first album, “Euphorialight”.

It’s been ten years now since Ian Arkley breathed life into the creative entity that is My Silent Wake. Over the course of that decade members have come and gone and the band have explored a diverse palette of sounds – from doom metal to ambient and acoustic releases – but an incredible consistency of quality has always been maintained. Following on from the 2014 ambient album, Eye Of The Needle, the band are now ready to unveil a new album of darkly atmospheric, breathtakingly powerful doom metal. Damnatio Memoriae is perhaps the most spectacular release of My Silent Wake’s career, standing tall over a back catalogue already overflowing with class and majesty. Recorded at The Priory studios, under the watchful eye of Esoteric man Greg Chandler (who also adds some of his impressive vocals to the mix), Damnatio Memoriae surges with tides of emotion, envelops the listener completely in its world of shadows and melancholy. There are melodies to touch the heart, solos that sear the soul, riffs that reduce stone to dust, drums like thunder and vocals infused with passion and sorrow. My Silent Wake have achieved something majestic, something magical, something the world needs to hear.
Attrition’s Martin Bowes has added touches of synths to the songs, adding the perfect finishing touches where required and the package is completed with the haunting album artwork, created by renowned Finnish artist Juha Vuorma (Autopsy / Whiplash / Edge Of Sanity). Every detail has been addressed making Damnatio Memoriae the most complete My Silent Wake release to date and the undoubted pinnacle of their career so far.

Ian Arkley – Vocals and Guitar
Addam Westlake – Bass
Gareth Arlett – Drums
(Mike Hitchen – Live Rhythm Guitar)
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: Paradise Lost | My Dying Bride | Indesinence
Further Information:
“…moments that are simply awesome…”
Zero Tolerance Magazine |

My Silent Wake – Damnatio Memoriae Label: House Of Ashes Release Date: 29.06.15
Track Listing:
1 – Of Fury | 2 – Highwire | 3 – Now it Destroys | 4 – Black Oil | 5 – And so it Comes to an End | 6 – The Innocent | 7 – The Empty Unknown | 8 – Chaos Enfolds Me

Polish death metal quartet OGOTAY has just signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records to release their new full length entitled “Dead God’s Prophet”. The band including Marcin Świerczyński (YATTERING) – bass, vocals, Artur Piotrowski (MESS AGE) – guitar, Andrzej Peszel – guitar, Szymon Andryszczak (PANDEMONIUM) – drums recorded 8 new songs in G Studio sometime in 2014.

The follow-up to 2012’s „Eve of the Last Day” is set for August 1st 2015 release via Selfmadegod Records on CD/digital. “Dead God’s Prophet” is the first song from the upcoming album available for listening and can be streamed at Selfmadegod Records’ SoundCloud or YouTube channel.

OGOTAY is a new, promising group of musicians associated with Tri-City (Poland) music scene. At the beginning of 2011 Artur “Gufi” Piotrowski (Mess Age) and Andrzej “Pieczar” Peszel (Fulcrum) have started a joint attempt to create several songs. Finally 10 compositions were created quickly together with Marcin “SVierszcz” Swierczynski (Yattering, Sainc) who supported Gifu and Pieczara. In September the band finishes working on promotional material and starts working with Szymon “Simon” Andryszczak (Pandemonium) on drums. The debut full length was recorded and released April 2012. The band has played bunch of shows along with bands like Morbid Angel, Testament, Napalm Death, Vader, LockUp in support of new release. Shortly after OGOTAY started working on the second full length “Dead God’s Prophet”.

OGOTAY plays brutal and technical old fashioned death metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION and the likes.