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Burning Abyss 'zine #7 out now

Burning Abyss 'zine #7 out now

The Death Metal feast is about to begin! On the menu you’ll find: Thomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios vs. Dan Swano of Unisound Studio/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Bloodbath etc. (Sweden), Inferno of Behemoth / Azarath / Witchmaster / Deus Mortem / Christ Agony (Poland), Mortem (Peru), a massive 6-page interview with Nominon (Sweden), Weapon (Canada), Reyash of Supreme Lord / Witchmaster / Christ Agony / ex-Vader / ex-Incantation / ex-Union (Poland), Necromaniac fanzine (Germany), Runemagick (Sweden), Blasphemy Rites (Poland), Agnes Vein (Greece) plus Canada’s VoiVod 4-page special, 300+ reviews (!!!) of CDs, demos, vinyls, ‘zines, and Classic Death Metal albums as well as a few live reports, TOP 5 playlists, and Excerpts From The Abyss.

All this on 72 A4 professionally printed pages, written entirely in English.
Price: PLN13,66 (Poland), €7 (Europe), $9 (World) – registered postage included!
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EUROPE: Pagan (Pol), Nuclear Winter (Gre), Old Temple (Pol), Agonia (Pol), Witching Hour (Pol), Legion Of Death (Fra), Detest (Bel), Bestial Invasion (Irl), Hellthrasher (Pol), SelfMadeGod (Pol), Iron Bonehead (Ger), Nihilistic Holocaust (Fra), Northern Heritage (Fin), Grom (Srb), Brewery distro (Pol), Bloody (Spa), Metal Shop Cracow (Pol), Xtreem Music (Spa)
USA/CANADA: Nuclear War Now!, Deathgasm, Paragon, Hells Headbangers, Morbid Moon
SOUTH AMERICA: Rawblackult (Bolivia), Proselytism (Chile)
ASIA: Afterlife (Malaysia), Virus ‘zine (Malaysia), Weird Truth (Jpn)

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“Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh” (7″ Gatefold EP)
Comes on a sickly shade of purple vinyl with black splatter in a glossy gatefold jacket. Upholding the traditions of old, “Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh” is an unholy union of exclusive material from the UKs’ CRUCIAMENTUM and Americas’ VASAELETH. Two important bands evoking some of the darkest and most brutally ambient evil death metal around these days. Think a bastard manifestation of dISEMBOWELMENT, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, BOLT THROWER & DEMIGOD.

Razorback is proud to announce we will be releasing the debut CD from Italy’s SEPULCRAL!

This underground Italian band plays dark and catchy old-school Death Metal with Doom influences… taking inspiration from such classic early 90’s bands such as Derketa, Impetigo, Mythic, Autopsy, Necrotomy, Hellhammer, Incantation, as well as the brilliant and morbid horror themes from such masters as Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and more! This is simply a match made in HELL…

The debut 9 song album, titled “Anthropophagy of Doom”, will be released sometime later this year on Razorback Recordings. Be prepared for one of the best debut albums in unholy horror DEATH METAL!

Check out the song “Nightmare Mirror” on youtube from the upcoming album!

Following their performance at the opening day of this year’s Neurotic Death Fest (April 29th), death metal pioneers Incantation are set to to invade Poland this spring for their first headlining run of the country. The tour runs from May 1st – May 8th and will also feature Polish black metallers Christ Agony. Incantation founder/frontman and Ibex Moon Records head honcho John McEntee issued the following statement:

“With great honor we are proud to announce that we are doing our first headlining tour of Poland. Our first time playing Poland was back in 2007 as part of the Blitzkrieg 4 Tour 2007 with the killer line up of Vader, Krisiun , Rotting Christ and my other band Funerus. This will be the first time we can play our full set for all of our long time diehard Polish supporters, something we have been looking forward to for many years.

Poland has always been good to us. From the band’s inception back in 1989 we have always had massive support for the Polish underground, but have had lots of problems making it over there to preform for one reason or another. Finally over 20 years after the formation of the band we will do our first headlining tour. It will be great to see our old school friend along with many new fans alike.

The tour will be with the legendary Polish band Christ Agony. This is one of Poland’s greatest and most well-respected bands. Anyone that knows anything about the Polish underground black death metal scene will agree. It will be great to play along side them every night!

We look forward to seeing all you sick Polish Incantation supporters. We have a great set list that we are working on for the tour and we can’t wait to spill our guts out for you guys every night.

Also, some of the Polish shows will be recorded (video and audio) and if the recordings quality comes out good we hope to use them for a live record and DVD sometime late this year.

With all this great Polish news I also want to say that we are also playing the Neurotic Death Fest this year and it is a absolute honor to be apart of this amazing fest. We want to thanks the promoter for including us on this awesome fest. Along side some of my personal favorite bands! We look forward to seeing all our Dutch supporters there, it will be a kick ass time.”

US death metal pioneers Incantation have been announced for The Underground Unleashed 2011 Festival, which is set to take place September 30th – October 2nd in Darjeeling, India. Incantation founder/guitarist/vocalist, John McEntee had the following to say about the fest –

“The rest of Incantation and I are all excited beyond words about playing this year’s Underground Unleashed Festival. This will be the band’s first trip to India so we’re really looking forward to bringing our brutality to the hordes of fans over there. Heads will bang and skulls will split when Incantation invades India!!”

McEntee’s label, Ibex Moon Records, will be an official sponsor of the festival. Details are as follows:

Defender’s Of Metal Presents:
The Underground Unleashed 2011
September 30th,, October 1st & 2nd
@ Gymkhana Rink Hall
Darjeeling, India

Incantation (USA)
Demonical (Sweden)
Cerebral Bore (U.K)
Nervo Chaos (Brazil)
Dethroned (U.S.) ,
Arsames (Iran)
InnerGuilt (Lebanon)
Perversion (U.A.E)
Morbid Devourment (Indonesia)

In other Incantation news, McEntee recently hooked up with guitarist Alex Bouks (Goreaphobia) and bassist Chuck Sherwood to plant the seeds for what will become the band’s highly-anticipated next album. Drummer Kyle Severn will join the fray in the coming weeks to contribute to the writing process. Though in its earliest stages, the new material promises to be the heaviest and sickest of the band’s storied career.

After a string of successful shows commemorating the recent induction of their 1991 classic, Onward To Golgotha into Decibel’s Hall Of Fame, members of INCANTATION have made the following statements thanking fans and friends for their continued support.

Hi, yes we would like to thanks everyone for the support. We had a great time! Incantation fans are the best and we look forward to seeing you guys next time on tour”. – John (McEntee, guitar/vocals)

“Hello friends and metallers. I would like to personally thank all my friends and everybody that came out this past weekend to support Incantation. We traveled some serious miles to bring all of you the best live Incantation shows to date. It was an honor to play for you the album that helped create the path for what Incantation is today. Playing the Onward To Golgotha songs were a pleasure and from the crowd response, I’m glad you liked it as well as we did playing it. And for those of you who got to hear our new unreleased material for the up and coming movie soundtrack for After Party Massacre it was again a great feeling to hear you tell us that it’s some of the best Incantation you’ve ever heard. Amazing response, THANK YOU!!!  I would like to thank Albert and all of the Decibel Magazine metal crew, Dan from Pantheon Agency, the local promoters in Chicago, NYC and Cleveland, Funerus, Fatalist, Cardiac Arrest, Mortician, Embalmer, Soulless, the best Incantation working crew their ever could be, ‘My Neighbors’ Driver John, Evl, Kristoff, and Anderson, most importantly John McEntee, Alex Bouks, Chuck Sherwood, Jill McEntee, Sam Inzerra and everybody else that was involved to make this happen!! As you may have heard we recorded this weekend audio and video, so look for this amazing blasphemous metal weekend to be available on DVD so it can be remembered forever!!!! Hail Fuckin’ Metal!!!”

– Kyle Severn (drums)


“Just got home from a great few days and very tiring time. I want to thank all the fans and Albert and Decibel for making this all happen; especially everyone from NY who stuck around to make that show happen. Cheers” – Alex (Bouks, guitar)

“Many killer memories and also some real insane moments that’ll forever be carved into our memories from this Onward to Golgotha trifecta of metal assault! The first show took place at the Reggie’s Rock Club after merging with Funerus and Fatalist we were welcomed by the hellish maniacs who attended that night. Cardiac Arrest was a true sight to behold with their unrelenting rage and force. Great to share a stage with those grinding, churning, malevolent purveyors of metal yet again. The staff and everyone at the Reggie’s Rock Club were brilliant. Re-introducing or reuniting with friends from Cult of Daath, Ezurate, Cyanide and our other friends and comrades who made the trek to come and show their support. It was great to share a stage and or see you all again! Our new mage of the stage, sound guy namely a John “Evl” Sustar was great at providing his talents to make for a killer show. Also his expertise came through with his amazing recording of the three shows which is sure to surface. Through the set of the first release which is the whole intent of these shows we also played some other tracks from the lengthy career of the project which were hopefully taken as we intended. With nothing but torturous metal energy!! From there we left for the long journey to NY’s own Europa club. Aside from the new found camaraderie of our plethora of ‘Johns.’ Merch guy, number 2 of 4, John ‘Mr.’ Anderson keep our sprits high with his technique of cutting off impatient commuters in ‘The City.’ The 15+ hours on the road there (with little to no sleep) made my mind wonder to a scene in In the Mouth of Madness where the very road beneath the car would disappear to storm clouds and lightning. All of us persevered to a very rushed but successful show with the mighty Mortician sharing a stage with us for total of a little over an hour. Fatalist however who traveled from California wasn’t so fortunate when they were notified they wouldn’t be playing that night due to time constraints of an early end and a ‘double dipping’ situation having both a show and dance club on the same night. Our sympathies go out to them for although the events that transpired were out of our hands, long travels and miscommunication reigned indefinitely. The metal merchants which included Jim and Craig of the original Golgothaline up, Richard Christy, and many others who came out to support were a standing tribute to the dedication and ardent nature of metal. We salute you all, and thank you for making the night memorable. After a frenzy of equipment and merch whirlwinded from the Europa, we found ourselves back in the vans making miles yet again back to Cleveland. With our John 3 of 4, ‘Driver John’ Williams put forth an effort that shamed most, by hauling us and the gear for eleven-hour stints and just pushing himself to the limit. We finally arrive in Cleveland to a great start when Embalmer took the stage followed by thrash masters Soulless who after their 2nd song were abruptly stopped by a power outage that lasted what seemed like forever. After almost two hours of darkness the mood had turned from boredom to rage when Fatalist hit the stage crushing the audience before their immediate departure back home. Funerus was to follow pulverizing the audience yet again. With the whole of the show and the entire weekend for that matter Kristoff who took time from his busy schedule of shooting After Party Massacre, not to mention his business. He and his camera were to follow documenting the trip, the insanity, and the violent barrage of metal that took place. Also to mention Kristoff’s footage will be an official Onward to Golgotha: Weekend With Incantation DVD set, for next years release. Many hails to his flurry of paparazzi moments and all of the hard work he put into each show. In conclusion, the first album personally speaking was a mind altering experience back in the early 90’s when I was a foot shorter and much more a novice to legendary death metal acts such as the one I’m now proud to be a part of. With a line-up of such insane musicianship and talent that made the Onward to Golgotha album I could only hope that the past three shows paid homage to them and kept the flames of their legacy burning bright. A strange situation in a way to find this said album being herald into a hall of fame when it was only such, to the minds of those whom came into contact with it. Amongst the 15-18 year-olds back then (myself included) who treated this album as a time honored piece, never could imagine such a thing. Hails to everyone who was involved and whom we’ve met while out for the three show run this past weekend. Till our next meeting.”

– Chuck (Sherwood, bass)

DESECRESY – Arches of Entropy

Track list:
01. In the beginning
02. Manifestation
03. Parthogenesis II
04. Path of the Descendent
05. The Final Realm
06. The Harbinger
07. Ritual Ruins
08. Falling Kingdom
09. Artilect
10. Through Eternity

Debut album of this finnish band that plays a crushingly heavy type of Death Metal with a dark and eerie atmosphere inspired by bands like ABHORRENCE (fin), Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Derketa, Rippikoulu, Grave, Incantation, Rottrevore… and in general getting inspiration from 90’s Death Metal.

Deadwebzine News Center — ___+++

Afterparty Massacre Movie shoot with live performances by Incantation and Soulless
March 7, 2010 — Doors at 3pm
Pirates Cove (Peabodys)
2045 E. 21st Street Cleveland, OH 44115
18+ (no ID, no entry, no exceptions)
What will we need from you:
We need to make sure that everyone involved is over 18
We will need to photocopy your current photo ID (license or passport)
We will need you to fill out a release so you will be able to appear in the movie
If you are unable to show your ID or sign the releases we will not be able
to work with you in our production….

What you will need to wear:
Girls: We’d like you to be dressed up… Club/metal show attire… Dress to
impress as it were as we’ll be doing quite a bit of filming on those who are
dressed the part — Short skirts, low tops, high heels/boots would be perfect!
Guys: Dress as if you’re going to a metal show… Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies,
leather jackets, etc are perfectly fine as we are shooting this as part of a
metal show so nothing out of the ordinary…

Please note (guys and girls): As we have to get permission from
bands/artists/etc please please bring an extra shirt or two just in case we
need you to change along the way to a different band’s shirt. We will have
some available for you to change into, however it would be easier if you
were to wear plain clothes or something related to the following bands:
Ac/Dc, Acheron, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Arsis, Asphyx, Bathory, Behemoth,
Belphegor, Bloodbath, Burzum, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cryptopsy, Cyanotic,
Dark Funeral, Dark Throne, Dead Kennedys, Death, Decapitated, Defcon,
Deicide, Denial Fiend, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, Einseferum, Emperor,
Fatalist, Fear Factory, Goatwhore, Goreaphobia, Haunted, Hellhammer,
Hypocrisy, Immolation, Immortal, In Flames, Incantation, Keratoma, KMFDM,
Leftover Crack, Lifeless, Marduk, Master, Mayhem, Meshuggah, Morbid Angel,
Napalm Death, Nile, Obituary, Opeth, Pentacle, Rammstein, Samael, Skinny
Puppy, Vader, Venom, Ventana, W.A.S.P., Watain, Witchmaster, Zyklon

If you would like to promote the Afterparty Massacre on your pages/profiles,
feel free to do so with these links:
website —
myspace —
facebook —
banners/promo — MASSACRE
Giving a new twist to horror, the Afterparty Massacre, brings metal, blood and gore back to the screen! Written by Kristoff ( and Kyle Severn (Incantation, Acheron, and other various band projects), Afterparty Massacre is one killer party with mind-blowing amounts of blood, metal and flesh!
Afterparty Massacre centers around live performances by Incantation and Soulless. During the show they encounter a mysterious female fan, that has a run in with an ex-boyfriend who gets a little rough with her. During this altercation she has flashbacks of a dark past and transforming into a bloodthirsty killer on a mission to kill anyone and everyone in her way until no one is left. «She loves waiting for the perfect moment to attack her victims. Her bloodlust can not be contained and within the final scenes she unleashes her wrath on the band as well as the crowd until no one is left standing!»

Kristoff mentions.
Plus, the soundtrack itself is a major part of this production including bands such as: 16volt, Acheron, Asphyx, Cardiac Arrest, Crucifier, Cyanotic, Defcon, Denial Fiend, Divine Eve, Estuary, Everything Goes Cold, Fatalist, Funerus, Goreaphobia, Gravehill, Keratoma, Lifeless, Luxury Pushers, Master, Pentacle, Ventana and many more! Incantation will be performing new exclusive songs within the movie. While Denial Fiend, Goreaphobia, Ventana and a few other bands will have unreleased exclusive tracks for this feature as well. «The music is just as important to this movie as the blood and gore.» Kyle mentions. «The music itself really makes the scenes, it really completes the soundscape for a total massacre. We plan on releasing a CD of the bands featured in the movie via Ibex Moon around the time of the release of the film as well.»
Along with the overdose on blood, metal, and booze comes the sideshow aspect as well. «We’ve ‘hooked up’ with a suspension crew and we’re bringing in a few friends of ours to do up some piercing and suspension performances as well.» adds Kristoff. «We wanted to bring in these dangerous aspects within this subcultre that don’t always get the most attention. We’ll have guys suspended by meathooks flying through the air, guys with split tounges, all sorts of different body modifications and performance piercings everywhere! Having this dangerous attraction will be a great addition to this movie for sure, and the best part is that IT IS a real event that we are filming!»
The film is to be shot between February-March 2010, with a tentative summer release date in open markets. «With Incantation playing the Maryland Deathfest, we figured this would be the absolute best time for the release. Tons of black/death metal and lots of blood, it’s an ideal release date for this movie!» mentions Kyle in regards to the release of the film.
Look for both the Afterparty Massacre and CD soundtracks due out in late May. Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
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