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Wi-Fi маршрутизатори TP-Link – Емулятори

AC1900 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C9

Archer C9 V1
Archer C9 V2
Archer C9 V3

AC3200 Бездротовий трьохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C3200
Archer C3200 V1

Бездротовий гігабітний маршрутизатор серії Ultimate N TL-WR1045ND
TL-WR1045ND V1

Гігабітний Wi-Fi маршрутизатор стандарту AC1900 з сенсорним дисплеєм Touch P5
Touch P5 V1

AC1750 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C8
Archer C8 V1

Archer C8 V2

AC1750 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C7
Archer C7 V1

Archer C7 V2

Archer C7 V3

AC1200 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний маршрутизатор Archer C50
Archer C50 V1

Archer C50 V2

AC1200 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C5
Archer C5 V1

Archer C5 V1.20

Archer C5 V2

AC750 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C2
Archer C2 V1

AC750 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний маршрутизатор Archer C20
Archer C20 V1

AC750 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний маршрутизатор Archer C20i
Archer C20i V1

Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор N750 TL-WDR4300
TL-WDR4300 V1 130319
TL-WDR4300 V1 120315

N600 Двохдіапазонний бездротовий гігабітний маршрутизатор TL-WDR3600
TL-WDR3600 V1

N600 Двохдіапазонний бездротовий гігабітний маршрутизатор TL-WDR3500
TL-WDR3500 V1

450 Мбіт/с Бездротовий гігабітний маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR1043ND
TL-WR1043ND V1
TL-WR1043ND V2
TL-WR1043ND V3

300 Мбіт/с бездротовий гігабітний маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR1042ND
TL-WR1042ND V1

450 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR941ND

300 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR940N
TL-WR940N V3

Багатофункціональний бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N зі швидкістю передачі даних до 300 Мбіт/с TL-WR842ND

300 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR841ND
TL-WR841ND V11

300 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR841N
Завантажити для TL-WR841N V11

300 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR840N
TL-WR840N V2

150 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR741ND

150 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR740N
TL-WR740N V6

150 Мбіт/с бездротовий маршрутизатор серії N TL-WR720N
TL-WR720N V2

Бездротовий маршрутизатор Nano серії N зі швидкістю передачі даних до 150 Мбіт/с TL-WR702N
TL-WR702N V1

Бездротова точка доступу/клієнт-маршрутизатор, швидкість до 300 Мбіт/с TL-WR843ND

Бездротова точка доступу з клієнтом і маршрутизатором зі швидкістю передачі даних до 150 Мбіт/с TL-WR743ND

Grunt - 2011 - Scrotal Recall

Grunt - 2011 - Scrotal Recall

Released by Bizarre Leprous Productions 25 songs [2 covers]  16 pages booklet [featuring all lyrics]

Official Download Link

“My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” by GRUNT, starring:
Boy-G vocals & guitars | Boy-Z bass & electronics | Boy-D vocals & drums
“My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” originally recorded by Type-O-Negative []
Music recorded and engineered by Boy-G and GRUNT, at Calvario Soundlabs, on April 14th 2011
[one year after Peter Steele’s death]. Vocals recorded at Icon Studios.
Mixed, produced and mastered by Max-T at HNK Studios.
GRUNT logo and artwork by Boy-Z. Band photos by Vвnia Santos. Eva Santoro [shemale model].
Contact GRUNT: | |

GRUNT – Goth Girls Don’t Say No

Fetal Incest was born in May of 2004 by Boy-D and Boy-Z, when the dream of tributing the most obscure grindcore bands like Gut, CBT, Dead Infection, Rot, Last Days Of Humanity and others was too persistent. Well, we all know the usual story about “originality” and “making something different” but that was not the point in Fetal Incest. They just wanted to do something different from their main bands [at the time Boy-D was Viingrid’s drummer, a black metal band and Boy-Z still plays in Holocausto Canibal, the well known Portuguese gore grind legends] and so the search for a guitar player and a vocalist begun. The first months were hard, since no one seemed to be available to have some serious fun with us until September 2004 when Boy-G, came along. This well known character in the underground, famous for his legendary extreme alcoholism, was the perfect guy for the band, since Boy-D and Boy-Z were also experienced musicians as well experienced drunks.

The rehearsals started, the first songs were composed and Fetal Incest turned out to be a lot different than the expected. Boy-G brought rock’n’roll influences to FxIx’s sound and the usual crap about “something different” and “originality” actually became a fact. The instruments were down tuned, the songs were composed, but there was something missing, a vocalist when everything seemed lost, Boy-D [guttural growling] and Boy-G [pitched vocals] decided to do the vocals as well and Fetal Incest assumed is power trio shape till today.
Since then and with a full line-up, Fetal Incest began the operation “Save the Scene”, spreading its incestuous performances around the country, shaking the underground with their unique sound and stunning live performances, sharing stages with:
Agathocles [be], Belphegor [at], Bolt-Thrower [uk], Brutal Truth [us], Carpathian Forest [no], Cock and Ball Torture [de], Criminal [cl], Cripple Bastards [it], Discharge [uk], Extreme Noise Terror [uk], Fleshgore [ua], Flesh Grinder [br], General Surgery [se], Grave [se], Gut [de], Haemorrhage [es], Hate [pl], Holocausto Canibal [pt], Horna [fi], Inferno [cz], Ingrowing [cz], Isacaarum [cz], Lost Soul [pl], Lycanthropy [cz], M.A.C. of Mad [cz], Moonfog [sk], Mixomatosis [es], Nile [us], Onslaught [uk], Pitch Black [pt], Prostitute Disfigurement [nl], Ressurected [de], Root [cz], Sanatorium [sk], Skinless [us], Skyclad [uk], Vizir [pt], Web [pt], etc.

Shortly after doing the first live appearances they’ve been considered the most promiscuous and explicit Portuguese band, abusing from a dirty porno concept which left everybody stunned. The band was featured on the national newspapers after being denounced by a religious organization which accused them of sexual perverts which were inciting their fans to immorality and disease. The case never developed and the band kept their live activity at an ordinary level. They’ve recorded a huge amount of stuff until they’ve decided to switch their name.

GRUNT became their new definition since 2010. The band released “Scrotal Recall”, the debut full length which will probably take their genre to a new level.

G R U N T | grind ‘n’ roll


Founded in 1992 the band Finally Deceased has been one of the youngest death metal
bands worldwide.
In 1995 a EP called “Blessed By Demons” has been released and sold over 5000
copies. The band played about 100 shows (including the Wacken Open Air in 1994) till
1997 as the band splitted up.
Now 13 years later the band is back
The full-lengths selftitled Album has been recorded in 1995 at Stage One Studio by
Andy Classen but was never released. It brings 11 Tracks of Old School Death Metal
full of strength and emotions. After 15 years the time has come to reveal this peace of
Northern German Death Metal.

1. Eternal Devastation
2. The Misanthropist
3. Reverie
4. Decisive Fault
5. Suppression
6. Darkened Soul
7. Day By Day
8. Escape
9. Dismebered
10. Soul Destiny
11. Path Of Hope

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TO CAST A SHADOW’s tale begins with a group of three friends
coming together in a basement to play loud and pounding grooves,
and continues through epochs of experimenting within a range of
heavy musical stylings. Influenced by THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL,
TOOL, PARADISE LOST and BLACK SABBATH, the band’s musical
expression has landed firmly within the domain of melodic doom/goth
metal. The sound was finally complete when a female singer was
added to the mix. TO CAST A SHADOW are now back with their 2nd
full-length album so far, after the press-acclaimed debut ‘All Alone’
album back in 2008. The new opus, entitled ‘In Memory Of’,
witnesses the evolution of band’s sound and huge potential and
authenticity of TCAS music.

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