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The Finnish pagan metal band VORNA will release their second full length album ”Ei valo minua seuraa” (transl. ”No Light Follows Me”) on 4th December 2015. The album will be released through Inverse Records.

The album has been mixed by Tuomas Kokko from Electric Fox Studios (e.g. Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade) and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde from Virtalähde Mastering (e.g. Black Crucifixion, Alghazanth, Ghost Brigade). The album cover artworks have been designed by Jarno Lahti from Kaamos Illustration & Design (e.g. Pain, Hypocrisy, Before the Dawn).

The lead-vocalist Vesa Salovaara shared a few words about the album recordings and about the actual album:

”This year has most certainly been Vorna’s busiest one to date and the whole album making process was quite intensive experience as well. The song material was constantly evolving from the earliest demo sessions in April all the way to the mixing which took place in July. As a result we think we’re holding our most mature, diverse and also, in a way, darkest
album yet. Still, neither risks nor untamed intuitive ideas were avoided and we believe that one might find even somewhat surprising shades from it’s depths. Lyrically ”Ei valo minua seuraa” is dealing with quite universal and timeless themes. The story is fundamentally about a
journey towards mental or spiritual equilibrium which is being torned by contradictive identities and generally estranged world.

”Jälkemme” represents the more straightforward approach of the album and that’s one of the reasons we chose it to be the first single. It’s quite a beast of a song and we believe it has a lot to offer in live environment. Come to our show and witness it yourself!”

1. Harmaudesta (Away from Grey)
2. Jälkemme (Heritage)
3. Itsetön (Soul Shriven)
4. Sieluni varjossa (In the Nightside of Self)
5. Vaipunut (Of Life Descended)
6. Yksin (Alone)
7. Hiljaiset rauniot (Silent Ruins)

Check out the new ”Jälkemme” single from below:

VORNA will head out for European tour in October. The shows in October are co-headlined with the German black metal titans Thyrgrim and the two shows in Sweden in November with the Swedish folk/viking metal band Grimner. Below you may find all tour dates:

1.10.2015 – FI – Semifinal, Helsinki
2.10.2015 – FI – Katse, Jyväskylä + Thyrgrim (DE) & Enthring (FI)
3.10.2015 – FI – Varjobaari, Tampere + Thyrgrim (DE) & Nation Despair (FI)
9.10.2015 – DE – Helvete, Oberhausen + Thyrgrim (DE), Firtan (DE) &
Kapala (DE)
10.10.2015 – DE – From Hell, Erfurt + Thyrgrim (DE), Heimdalls Wacht
(DE) & Pestnebel (DE)
16.10.2015 – NL – dB’s, Utrecht + Thyrgrim (DE) & Nefast (NL)
17.10.2015 – NL – Boelie’s Pub, Winschoten + Thyrgrim (DE),
Hemelbestormer (BE), Anasarca (DE) & Miscall (NL)
13.11.2015 – SWE – Palatset, Linköping + Grimner (SWE) & King of Asgard (SWE)
14.11.2015 – SWE – PSB, Stockholm + Grimner (SWE) & Apocalypse Orchestra (SWE)
21.11.2015 – FI – Dog’s Home, Tampere + Kivimetsän Druidi

ZEISS proudly presents its new online-platform LENSPIRE. Photographers and interested users can learn about photography, exchange ideas and, most importantly, educate themselves. You can find LENSpire here:

Product reviews, background reports and an open dialogue – It’s all there on the new photography platform from ZEISS. “With LENSPIRE, we are pursuing an educational approach by emphasizing a professional dialogue and direct contact between ZEISS-experts and the user as well as between the users themselves,” says Nicole Balle, the Marketing Manager for the Americas at ZEISS. They will receive up-to-date information on using the products and can engage in discussions while they inspire and motivate each other. The focus is on the theme “photography as a passion.”

On LENSPIRE, there are six different categories with content to explore: Photographic Genres, Spotlight, Ambassadors, Gear, Know-How and Live. “It’s important to us to not only explain different applications, but also to present our ambassadors as mentors and to help users take advantage of their expertise,” says Balle. LENSPIRE is intended to be a continuously improving platform for ideas and inspiration in the area of photography. “With LENSPIRE, we are setting new standards and are engaging with our target groups as equals. We would like to have an open dialog with our users,” explains Dr. Simone Zaha, the Senior Director, Marketing & Communications in the Consumer Optics business group at ZEISS.

LENSPIRE is a platform in English: A variety of articles and contributions will also be published online in a German magazine at regular intervals. Users can download the first magazine at the end of the year.

Photographic Genres
Photographers interpret their work differently. In this category, users will have the opportunity to get to know different areas of application – It’s a place of inspiration for all photographers.

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After a few months in his home studio in Armstrong, BC, Chris Shaver
has produced the debut full-length VHOD album, ‘Dreamcleaver’. Chris
mans the helm alone, performing all the instruments and vocals and
this album showcases snippets of unused material spanning many years
as well asbrand new material. The release is a fair representation of
VHOD’s experimental death metal angle and will cement a milestone for
Chris in his quarter-of-a-century musical journey thus far.

VHOD was conceived in January 2014 and is a merger of Godcursed
(2004-2014), Morbid Darkness (1989-2014) and Worms Of The Birth
(2011-2014), which were all active projects of sole member Chris
Shaver at the time. Early VHOD releases exhibited sporadic styles and
were mostly instrumental pieces used as a basis for finding a more
focussed signature sound. Said releases consist of 3 singles, ‘The
Scornful Winter’, ‘One Fallen’ & ‘Cimmeria’ and an EP, ‘Dreams Of
11.14′, respectively, all released independently. In December of
2014, work began on the ‘Tor’ Series, which consists of 4 parts:
‘Behind The Shroud Of Mist’, ‘Wrap Three Times’, ‘Portal’ and ‘The
Desolates’, respectively. In these independent releases an evident
foundation was made with which future VHOD recordings will branch out
from. Dreamcleaver is set for release November 13th 2015 on Finnish

Track list:
1. Still The Blood
2. The Spectre’s Behest
3. On The Tree Of Woe
4. So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
5. Dragon Sand
6. Reap The Harvest
7. Now Underground
8. Flesh For Our Swords
9. Obsequies
10. Dreamcleaver

Line-Up: Chris Shaver (All Instruments, Vocals, Compositions)

More info:

Official Website:

From 11 to 15 September at booth 11.F50 during the IBC Show 2015, the most important European exhibition for the movie and TV industries in Amsterdam, ZEISS will be premiering the ZEISS Milvus SLR lens family: a total of six different lenses (ZE and ZF.2 mounts) for high-resolution DSLR cameras, compact professional video cameras and mirrorless E-mount cameras via an adapter solution. With their attractive cost-benefit ratio, the ZEISS Milvus lenses open up the field of professional videography to ambitious users. A case specially designed for the lenses will also be presented. The ZEISS Milvus Lens Case Set contains dedicated inlays with openings for up to six lenses. Deliveries of the ZEISS Milvus lenses to dealers will commence in October 2015.

The new ZEISS Milvus SLR lens family contains six focal lengths with ZE or ZF.2 mounts for DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikoni. The ZEISS Milvus lens family with precise manual focusoffers high and consistent image performance across all focal lengths. The new lenses are the ZEISS answer to the current trend toward sensors with increasingly high resolution which, in turn, require higher and higher image quality. They are therefore ideal for current DSLR cameras and also for mirrorless system cameras of the Sony α7 series via an adapter solution and offer the customer excellent value for the money for professional applications. An equally important benefit: their high contrast rendition and low level of stray light ensure that the lenses meet the latest video standards such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) and resolutions of 6K and more. For the user, they open up the field of professional video and cine applications. The ZEISS Milvus lenses will be delivered to dealers in October 2015.

You can find further information here:

Inbreeding Sick is making the pre-sale of 2015 t-shirt “Cleaning the Scum´s World” which will be full color front and one ink back…

US$12 (shipping no include)

September 19 the band will be play in the festival “Medallo Gutural Fest 2015” with the bands: Suppuration, Planta Cadaver, Hedor, Averno, Aggresor, Confusion, Groteque Atrocity, Human Abasement, Mouldered, Cadarrine, nekrotikos… info: 317 6547547 – 2114935.

Inbreeding Sick is mixing what will be their next CD, soon more information.


New stuff coming up from a Give Praise Records

TO DUST / BENT SEA – Split 7”
SICK OF STUPIDITY – One Shot, One Kill 7”
AXIS OF DESPAIR – Mankind Crawls 7”