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A lot has changed for us in the past couple of years. We have grown up a lot, and still strive to provide the best in grind, powerviolence, crust and genres along those lines. We have so much planned in the upcoming months and just wanted to check-in with everyone.

We now have a ‘Official’ text logo that will be taking over, we are easing into using it, so you may see the other logos but eventually the new one will be taking over. We hope this gives the image that we are moving forward.

These next few months will bring more cassette releases, more exclusive hats, and way more releases, as well as working with several new bands we have never worked with before. We also hope to provide more videos and banners for our newer releases to hit the social media streams with.

One major change, we have undergone, is we are working with Grand Sounds Promotion to hopefully bring more music to everyone around – maybe some people that may miss it, will pick it up this time around.

We hope to work even more closely with our distributors (MVD and Ebullition) to hit the stores and distros with all of our titles. We are also working very closely with Karasu Killer in Brazil / South America to be the official distributor for Give Praise in South America.

We have also updated our Label / News site and our Mailorder store to make it easy to check around and follow-up on news and new releases.

In addition to all of this, we are taking on two new projects:

Noise Reduction – We ran a print magazine a year or so ago, and did 3 issues, since then we noticed the spike of internet blogs and news sites – They really only seem to cover 4 bands and 3 labels, and that was it. We have started Noise Reduction to hopefully spread the coverage a bit further.

Absurd Grind – This will be a blog based on posting Bandcamp and Digital downloads – With 100% approval from the band or label, or linked back to Bandcamp.

Thanks so much for the continued support and we could not do any of this without you! We are a family run and independent business.
I know there is a lot of talk about websites, blogs, online presences – We still try to get out to as many shows as we can. The local support is very small here, so the internet helps us out a lot to get the word and releases out.

Take some time to support your local labels, bands, stores, tours.

Keep checking all of our sites and network, as we will be posting new stuff all the time and have a ton of new releases in the works!

– Paul

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