Curse Upon A Prayer’s New Album “Rotten Tongues” To Be Released In June 2015

Posted: May 22, 2015 in black metal

A Finnish black metal band Curse Upon A Prayer will unleash their second
album “Rotten Tongues” in June 12th 2015 worldwide via Inverse Records.
In Finland the release date will be May 15th.

Curse Upon A Prayer was founded in 2010 and they released debut album
“From the Lands of Demise” in 2014 via Nihil Interit Records & Le
Crepuscule Du Soir Productions from France.

“Rotten Tongues” Track list:

1. The Distant Chaos
2. Death Sentence
3. Third Day Of Creation
4. Red Room
5. Devil On The Churchyard
6. Divinus Mortis
7. Rotten Tongues
8. The Lost Symbol
9. White Ghost

More info:


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