My Reflection releases new single and music video April 11th

Posted: April 7, 2014 in metal

Finnish female-fronted metal group My Reflection will release their new single «This World Belongs To Us» on April 11th. The single includes songs «This World Belongs To Us (Tonight)» and «Walk». The release will be done in cooperation with Inverse Records.

«This World Belongs To Us (Tonight)» will be released with music video. “We felt that we have a killer song in our hands and it was natural to make a video for the song”, said Jenni Räikkönen, vocalist of My Reflection. “For us MR is about having fun and both song and video express that pretty well. «Walk», for its part, is a song about longing for good moments in the past.”

«This World Belongs To Us» differs musically from the debut album Dreamland Drowning which was released in 2012. “We value versatility, and therefore we don’t want to over-categorize our music.”

My Reflection

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    The correct wensite for the contact information would be

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