NEWS: IN SILENT: Details debut album

Posted: May 26, 2013 in black metal, death metal

IN SILENT: Details debut album – premiere May 25, 2013!

Polish quartet IN SILENT prepared self-released debut album “Potępienie” (Damanation). The release date is scheduled for May 25, 2013.
The material was recorded in late April and early July 2012, the Screw Factory Studio. Implementation, mix and mastering a whole took a recognized manufacturer of Janusz Bryt, known for his work Behemoth, Blindead, Stillborn, Devilyn or Witchmaster. Content publishing is seven compositions in the style of raw and brutal death / black metal.

1.Tydzień patriotów
3.Czerwony parszywy chłam
4.Necro fucker

The material has been prepared and recorded in the following composition:
Konrad “Buba” Ozdoba – guitar, vocal
Marcin “Mal” Skoczylas – guitar
Damian “Młynarz” Maciąg – bass guitar, vocal
Wojtek “Suchy” Mizera – drums

The title track can be heard here:

IN SILENT began in 1996 as an initiative of Marcin Skoczylas (guitar) and Konrad Ozdoba (guitar & vocals). Soon new people joined: Tomasz Nogaj (bass), Marcin Bęczkowski (drums), Anna Jędrzejewska (vocals) and Dariusz Chmiel (keyboards). After a few months of rehearsing the band played some gigs in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and Ożarów.

1997 was the year of next gigs and the first visit in AMBS Studio. The first demo entitled “In silent” was recorded. This material got good reviews in such music magazines as for example Metal Hammer. The music on the demo was a mixture of death and doom metal.

In 1998 after a tragic death of Darek his place behind keyboards took Artur Mizera. Another change in the line-up was a new drummer. Wojtek Mizera joined the band and his coming has influenced the music face of the group. With his presence another material “Czwarta część mgnienia” was recorded.

In 1999 the band entered Promedia Studio with the next material “…bloody harvest of the nature…” and visible changes in music style. The music started to evolve into more brutal sounds. In this material keyboards were handled by Marcin Opałka. As a result of the recorded demo, the band increased their gigging activity. The new millennium was a further progress towards the most extreme kinds of metal and even more gigs. The following years the band concentrated on the new material and a quite long break was caused by Konrad’s departure.

The year 2009 is finally the full line up and the effect of a demo recorded again in AMBS Studio. The summer of 2011 Thomas Nogaj left for personal reasons IN SILENT ranks, and his place was taken by Damian Maciag bassist and vocalist Carnage Of Trident.

Between April and July 2012 with the participation of Janek Bryt Screw Factory Studio Dębica material was recorded for the first official album – “Potępienie”. The material contains seven tracks that oscillate in the brutal death-black metal.


Konrad “Buba” Ozdoba – guitars, vocal
Marcin “Mal” Skoczylas – guitars
Damian “Młynarz” Maciąg – bass, vocal
Wojtek “Suchy” Mizera – drums

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