ANTIGAMA: Details On Sixth Album Meteor Confirmed

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Grindcore, metal

Poland’s relentless outfit ANTIGAMA has disclosed the full details on their pending full-length, “Meteor”, unquestionably one of the most anticipated grindcore albums of 2013.

ANTIGAMA’s sixth studio full-length since forming in 2000, “Meteor” is the revered act’s first proper album since 2009’s acclaimed “Warning”, and following two LPs with Relapse Records, will see the band returning to longtime allies Selfmadegod Records, their first LP for the label since 2005’s innovative “Zeroland”. The recently completed composition “Meteor” once again proves all over again why the band continually reaps such accolades with the media fans as both one of the most brutal bands of the genre as well as one of the most cutting-edge. With eleven new tracks of primal ANTIGAMA annihilation, “Meteor” reverts back to some of the bands more intimately brutal early material with thirty minutes of ultra-tight grindcore explosiveness, yet continues to carry the band’s detrimentally inventive edge, integrating brief progressive soundtrack ventures and more noise and programming elements. Recorded at Progresja Studio in Warsaw with producer Pawel “Janos” Grabowski (Masachist, Lost Soul) and mastered by Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer), the album also features a guest appearance by Michal Lapaj from world renowned Polish progressive rock band Riverside.

Today the full track listing and cover art for “Meteor”, designed by the ANTIGAMA vocalist Lukasz, have been released, as well as the album’s now official street date of May 28th.

Front cover preview:

Stay tuned for tunes from “Meteor” as well as live updates are divulged in the days remaining building up to the day this monolithic, futurist grind aftermath impacts the planet. For all ANTIGAMA and other Selfmadegod promo requests, in North/South America contact, otherwise contact

“Meteor” Track Listing:
1. Collapse
2. The Key
3. Prophecy
4. Meteor
5. Fed by the Feeling
6. Crystal Tune
7. Stargate
8. The Signal
9. Turbulence
10. Perfect Silence
11. Untruth


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