OFFAL signs to Razorback Recordings

Posted: August 24, 2012 in death metal
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Razorback Recordings is proud to announce that we have signed the mighty horror/gore Death Metal maniacs OFFAL, for their 3rd album to be released in 2013! Hailing from Brazil, OFFAL has been around since 2006 and have done 2 full-length albums and many split releases with other awesome bands such as Decrepitaph and Anatomia. Their last album, “Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages”, was released in 2010 on Black Hole Productions and was a masterpiece of true horror-worshipping death metal that we were huge fans of. We’re very excited to be working with this great band and look forward to releasing their 3rd album next year on Razorback! Check out their official web site here

Razorback Recordings Mailorder update



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