Eine in Teich Festival 2012

Posted: June 22, 2012 in festival

Line Up:

HOLLENTHON (Symphonic/Black Metal, AT)

Mastic Scum (Death Metal / Grindcore, AT)
Finsterforst (Black / Folk Metal, DE)

Perishing Mankind (Metal, AT)
Typhoon (Typhooncore, AT)
Sakrileg (Black Metal, AT)
Blackroses (Old School Thrash Metal, AT)
Selbstentleibung (Black Metal, AT)
Vulvathrone (Porngrind, SLO)
Doulblair (Death Metal, AT)
Fallen Utopia (Black Death Metal, AT)
Bloodfeast (Black Death Metal, AT)
Scarecrow NWA (Progressive Death Metal, AT)
Nebelfront (Black Metal, AT)
Irdorath (Black / Thrash Metal, AT)
Hellcreature (Death Metal, AT)
Varulv (Black Metal, AT)
Grimforst (Black Metal, AT)
Thytopia (Metal, AT)
Condemnatio Cristi (Dark Metal, SLO)
Nightforest (Black Metal, AT)



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