AVULSED new drummer Osckar will play at Hellfest!

Posted: May 20, 2012 in death metal
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New drummer Osckar will play at Hellfest!!

After long consideration, AVULSED has finally decided to officially present new drummer Osckar Bravo at Hellfest, being this the best possible opportunity to show all our fans the capabilities of our new band mate.

There was an initial chance that Riky (ex-drummer) would play at Hellfest in case that we didn’t have a drummer ready for it, for which we’re very grateful, but since the adaptation of Osckar has been nothing but excellent, the band feels ready to face the challenge of having his official debut at such big event.

In the meantime, AVULSED has been confirmed to perform as headliners on the next edition of the REPULSION Fest. which will take place in Sevilla (Spain) on 29th of September along with bands like EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED, NO FATE, PURULENT NECROPSYS and DIGGING YOUR TOMB.


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