BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

Posted: January 10, 2012 in death metal
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BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

1. Grinje!Grinje!Grinje! 01:20
2. Svijet betona 01:57
3. Mamuti iz proslosti 01:25
4. Radio grind 01:02
5. Svinjojeb 01:59
6. Kreteni na vlasti 01:02
7. Drzava – klosar 01:47
8. 18×37 00:39
9. Pobjeda je nasa 02:45
10. Direktna veza sa bogom 01:58
11. Bjezim 01:18
12. Mrtva djeca 01:04
13. Hail Satan, blood & orgy 01:43
14. Egzibicionist 00:47
15. Posao ubija !!! 04:11
Bolesno Grinje 5th full length album. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered at studio “Ja sam gluh” during summer 2011.
released 17 December 2011
Music & Lyrics by Bolesno Grinje
Cover art by Goran Bursic – Gole

BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

BOLESNO GRINJE Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!

With the departure of Jule in Amsterdam in the beginning of the year 2000 band Anti-Otpad is stagnating so Hoc who can’t live without action catches Rio and the two of them start with rehearsals. Very soon Mrki on guitar and Angeri on vocals join them and this is the beginning of Bolesno Grinje. After a few months they record their first demo containing 18 songs. They start to play a lot of shows in Croatia and Slovenia, but they are also constantly writing new songs so in the end of the year 2001. they record new demo in the studio “Ja sam glup” (“I’m stupid”). Demo contains 24 songs of which part goes for the split LP with Slovenian HC/Crust band Sod’n’dan and the second part for Bolesno Grinje debut album “Pobjeda je naša” (“Victory is ours”) released by EBM records but only in year 2005. Back in the 2002, after recording of the second Demo Jule returns from Amsterdam and join Bolesno Grinje on the second guitar immediately but they manage to play with two guitars only one show at Orto Punk Fest 2002 in Ljubljana, because few days after Mrki decided to quit band for still today unknown reasons. So Bolesno Grinje is back to four members. They are writing a lots of new songs and they record new stuff for the second full length “Od nesvijesti do grinda” 2006 EBM records (“From unconsciousness to the grind”) and few months later for the third full length “Nitko nas ne vidi… ali mi ipak postojimo” 2006 Deathbag records (“Nobody sees us… but we do exist”). At that time Bolesno Grinje also plays a lot of shows and we must mention Bolesno Grinje show at the legendary freak friendly Obscene Extreme Fest 2006 (see video section). Years are passing by; in the year 2007 EBM records released Split CD Bolesno Grinje/Mercenary Cockroach and in the year 2009 Bolesno Grinje fourth full length “Krvave ruke krvavi novac” (“Bloody hands bloody money”). We are now in the end of year 2010 and after 10 years of crushing the stages with Bolesno Grinje Rio (drummer) leaves the band, fortunately only two weeks later Luže joined Bolesno Grinje on drums and keeps the band in action. With the new blood in the band Bolesno Grinje are rehearsing like never before and the story about Bolesno Grinje it’s going on … we hope for at least another 20 years. Hail GrindCrustHardcore!!!


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