REDIMONI signs to Xtreem Music

Posted: December 23, 2011 in thrash metal
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REDIMONI signs to Xtreem Music

REDIMONI signs to Xtreem Music

The maniacs of REDIMONI have signed to XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their 2nd full length album!!

Influenced by old SODOM, EXODUS, SLAYER and ABSU this Barcelona-based old school Thrash Metal band has been ripping around for over twelve years. Their debut MCD “The Onset of Chaos” and their 1st album “Into the Coiling Arms of Mayhem” constitute a true sheer attack of Thrash without mercy only for old school freaks.

Recorded at “Claws and Agony” Studios and Namtaru Creations in charge of the cover design, this ReDimonic third delivery of chaos and madness will be entitled “Standing Before the End of Time” and it’s expected to be released sometime in spring 2012.

You can actually listen to two advance tracks (Shrapnel Wounds” and “Towards Destruction”) still unmastered, through the band official MySpace ( or at their website (

REDIMONI, a four-headed beast born from the ashes of GROWING CELLS, began around the year 2000. It was initially created as a side-project but it soon took shape as a proper band with a clear path to follow: playing insane Thrash Metal! After several gigs and good response from the crowd we decided to keep up with our compositions and move forward. During Spring 2005 we recorded our material for the first time, attracting the attention of Witches Brew, a label out of Germany which releases Thrash Metal at its best. Shortly afterwards, we signed our very first record deal with the aforementioned label! Our debut release, a MCD entitled “The Onset Of Chaos”, was released in December 2005 and contains eight songs combining the old, raw Teutonic sound and the classic, thrashy US style with some hellish Rock N Roll and plenty of mid tempo, headbang-inducing riffs ! See the releases section for tracklist and MP3 download.

Near the end of 2006 our bassist decided to quit and was replaced by Edu otherwise known as: Perverted Lust Monster Devoted to Vices of Eternal Damnation.

Throughout 2006 and 2007 we played a lot of great shows with bands such as AVULSED, DESTRÖYER 666, EDGUY, HOLY MOSES, VIDRES A LA SANG, DESTRUCTION and many cool local bands. In mid 2007 we started work on our second Infernal Thrashing release entitled “Into The Coiling Arms Of Mayhem”. Work on the album was completed in early 2008 and released on Witches Brew in March / April 2008.

In late 2009 two songs were recorded for a split-7” with GRAVEYARD which will see a release sometime in 2010.
In late 2010, our bassist decided to leave and we took our former one from the original line-up as a replacement.
In April 2011, ‘Cesc (Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer of Mayhem) – uone of our guitarrists and singers – decides to set aside the band. As a replacement our sound technician David joins the band. He’ll be known as: The Atomic Puppetier Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind.

Our third album is expected to see a release in Summer 2011 on Witches Brew

Our Music and lyrics are orchestrated by:
War Drums – Thundering DrumBasher Summoner of the Eternal Legions of Chaos
Four Strings Torture – The Bestial Swordmaster Commander Of Evil Batallions
Sixstring Scratching & Infernal Squeals – Thy Mighty Apocalyptic Hermit Foreteller of Doom
Demonic Riffs – The Atomic Puppetier Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind

Former Members:
(2000 – 2011) Demonic Riffs & Blasphemies – Fiendish Warrior 666 Wicked Executioner Bringer of Mayhem
(2006 – 2010) Four Strings Torture – Perverted Lust Monster Devoted to Vices of Eternal Damnation


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