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VOICES OF DESTINY Power Dive Massacre Records

VOICES OF DESTINY Power Dive Massacre Records

VOICES OF DESTINY Power Dive CD, ltd. Digipak
LABEL: Massacre Records
RUNNING TIME: 55:22 minutes
MUSIC STYLE: Epic/Gothic Metal
RELEASE DATE: 27.01.2012

1. Intro
2. Power Dive
3. My Separation
4. Dreams Awake
5. Kami
6. Untouchable
7. Being Worth
8. Dedication
9. Your Hands
10. Red Winter’s snow
11. Outro
12. Smoke and mirrors (Digipak bonus track)

Maike Holzmann – Vocals
Chris Gutjahr – Guitars
Lukas Palme – Keyboards
Jens Hartwig – Bass
Erik Seitz – Drums

Early 2004 guitarist Christopher Gutjahr (Gitarrist) and bassist Jens Hartwig founded their band in Ludwigsburg, Germany. To reach their musical goals soonafter Lukas Palme (keyboards), Erik Seitz (drums) and Patricia Riegraf (female vocals) were added to the line-up to make VOICES OF DESTINY complete. In Oktober 2005 though the band split with singer Patricia Riegraf who was replaced soonafter by Maike Holzmann as she impressed everybody with her performance. In 2006 the first shows were done and the band became a well-working team who in 2007 entered studio for the first time to record some demo tracks. At this time keyboarder Lukas Palme started adding
Shouted vocals as a contract to Maike’s soprano voice a very important part of Voices Of Destiny’s own attitude. The duo comined with pounding drums, heavy but yet melodic guitarwork and orchestral arrangements make the sound of VOICES OF DESTINY something special. Following more shows in 2009 the band recorded their “Dare to Reach” EP and takes part in the „Youngsterball Contest“ at the LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart which they won after jury decision. In summer 2009 the band signs their first deal with Massacre Records and in August the recordings start for the first album with producer Andy Horn (Edenbridge, Lanfear, Rob Rock, Liv Kristine, Mortal Love, Majesty u.a.) at his Red Room studio. For the band photos the international top photographer Alex Kühr (Amon Amarth, Edguy, Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Stratovarius u.a.) could be won for the project and last but not least the artwork was in the hands of international artist Mattias Noren/Progart (Sabaton, Illdisposed, Evergrey, Angra, Kamalot).
The debut album “From The Ashes” was released in February 2011 and marked a rave success for a young band like VOICES OF DESTINY – not only it sold well in Europe and got great reviews im metal and gothic press but it also was released in Japan by Bit Organization (now Hydrant Records). The band continued to work hard so they entered the studio again in the summer of 2011 to begin the works on their 2nd album right away. On „Power Dive“ Voices of Destiny perfectionize their individual sound somewhere between gothic and symphonic metal. In releation to the debut „From The Ashes“ there is more variety and heaviness! Christopher Gutjahrs dominant guitar riffs have more room this time and keyboarder/sinnger Lukas Palme brings in more heaviness with his dark growl vocals. But all is still lead my the unmistakable soprano voice of Maike Holzmanns – she dominates especially the bombastic chorus lines and leads the slower and melodic parts with much of emotion. The transparent and pounding sound was once again created by Andy Horn,(Edenbridge, Rob Halford and Lanfear) in his Red Room studio. The cover artwork was created by Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund who also did art for bands like Sirenia, Manowar and Korpiklaani. Photos once again were taken by one of Germany’s leading phtographers Alex Kühr (Amon Amarth, Edguy, Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Stratovarius a.o.). „Power Dive“ is the very convincing 2nd album of a young band that has matured and will make their way in the goth metal scene without the shadow of a doubt.



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