THE KANDIDATE Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death

Posted: December 22, 2011 in thrash metal
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The Kandidate Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death Napalm Records

The Kandidate Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death Napalm Records

THE KANDIDATE “Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death” RELEASE DATE:  27 Jan / 07 Feb 2012 (US)

No rest for The Kandidate…

No deep breaths have been drawn by The Kandidate since their debut effort saw the light of day. Immediately after releasing “Until We Are Outnumbered”, the machine that is The Kandidate jumped on its eight legs and began touring, as well as writing material for the next recording.

While touring with the likes of Entombed, Trap Them, Volbeat, and Rotten Sound, The Kandidate would spend their downtime writing new music and routinely trying it out in front of live audiences, allowing guitarist Allan and bassist KB to refine the riffs.

The band’s crowning glory arrived when they returned to the legendary Roskilde Festival in the summer of 2010. The taste of triumph and achievement lingered for some time on their lips.

In 2011, The Kandidate was ready to begin recording their second album. The choice of producer once again landed squarely on the band’s own vocalist Jacob Bredahl and in his studio Dead Rat. The objective was to convey a live sound. To achieve this feat, many of the modern recording techniques would fall by the wayside.  What can be heard on the finished product is truly ‘live in the studio’.

But make no mistake, the music of The Kandidate evolved for the better. Retaining the energy that spawned them, The Kandidate now delivers both the heaviest and the most frantic chaos they have ever created, due in part to the addition of new drummer Niels Peter, whose Spartan drumming and new creative force has helped the members approach songwriting as a united band.

The obvious benefits of producing your own band cannot override the undeniable obstacles of producing yourself.  So when it came time for Jacob to record the vocals, producer Tue Madsen was enlisted to squeeze out every last drop of bodily fluid from Jacob’s performance. The recording sessions ultimately ended on a new high.

Lyrically, The Kandidate ventured into uncharted territories. The songs relate detailed accounts of a chaotic mind trip to the deepest, darkest blackness of death and beyond.

To top it all off, friend and tattoo artist Uncle Allan had a brilliant idea for the album’s artwork: to parallel the essence of the recordings and create the entire layout without the use of digital imaging. The band liked what they heard and gave him free reign over the visuals that would accompany the release. The album’s wrapper perfectly evokes the somber desperation in facing the imminent prospect of death.

“Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death” includes eleven slabs of the most intense, alive, and invigorating mix of metal and punk you’ll hear this year.

Look for The Kandidate on tour throughout Europe, Russia, and China in 2012.

The Kandidate is:
Jacob Bredahl – Vocals
Allan Tvedebrink – Guitars
KB Larsen – Bass
Niels Peter – Drums

Official Site:


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