HELLSAW Trist Napalm Records

HELLSAW Trist Napalm Records

HELLSAW Trist RELEASE DATE: 24 Feb 2012 / 06 Mar 2012 (US)

Leaving behind the more melodic tunes of their first band SANGUIS, frontman Aries and drummer Svart formed HELLSAW in 2002 in the Austrian region of Styria.  With Aries taking on the triple role of vocalist, bassist and guitarist, the duo drew on the black metal bands of the early 90’s for their inspiration and combined that raw, powerful sound with their own ideas to create an icy and uncompromising atmosphere which first saw the light of day in HELLSAW’s debut release “Sins of Might”.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, the band began working on their first full-length album entitled “Spiritual Twilight”, which was released in 2005 and established the band as serious contenders in the black metal genre. However, it was clear that HELLSAW needed to expand their horizons, and, with a lineup that included session musicians, the band played extensively throughout Europe both on tours and at festivals, garnering praise and new fans wherever they performed.

2007 brought the band an offer to join the “Flesh for Satan Tour” which was headlined by the legendary INQUISITION. Despite the extensive touring this required, the band was still able to write new songs for their second album and “Phantasm” was released on Folter Records, further enhancing HELLSAW’s standing by showcasing the obvious progress and maturity the band had developed since their first release.

A European tour with SHINING and SKITLIV followed, and it became apparent that if HELLSAW was to continue, full-time, dedicated musicians would be essential:  Guitarists Malthus and Isiul, along with bassist Desderoth, were added to the line up on a permanent basis.

After securing a deal with Napalm Records, work began on the third full length album “Cold”, under the supervision of V Santura (DARK FORTRESS, TRIPTYKON, ex-CELTIC FROST).

“Cold” undoubtedly represented yet another milestone in HELLSAW’s progress with frontman Aries’ pitch black vocals dominating the wall of infernal drumming, frigid guitar riffs, and ice-cold melodies.

With more live appearances under their belts, and the addition of drummer Neuroticon to replace the outgoing Svart, HELLSAW has continued the relentless rise through the ranks of today’s generation of black metal bands.  Their powerful and confident stage performances have made HELLSAW a favorite with festival audiences, and the band has not stopped refining their skills as composers and musicians.

From its very inception it was obvious that HELLSAW was never going to be one of the run-of-the-mill bands that abound on the black metal scene.  The use of instantly recognizable melodies coupled with a respect and understanding of what it really takes to make a good black metal band, sets HELLSAW ahead of the pack.  Proof is definitely on the way with the release of their latest album “Trist”.

The opener “The Devil Is Calling My Name” welcomes all who dare enter the uncompromising world of this Austrian black metal institution.  Hellsaw’s characteristic sound runs rampant through each of the new tracks, in which furious blast beats and infernal guitar riffs are crowned by frontman Aries’ unmistakable and charismatic vocals lines.The songwriting unites the musicians’ maturity with an unrestrained passion for black metal, thus creating an authentic atmosphere seldom experienced within the genre.  With “Trist”, Hellsaw spearheads the scene and pays homage with true black metal anthems able to confirm the band’s undeniable supremacy.

Hellsaw is:
Aries – Vocals
Isiul – Guitars
Malthus – Guitars
Desderoth – Bass
Neuroticon – Drums

Official Web Site: http://www.hellsaw.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hellsawmusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hellsawofficial


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