Brutal Grind Assault Festival VII

Posted: December 19, 2011 in festival, metal
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Brutal Grind Assault Festival

Brutal Grind Assault Festival

Get ready Geneva! Calvingrad will be hosting probably the most extreme bill ever!!! For this seventh edition of the most brutal indoor festival in French speaking Switzerland, the organizers will strike very high. How to define what’s in the making for you in January? Pure slaughter and blast beats orgies distilled by the most vicious performers of the underground brutal scene.

You may have got it from the precedent editions, the BGA Committee likes northern Europe. This year makes no exception since we will host three Scandinavian bands: the incredible Feastem from Finland and the wicked Afgrund and Bridlflesh from Sweden. Orgasms guaranteed. However and to break with tradition, we head down south a bit to propose Looking for an Answer, Iberian vegan grind onslaught from Madrid. To compensate their last year’s cancellation, Jesus Cröst will be back to the Warfield as well. What’s more, three Swiss bands will the join the assault; Amagortis from Fribourg and the local Mumakil and Burning Flesh.

Lastly and to end up the hostilities, a Polka/Jodle DJ will finish the business so that you can add up some drinks until the first trains start running.

The date is set: January 28 at l’Usine, be there or die!!

LINE UP!/brutalgrindassaultfestival


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