Antropofago – Beyond Phobia 2011

Posted: December 16, 2011 in death metal
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Antropofago - Beyond Phobia (2011)

Antropofago - Beyond Phobia (2011)

Group/Artist: Antropofago
Album/Title: Beyond Phobia
Year: 2011
Country: France
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Время (Time): 38:06

01. Intro 00:59
02. Hundred Eyes 03:19
03. Ghost in the Closet 03:14
04. Arachno 03:16
05. My Darkest Hour 03:37
06. Diabolus ex Machina 03:38
07. Wrinkled Skin 02:55
08. One more Second 03:50
09. Panic Room 03:39
10. Burnt alive 03:33
11. Nightfall Thoughts 01:45
12. Paranoid Visions (part I) 04:15

Gordon Huillery: Guitars
Melmoth The Wanderer: Vocals
Vincent Labelle: Drums
Hugo Mermet-Bouvier: Guitars
Alaric Déléris: Bass
Родной город
Montpellier, France
Студии записи
Miceli records
О нас
Antropofago est un groupe de Brutal Death Metal basé dans le sud-est de la France. Site Officiel: Page Myspace:
Специалист по связям с прессой


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