HELLISH OUTCAST Your God Will Bleed Release 2 April 2012

Posted: December 10, 2011 in hardcore
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The Vikings are preparing to set sail once more and we must ready ourselves for a brutal assault from Norsemen HELLISH OUTCAST.

The band made a formidable UK debut at Bloodstock 2011 and are now set to return with the release of their merciless debut album YOUR GOD WILL BLEED due out on April 2nd on Transcend Music.

YOUR GOD WILL BLEEDfollows in the lyrical footsteps of their debut EP ‘Raping – Killing – Murder‘ which launched an attack on modern warfare, politics and religious martyrdom. However, this time round, the aggression will take you right to the edge, right to the point of cataclysm, capturing an increasingly univeral passion and frustration within these truly hellish times. YOUR GOD WILL BLEED will take you on an exploration of the world as it is today.  The sight is not pretty.  In fact, it’s disgusting.  But the sound is breathtaking.

    “Musically, we’ve stayed true to our nature – always trying to push the limits of what is healthy aggression. To combine pure Norwegian brutality with the fine British steel of Transcend Music is a venture we’ve been looking forward to!” says drummer Mads, aka ‘Alkolust’.


“…Your ears will bleed” promises vocalist and frontman Thebon…
…”and If it’s too heavy for ya” concludes Alkolust, “f@@k off!!”Line-up:
Thebon – vocals (Keep of Kalessin) | Alkolust – drums (BYFROST) | Max Morbid – bass (BREED) | Martin Legreid – guitars (66 Crusher)

HELLISH OUTCAST | Official sites


HELLISH OUTCAST Your God Will Bleed Transcend Music Release: 2 April 2012

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