SEPTICOPYEMIA Signs Bizarre Leprous Prod

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Grindcore
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NEW BAND AT BLP: Russian bukkake grind commando SEPTICOPYEMIA!!!!
Founded in 1995, Septicopyemia is the oldest Grindcore band in the Russian scene.
They are one of the most active and well known Russian acts in the genre today.
Their ass fucking mix of aggressive, groovey Grindcore, Brutal Death riffs, and double vocals are reminiscent of old Carcass. This is not for pussies, scenesters, or those with a weak stomach! By playing extensive shows, festivals, touring, and supporting many well known acts, they have brought the band to a whole new level. The band’s discography began with a string of demos released in the late 90’s, all of which have good reviews in the UG, followed by studio albums: full CD “Vomiting Swamp”, and mini CD “Hungry Asses”. Prepare for the new album! It will be the most perverted Grindcore/ Goregrind ever recorded on CD featuring shit gargling vocals, vomit inducing bass bulldozer, chainsaw guitar, and blasting drumming!
For the sick freaks and gore maniacs only!
Septicopyemia is the band to watch out for with their new release on Bizarre Leprous!!! Mixing and mastering will be done by Brain (Jig-Ai)



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