UNBOUNDED TERROR Nest of Affliction CD

Posted: November 15, 2011 in death metal

Title: Nest of Affliction
Ref.: XM 103 CD
Release date: 15.11.2011
Barcode: 8436039064997

Track list:
— Nest of Affliction – Album ‘92
01. intro – Rising Evil
02. Dreamlord
03. Fear
04. Dead (by Deceit)
05. Immortal Violence
06. intro – The Malediction ll
07. Slaves of Sufferage
08. Mankind Mind
09. E.N.D. (Enjoyment Near your Death)
10. Sarcastic Souls
— Unreleased Live Track – Sas Voltes 25.09.92
11. Silent Scream
— Through the Dark Desperation – Demo ‘93
12. Unchained Hate in Blood
13. Tears of Deception
14. Nest of Affliction
— Growing on Sorrow – Demo ‘92
15. intro
16. Dreamlord
17. Dead (by Deceit)
— Sarcastic Souls – Demo ‘91
18. intro – The Malediction
19. Slaves of Sufferage
20. E.N.D. (Enjoyment Near your Death)
21. Immortal Violence
22. Fear

Re-issue of the mythic 1st and only album from ’92 by this spanish Death Metal band. This was the very first Death Metal album released by a spanish band and also the very first album release by DROWNED Prod.!!
Includes their 3 demos from ’91, ’92 & ’93 as well as an unreleased live track never recorded in studio!! All of them remastered. Contains new cover art (as well the original one) plus lyrics, photos and demo covers.
This is an essential piece in the spanish Death Metal history and goes out all lovers of good old classic Death Metal in its purest form with influences in the vein of MASSACRE, MORBID ANGEL, early SEPULTURA, DEATH…


HUMAN MINCER (spa) – “Devoured Flesh” [re-press] (15.12.2011)
AGGRESSION (spa) – “Viocracy” (01.01.2012)
UNDERGANG (den) – “Til Døden Os Skiller” [CD] (01.02.2012)
EXMORTIS (usa) – “Resurrection… Book of the Dead” [MCD] (T.B.A.)
ALTAR OF SIN (spa) – “Tales of Carnage First Class” (T.B.A.)
REDIMONI (spa) – “Standing Before the End of Time” (T.B.A.)
SPELLCRAFT (spa) – “Yersinia Pestis” (T.B.A.)
HUMAN MINCER (spa) – “Embryonized + bonus” [10th anniversary re-issue] (T.B.A.)
MANDATORY (gre) – “Mandatory Death” [MCD] (T.B.A.)
VERMINOUS (swe) – “The Unholy Communion” (T.B.A.)
WINTERWOLF (fin) – “2nd Album” (T.B.A.)
MULTIPLEX (jap) – “World + bonus” (T.B.A.)
ABSORBED (spa) – “Reverie + demos [2-CD]” (T.B.A.)
NECROPHILIAC (spa) – “Chaopula + all demos [2-CD]” (T.B.A.)
DISSECT (hol) – “Swallow Swouming Mass + bonus” (T.B.A.)
NIGHT TO DIE (spa) – “Non Omnis Moriar” [EP + Demos] (T.B.A.)
ADRAMELECH (fin) – “EP’s + Demos” (T.B.A.)
APPARITION (usa) – “EP’s + Demos” (T.B.A.)
APOSTASY (chl) – “Sunset of the End + Demo” (T.B.A.)
KILLING ADDICTION (usa) – “Omega Factor + demos” (T.B.A.)
UNBOUNDED TERROR (spa) – “Nest of Affliction + demos” (T.B.A.)

Brutal regards,
Dave Rotten


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