ALTAR OF SIN signs to Xtreem Music

Posted: November 8, 2011 in thrash metal
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Spanish most infernal Thrash Metal warmachine ALTAR OF SIN, have inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming 2nd full length album which will be entitled”Tales of Carnage First Class”.

After having released two CD’s “Praising Evil” (their two EP’s in one CD) in 2008 and “The Damned Dogs of Hell” in 2010, the band entered Fireworks Studios in September 2011 for the recording of what’s undoubtely their finest work to date.

“Tales of Carnage First Class” is a true merciless massacre which combines both old school Thrash Metal and first-shape Death Metal blending influences from bands like SLAYER, POSSESSED, SODOM, SARCOFAGO, KREATOR… but with a relentless intensity that has crushes the listener ears til making them bleed!!

Cover artwork for this album has been created by Namtaru Creations and although there’s not a fixed release date for this new opus, it’s expected to show up during the first months of 2012 and will definitely become one the most furious and intense Thrash Metal releases of the year!! In the meantime you can listen to two advance tracks at ALTAR OF SIN’s official MySpace:


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