Czech Grinders DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS Make Debut EP Available To Download For Free

Posted: October 28, 2011 in death metal

Czech Grinders DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS Make Debut EP Available To Download For Free

DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS have made their debut release “Části a Mechanismy Strojů” (in English, “Work Parts and Mechanisms”) available to download. Born from the ashes of Earache/Elitist artist !T.O.O.H.! (The Obliteration Of Humanity), DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS rise from the darkest corners of the Central European industrial wasteland in the form of two blue collar workers to uncover the crazy secrets from their cold realm of steel bearings, vaseline and the comical stories of their credulous ant-farm co-workers.

Eschewing the conventional three-chord approach to composition, the dynamic duo craft a novel musical approach of twisted melodies, staccato riffage, eclectic basslines, discordant piano runs and broken rhythms all nicely topped with snarly vocals in the ever accessible Czech language.

Released in 2006, the track listing for “Části a Mechanismy Strojů” is as follows (English title translations are included in brackets):

1. Kolostrojní Úleva (Steel Orgasm)
2. Svěrná Spojení (Clamp Joints)
3. Nýtování (Hand Riveting)
4. Machine in Human Flesh
5. Dr. Norden
6. Jarmilky Horizontálního Obrážeče Bédi [bonus track] (Old Bumpers of Horizontal Shaping Machine- worker Bedy)

The entire EP including a new bonus track has been made available to download for free at the following locations (choose your pathway):

Option1 Megaupload:
Option2 RapidShare:
Option3 MediaFire:

For more information, visit:


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