Posted: October 21, 2011 in death metal
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We believe that Imperial Vengeance deserve as much of 2011’s spotlight on new releases as they can possibly endure… before lowering their darkened glasses revealing one of those disapproving looks; the kind that one would normally reserve for the energy-drink-swilling under-classes.

In light of this (and their unquestionable musical talent), they have returned in response to the adulation and the crowds’ calls for an Encore!

The Twenty Shilling and Fourpence V-disc is a bitesize version of their recently venerated album release, BLACK HEART OF EMPIRE, but in true IV-style, it has it’s exclusive content for both the die hard fans and those looking for further persuasion to come to the Dark Aristocratic side of Metal.

“The album is a vast conceptual work and we thought by releasing a little stand-alone slice that would be accessible to both the more longstanding fan and those who are just discvoering the Imperial Vengeance world. The release of course features guest vocals from Dave Courtney – whom we believe is the absolute embodiement of the true voice of Old London. We are releasing digitally as the preffered format – either wax cylinder or shellac, based vinyl is not really being played by so many folks these days, though for those who miss the actual disc itself, we are including a compromise within the artwork.” – DB

The third, and leading, track ‘Upon the Stair – and in the Chamber’ is a previously unheard “Arrangement for Strings in Microcosm” and alongside further artwork designed specifically for this release, I don a French accent and say “with this release, they are really spoiling us”.

“The string arrangement of Upon the Stair is actually the original version of the idea that evolved into the track on the album. I always wanted this arrangement to go on the album but there was nowhere for it to go that didn’t feel contrived, so I held it back to use later. When we decided to do the single, this seemed like an obvious little extra to throw in, and possibly gives a small insight into the composition process IV material often goes through.” – CEA

DaveThis process resulted in the revered BLACK HEART OF EMPIRE.

Now whether this was a result of their sheer genius, insight and skill or the rather inspiring/threatening [delete as appropriate] advert featuring Dave Courteney, we will never know, none the less it has put Imperial Vengeance on a platform that supercedes all around it.

“Listening to Imperial Vengeance will make you smarter” – Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

For more information – and some very exciting new to come – join the Gentleman’s discussion over at

“Every page is one to get lost in; I swear I learn something new, both factual and insightful, and thought provokingly rhetorical. Modern day prophets or witty cynics, this a page turner like no other…. not forgetting the obscenely fantastic soundtrack to accompany it! Thank you Imperial Vengeance!”
– a newly acquired IV fan


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