Visions of Atlantis – Maria Magdalena MCD

Posted: September 24, 2011 in metal
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Visions of Atlantis “Maria Magdalena MCD”
Style: Symphonic Metal
Country: Austria
Release Date: 21 Oct 11 (EU), 25 Oct 11 (US)
Fascinated by the myths surrounding legendary Atlantis, the band Visions of Atlantis was formed in 2000. After completing their first demo CD, it took less than a year before the band found a label in Black Arrows/TTS. The company released the first full-length album, “Eternal Endless Infinity”, in Europe and later worldwide.
Fueled by the positive feedback, the band not only toured with bands like Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, or Edenbridge but also played at festivals across Europe, Latin America and Asia, including the Busan Rock Festivals in front of more than 20,000 spectators. In the summer of 2003, singer Mario Plank joined Visions of Atlantis and became an important part in the characteristic VoA sound with his heavier, yet still very melodic vocal style. Furthermore, the band signed a recording deal with the well-known Austrian label Napalm Records, which released the band’s second studio effort “Cast Away” worldwide in November 2004.
To mark the release, Visions of Atlantis produced their first official music video to the track “Lost”, which received significant airplay on VIVA and MTV, and made it possible for the band to present the album on their first European tour alongside Epica.
In 2005 and 2006, Visions of Atlantis worked hard on new material and played gigs with the likes of Elis, Nightwish, and Edenbridge. In May 2007, the third album “Trinity” was released by Napalm Records. The artwork was designed by the renowned Anthony Clarksson, who had already made himself a name in the metal-scene by working for Exodus and Blind Guardian, among others.
The following autumn brought Visions of Atlantis to the United States, where the band toured together with Epica for 6 weeks and won numerous new fans. Upon returning, the band went through changes in the line-up.
The remaining members continued their work and in 2008 and 2009, Visions of Atlantis not only looked for a replacement for Melissa Ferlaak (ex-Aesma Daeva, Echoterra), but also wrote the song material for the fourth album “Delta”, which will be released worldwide via Napalm Records at the end of February 2011.
With the extraordinary Greek female vocalist Maxi Nil, known for her work with Moonspell and her former band Elysium, the band was not only once again complete, but her addition added a unique touch to the new material.
As with “Trinity”, Visions of Atlantis entered the Dreamsound Studios in Munich (Germany) in the middle of 2010 to record the “Trinity” successor under the supervising eyes of the producing team consisting of Mario Lochert and Jan Vacik. After months of hard work in the studio, “Delta” was completed in November 2010!
The elaborate and detailed orchestral arrangements mixed with the powerful and diverse guitar work, and the captivating vocal lines make “Delta” a perfect mix between the already existing trademarks of the band and new courageous elements. The result offers also highly varied, yet tight album that takes the hearts of the symphonic metal fans by storm. Visions of Atlantis first embarked on their musical journey over 10 years ago. Now, with their latest album “Delta”, they deliver an impressive mix of epic power and pureemotion. Their recent tour in support of this release couldn’t have been more successful. Not only did the band members, including new vocalist Maxi Nil, win over countless new fans, but they also grew closer together, as is evident in the band’s latest MCD, which offers 5 brand-new songs, as well as one re-recording. Visions of Atlantis empowers the opening track, an epic symphonic version of Sandra’s “Maria Magdalena”, while capturing the original spirit of the ’80s hit. The vocal duet comprising Maxi Nil and Mario Plank give the song a welcomed dynamic. “Melancholia”, “Change of Tides”, and “Distant Shores” uncover the band’s orchestrally appealing style, while the re-recording of “Last Shut of Your Eyes” and “Beyond Horizon” wind this work down with a soulful and dreamy edge. “Maria Magdalena” presents yet another side to Visions of Atlantis’ magical creative spectrum and will certainly influence the band’s future journey, wherever it may take them.
Maxi Nil -Vocals Mario Plank – Vocals Cris Tian – Guitars Martin Harb – Keys Thomas Caser – Drums
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