Screaming Eyes – Greed – 20 October 2011

Posted: September 22, 2011 in metalcore

Screaming Eyes Greed
This is core Records Release: 20 October 2011

When I’ll Close My eyes
Pull The Trigger
We Are
My Reason, My Fire
…and Nothing Else Shall Remain
One Last Trip
Dream Pt. 9

Mind blowing aggressive metal that will quite literally melt your face off, brought to you from the depths of dark Italy, Screaming Eyes are an exciting take on todays growing market that will certainly catch you off guard as you crank the speakers up and bang your head ferociously.
Forming together from previous established bands, the guys know what they need to break in to the limelight and it is safe to say they have hit the nail on the head with sheer force.

With this debut full length delivering sheer force and strength within every track. Everything right down to the album artwork delivers professionalism and attention to every detail.

Expect the name Screaming eyes to become viral right before they embark on their first visit to the UK late November.


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