IN ARCHIVES Traitors – Release: 3 October 2011

Posted: August 26, 2011 in metalcore
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* Alone Download Track
* Embrace The Tide Download Track
* Lost At Sea Download Track
* The Oncoming Seasons Download Track
* Traitors Download Track

Release: 3 October 2011
In Archives were formed in 2010 by the two stubbed out ashes of two well known local bands. After recording their debut EP ‘Traitors’ at Core Studio (heart of a coward, pay no respect) the band have built a spark of a name for themselves and are expanding their fan base at a rapid rate as they storm stages nationally. In Archives present an epic blend of heavy breakdowns and melodic chorus’ along side an energetic stage show that will leave minds spinning. The band have had the pleasure of sharing stages with many of the UK’s rising stars such as While She Sleeps, Heart Of A Coward, Heart In Hand, Ruins of Earth, Feed The Rhino, Giants and more!


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