Twilight Vertrieb Catalog Update 20.08.2011

Posted: August 20, 2011 in metal

Sangre Eterna Asphyxia CD Melodic Death Metal w/ guests (Norther, ex-Finntroll, For my Pain, etc.)
The Pussybats P@SSYPUSSYBANGBANG CD Alternative Dark Rock
The last hangmen Servants of Justice CD Melodic Death Metal
Reign in Blood Diabolical Katharsis Digi Black Metal

Halcyon Way A Manifesto For Domination CD Progressive Melodic Metal (US Import)
Andromeda The Immunity Zone CD Progressive Metal (US Import)
Avian Ashes and Madness CD Progressive Power Metal (US Import)
Memoira Memoira CD Progressive Melodic Metal (US Import)
Alkemyst Through Painful Lanes CD Power Metal (US Import)
Loch Vostok Reveal No Secrets CD Progressive Death Metal (US Import)
Perspective X IV Shadow Of Doubt CD Progressive Metal (US Import)
Slytract Explanation: Unknown CD Death / Thrash Metal
Xenesthis Sick Of Pitch-Black CD Metalcore
Perishing Mankind Wonderland CD Thrash / Death Metal
Ars Moriendi Journey to Your Agony CD Thrash / Death Metal from Austria
Misbegotten Keeping Promises CD Thrash Metal
Inbred The Retreival of Beauty CD Metalcore
Collapse 7 Supernova Overdrive CD Brutal Death Metal
Prosperity Denied Consciousless CD Thrash / Death Metal
Enemy Of Myself The Fury CD Melodic Death Metal
Darkside Amber: Skeletal Journeys Through the Void CD Melodic Death Metal


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