Death Remains A Thousand Lives 29 August 2011

Posted: August 15, 2011 in metal

Death Remains, Surfacing from the dark corners of London UK, Blend a large mix of brutal assaulting voals with technical drum structures and thunderous guitar anthems that in total leave fans gasping for air as they pile drive through the live circuit and set upon their ground breaking new release!

The band have already branched out as far s Brazil laying down packed out touring schedules over seas, which has left the band with a monstrous 12 month schedule and a lot of pressure to continue to deliver the goods! With the guys gaining fans in large numbers on a weekly basis, before the year is out it is without doubt this group will be your new favourite band.

  1. Grindcorefan says:

    British metal has been enjoying a huge resurgence currently. Clutching to the deathcore/ metalcore/ [insert here]core wave, in amongst the influx of bands who are no more special than a wooden spoon, there have been some gems flying the flag for a nation struggling to keep up in the genre it invented. One such band giving it a shot are Death Remains.

    Their latest EP, ‘A Thousand Lives’ is a prime example of the good coming from the London metal scene right now. After a lot of hard graft, and a change of vocalist, they seem to be getting nearer to nailing down their sound. The record is quite varied, brutal and dirty in tracks like ‘Diminished Responsibility’, more melodic in ‘Cincinnati Bow Tie’ and ‘Innocence’. But throughout there are certain signs that they are homing in on something they can call their own.

    Whats more refreshing is to see a band that isn’t afraid to try different things. Arguably the biggest problem with metal is that everyone is trying to copy everyone else, and churning out the same stuff time and time again. Obviously it is too soon to know if Death Remains will become that band, but it is good to see them starting out in the right vein.

    It’s becoming increasingly tougher to find anything positive in the sea of bands trying to make it. Death Remains may not be game-changers, but they are looking like a pretty solid band already, and that can only be a good thing for the state of British music.

    Written by: Iain Currie

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