Arcite We Lie Awake – Release 29 August 2011

Posted: August 4, 2011 in metal

Already coming from established bands with years of live experience, Newcastle England’s five man metal outfit Arcite came together to produce music different and compelling from what a lot of people would dare, giving today’s trends and “fads”.

Rather than trying to be at the forefront of the next ‘flash in a pan’ genre, Arcite aim to present a typological construct that identifies their take on metal, combining all the elements they love and have been inspired by.
Forming in 2009 Arcite set out to establish their sound touring the UK and sharing stages with signed acts such as, Siege of Amida Records – Viatrophy, Traces, Eradication and Earache Records – The Boy Will Drown.

With their whole reputation built on nothing but intense live performances, Arcite started to release demos of their music to reach a wider audience but unfortunately couldn’t capture the same energy, precision and intensity the music had live.
This led them go to London to work with Dan Weller (Sikth/Malefice/Bury Tomorrow/Rise To Remain/Johnny Truant/Young Guns) to record a single track ‘In Taylor’s Eyes’ which shows the potential of the band on record and has went on receive huge praise, hundreds of downloads by fans and played on onslaught and bloodstock radio as well as busy alternative club nights in their home city of Newcastle.

Despite having no previous label backing or management, Arcite are making a lasting impression on the live music circuit around the UK. Never disappointing a crowd yet, Arcite are always gaining new fans while holding their ground against any band they share a stage with and 2011 shows the band stronger and more ambitious than ever, not losing momentum through minor line up changes and landing shows with bands such as Glamour of the Kill, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Shaped By Fate and US metal heavy weights Crowbar….with all this and much more on the cards, Arcite are definitely a band to look out for.

  1. Grindcorefan says:

    With slabs of sound to rival any global devastation Newcastle-upon-Tyne metalers Arcite release their new EP We Lie Awake. The band began in 2009 with musicians already experienced with previous well established bands and soon laid down and increased a reputation of intense and explosive live shows leading to shared stages with the likes of Siege of Amida, Viatrophy, and Eradication. A lack of bringing their live intensity into their demos led Arcite (pronounced ar-kite) eventually to London and to Dan Weller (Sikth/Malefice/Bury Tomorrow/Rise To Remain/Johnny Truant/Young Guns) with whom they recorded the track ‘In Taylor’s Eyes’. A huge response to the track in acclaim and downloads, as the quintet’s sound finally showed its force on a recording ensued and now the band has just released their We Lie Awake EP to undoubted further enthusiastic clamour.

    Lately shows with Glamour of the Kill, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Shaped By Fate and US metal heavy weights Crowbar as well as a show on the Sylosis/Malefice UK tour in October shows the band is rising at a rapid rate and with We Lie Awake the growth will surely accelerate.

    The four tracks that make up We Lie Awake attack and lay waste to the senses from start to end, their consuming power as hard and relentless a march upon the ear as they are merciless. ‘Asylum’ starts the assault off, its crushing riffs and striking guitar slices of aggression impressive. The varied vocals of Jonathan White are intense but neatly controlled in bringing growls, grunts and smoother deliveries in equal measure and success. Often with bands the music over powers vocals or the vocals strangle the creativity of subtler parts in heavy metal tracks but there is a great balance within this and the subsequent tracks.

    The driving assault of bassist Brian James and Matthew Dix with his demanding and forceful drums give great substance to each track as clearly shown on next song ‘We Lie Awake’. The song starts off with a deceitful mellower touch before throwing an immense cacophony of aggressive sounds and riffs from the cutting guitars of James Newton and Martin Webb, combined Arcite are one of the tightest and most forceful bands in the UK right now and they show it successfully here and all through the release.

    ‘Foreshadow’ and ‘In My Family’ complete the release continuing the collision of towering riffs and power with senses. Excellent vocals, engaging guitar play lurking amongst the commanding riffs and some quick striking discreet harmonies lift each song nicely.

    There is a Lamb Of God with a touch of Hatebreed feel to the EP and though it is not a negative it is fair to say Arcite has yet to truly find their own distinct sound though We Lie Awake certainly shows they are well down the right path to achieve that. The EP is a scarring, senses smashing, oppressive joy and a mere step on the band’s eventual rise in the UK metal standings and hearts.

  2. Grindcorefan says:

    The Newcastle act have relished this first milestone with an evident hunger for bigger things and thankfully this has transferred onto record in impressive fashion, landing them in the exact position they need to be.

    We Lie Awake proves that Arcite have found their footing in the studio and with producer Dan Weller (Malefice, Rise To Remain) to the fore, the trip to London was obviously worth it.

    Asylum begins the EP and reveals the five-piece able to intertwine brutal verses with a melodic pulse lying underneath. With vocals shimmying from high-pitched screams and lower grunts to a matter-of-fact, informative style, there’s enough tenacity and variation to continually refresh each track.

    A bastion of polished guitar lines help this along tremendously – In My Family showcasing a penchant for increasingly thrashy verses with hints of death metal. The metalcore sentiment in their breakdowns outstretches further than many reputed acts of the genre, with smidgeons of technicality surfacing in deliciously refined portions.

    Arcite have cemented their credentials as a top regional metal act by splicing an intoxicating mix of styles – resulting in a concise debut. They’re offering this EP online for free so go pull your finger out and support some local metal worth listening to.

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