SKINNED (USA) "Contortion Of Reality" CD/EP

Posted: August 3, 2011 in metal

5 songs CD/EP {total time 16:38}

1. On Flesh He’ll Feast 03:29
2. Brown Bagger 02:40
3. Tamp Vamp 03:37
4. Contortion of Reality 02:58
5. Solace of Death 03:53

  1. Grindcorefan says:

    Formed since 1995, the band Brutal Death cool origin Fort Collins, Colorado apparently already has some of the forgotten release, coz maybe the name itself using skinned by some bands, so skinned from Fort Collins, Colorado this a few times should be forgotten because rarely publicize themselves, and some Last time the band disbanded and finally decided to form again. in 2005 for the first time the band released its first full-length album “Spawn of Insanity” is increasingly popularize their names arena metal. especially after the release 2nd album “Morbid Tokens of Perversion and Homicide” in 2008 with Brutal Talented Drummer Darren Cesca Stuff to fill the drum position during the recording process, well this time to prove if skinned still alive, back on May 8, 2010 established by means of Ep “Contortion of Reality” contains 5 songs cool that begins by “On He’ll Flesh Feast” as the first track without strings attached crush Ear with Hyperblast terrible onslaught nan Meeting snare beats and its pedal Twin, Deep Guttural sounds vocalist Dan Cool and Powerfully scream accompanied by guitarist Travis Insane Vokill of active Weickum skinned make arrangements become more Horrible!!, original drummer skinned, Jason “The Slug” Parrott appears increasingly fierce after much inspired by Drummer Darren Cesca. no merely battered by Hyperblast part, also left room for guitarist Travis Solos showcase his melodic guitar. “Brown Bagger” such as the early tracks directly vicious hit by deadly attacks, Can you imagine playing characters Gorgasm, Lividity, Gorerotted till Goratory merged into one that lauched with intense rhythm. “Show Vamp” Part initially sounds more Doomy to invite us for a moment before shaking his head for headbanging massacred with Fast parts standard. Travis play this time showing off style and downstroke interrupted interrupted Tapping Jamz headbanging part. “Contortion of Reality” appearing more than style fastest Middle part prior to further highlight the playing Twin pedal meeting Drummer Jason “The Slug” Parrott. and Ep is closed with the track “Solace of Death” who finished their game and once it becomes final release for vocalist Dan, bassist Louis also Drummer Jason “The Slug” guitarist Travis Parrott to leave a stand alone post Ep Weickum is released. wow affection, but that’s a reality that must be accepted by them for keep Survive the future. some infos Formation final band became Travis – Guitar / Vocals, Mike – Drums / vocals and Derek – Bass. but I also lack of info about Here again the band, who would they lagu2 emang cool to be listened to continue for the metalhead who Amendment to the deadly onslaught of death metal.

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