Lille WinterFest #2

Posted: August 1, 2011 in metal


After a successful first 2 days / 11 bands edition as the Lille Winter GrindFest, the annual Kaotoxin festival returns as a 3 DAYS / 24 BANDS / 2 DJs (!) one, changing name to Lille WinterFest to better reflect its diversity in styles (still f BRUTAL all the way, though) and, most importantly, its FEST aspect as it might develop many non-musical (even though related) events around the music (like exhibitions, meet and greet sessions, release / listening parties, food / music / merch. market and so on…).

We’ll also offer cheap, fun, convenient and quality accomodations as well as diverse foods (veggie / non-veggie) in the festival area.

The event will start on Friday Dec. 16th in the afternoon / evening to end on Sunday Dec. 18th in the afternoon / evening too… at least 48 hours of gigs and after parties ! Of course, festival passes will be available at discount prices, incl. accomodation for the ones who need it, as well as a full line of merchandise so you can keep a living memory of this unforgetable event !

Yet, despite the (slight) name change, the music won’t change! Brutal, diverse, focused on world class headliners and utter quality newcomers: GrindCore, GoreGrind, Brutal Death Metal, CrustCore, MinceCore, Technical Death Metal, Industrial Noise DJ sets and so on…

As “bonuses”:
– KAOTOXIN records will be helding a special release party of GRONIBARD’s “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo” LP (a 12″ vinyl re-release of “Satanic Tuning Club” including many bosuses !) with listening party and the exclusive availability of a very limited edition, specially put together for the Lille WinterFest…
– DOUCHEBAG records will celebrate the (earlier this year) release of the Atara / Unsu split 7″ EP with both bands playing the fest…
– DISGUST, the veteran Brutal Death Metal band from Lille will reunite for a single and exclusive gig to celebrate their 20 years anniversary…
– and many more still to come !!!

So, stay tuned for more news by September and while waiting, INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS and SHARE this event as much as you can. Let’s make it a total success so we can do an even better (if possible!) one in 2012 !!!
Fri. Dec 16th – Sun. Dec. 18th (alphabetical order):
– AGATHOCLES (MinceCore – BE)
– ATARA (GrindCore – FR)
– BLOCKHEADS (CrustCore / GrindCore – FR)
– CHIENS (GrindCore – FR)
– DISGUST (Brutal Death Metal – FR)
-> Special 20 years anniversary exclusive reunion gig !!!
– FLESHROT (Grinding Brutal Death Metal – UK)
– FOUL BODY AUTOPSY (one-man Technical Brutal Death Metal – UK)
– GRONIBARD (Gay GoreGrind’n’roll – FR)
-> Special “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo” LP release party !!!
– IDIOT CONVENTION (Grinding ThrashCore / Punk – BE)
– INHUMATE (GrindCore – FR)
– L.A.R.D.O.N (GrindCore – FR)
– OBLIVIONIZED (Technical Grinding Brutal Death Metal – UK)
– PUNISHED EARTH (Grinding Death Metal – BE)
– RATBOMB (Crust / GrindCore – FR)
– RECTAL SMEGMA (GoreGrind / GrindCore – NL)
– TRIFIXION (Death Metal – UK)
– UNLEARNED (Crust / GrindCore – DE)
– UNSU (Modern GrindCore – FR)
– UNTAMED (GrindCore – FR)
– VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (GoreGrind – AT)
– PRAYING FOR OBLIVION (Industrial Noise – US)
– SVARTVIT (Industrial Noise – NL)

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