Bloodshed festival 2011

Posted: August 1, 2011 in metal

The Dutch (and worldwide) grinders come together to Eindhoven Rock City, to the legendary Dynamo club to worship the most extreme and vile styles of music. Rejoice in grindcore, power violence, crust, punk, death metal and trash. After the unveiling of the first name, a new list of awesome brutal names is now bestowed upon the disease ridden minds of the depraved. Prepare for a new festival of annihilation on October 14/15, the apocalypse has begun!

The names are:

After The Last Sky – UK –
This UK outfit is a bit grim compared to the other bands, After The Last Sky is an experimental black grindcore band but with a ferocious sound and a lot of anger. The twist of black metal creates a nice refreshing feel in between all the violence.

Bastard Noise – USA –
Perhaps the most prestigious of all the bands in the line-up so far, Bastard Noise was originally formed as a noise side project for legendary power violence warriors Man Is The Bastard. A unique sound in extreme music was created by this project that has featured quite some impressive members and contributors. So far this will be the very first performance on European soil by this influential collective, featuring the three core members Artz, Connel and Wood.

Blood I Bleed – NL –
Formed out of the ashes of the amazing My Minds Mine, Blood I Bleed is certainly no less than its predecessor. Their punked up power violence shatters any hope of sanity and on a stage they know how to beat your face in relentlessly. A mandatory band to see for all attendees!

Boiler – GER –
Piggy time! These Germans of Boiler know how to throw up some decent gore grind, if you like your vocals to sound like a drainage and guitars that shred down trees, this is definitely your cup of tea. Blubbery gore madness with slamming death parts, a guaranteed party!

Bonesaw – UK –
Filthy, old school death metal is also a necessity between all the blasts and d-beats. So we give you Bonesaw, a little bit of rock, a lot of Autopsy and related bands and you know what to expect. Make a face like you just smelled your own feet at the end of the festival and bang your head! Slowly!

Entrails Massacre – GER –
Entrails Massacre is a long-time running grind/death metal band from Germany. These old-school legends started out in 1990 and are still running strong. Everyone knows where it’s at, straight to the point blasting grindcore! Go!

Haemophagus – IT –
We can never get enough of the old school Carcass “clones”, although saying that is underrating the band a bit. Think of Cretin, Exhumed, Impaled and all those other wonderful bands and you know you’re in a good place when watching Haemophagus!

Onanizer – CZ –
A grindcore festival is not a grindcore festival without at least one awesome band from the Czech Republic. This year we offer you Onanizer, a cult power-violence/grindcore outfit that will blow your ears off with their short and powerful songs!

P.L.F. – USA –
Also present in 2009 at Bloodshed Fest, the mighty P.L.F. return to rampage once more. This time they will appear as a two-piece band. Did you know that their drummer is the original drummer for Insect Warfare? And did you know that P.L.F. stands for Pretty Little Flower? No? Then you just learned two things!

Pigsty – CZ –
Another pearl from the Czech Republic is Pigsty, a crazy grindcore band with influences of death metal, gore and math metal. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them, you’re just not drunk enough.

Sidetracked – GER –
Of course we don’t forget about the punks! Sidetracked is a wonderful German crust/punk force which is perfect music to thrash everything to. Don’t be shy, you are allowed to stagedive, crowdsurf, mosh and raise your fist! In fact you have to!

Skullhog – NL –
Once every couple of years, a turbo-force from the dirty South of the Netherlands is unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. Beware, Skullhog, once known as Bile, play a show. Once a goregrind act to be reckoned with, these masters of depravity have adjusted their style to a more slow and even more brutal sound. Caveman death/sludge is what you get. If you dare to oppose you will be bludgeoned to death by their low frequencies, so just close your eyes and think of a happy place.

Terror Defence – NL –
D-beat time! We all know the drill, turn of your brain, fill yourself with beer and protest and rock out like mad. These crusty punkers are the perfect band to let out all your hate against society, so get drunk and start a circle pit!

Tinner – FIN/SE –
Crust/grind from Finland and Sweden that has been rapidly rising in the squat and grind scene. And with good reason because their superb songs will make you stop eating meat, grow dreadlocks and start protesting the right wing party in your country!

Unkind – FIN –
It is with reason that the Finnish crust/hardcore outfit Unkind is signed to Relapse Records. Their sublime sound is sure to set any stage on fire, pissed off angry-as-f@@k beats and riffs will reign down on you like a napalm carpet bombing. And that is not exaggerated.

Wormrot – SG –
All the way from the other side of the world, the Singaporean trio of Wormrot comes to lay siege upon Bloodshed Fest visitors. With their very old school and traditional sound they have blown new life in the old school grind sound and this has not gone unnoticed, see their signing to Earache Records. The band has toured Europe before, so no wonder they have finally made it to Bloodshed Fest!

Xaros – F –
Hailing from France, Xaros is a noisy as hell punk grindcore outfit that rambles through walls, ceilings and floors alike. Messy, filthy riffs and beats, just the way we like it!

Victims formed back in 1997, in their home town of Nyköping, Sweden. The band’s aim was simple… to play hardcore punk rock, straight up and right to the point, with particular influences being Swedish Discharge-style and 80’s American hardcore. Their most recent release is the record “A Dissident”, released by Deathwish rec, in collaboration with Tankcrimes and La Familia Record labels in the spring of 2011. With this record Victims have cemented themselves as leaders, not followers, in today’s true punk/hardcore underground scene.

More bands will be confirmed soon


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