Posted: May 12, 2011 in thrash metal

In the middle of the 90’s, the city of Turin, was full of many metal bands, already established in the Italian and European. Many young emerging bands were trying to carve out a niche among the great!
The HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN underground band, born with the name of DEATH SLAUGHTER. Soon to different musical tastes and choices change the band name, change the line-up and today’s HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN still maintain the strongest training in their history!
Stefano Moda, Massimo Moda and Davide Ruo Roch three heads but only one aim, initially recorded two demo-tape and a EP, until the first full album, released in 2005 for Eclipse rec.Japan!
Dead Black Sun is a hard, painful for the many label’s delays and for a production that is not the band of the moment! HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN offer a powerful live set around Italy with a few stops in Europe for two years , playing in all the places available! A bad accident in Max, without the band for several years with the consequence of having lost a very important train in time! Re-established and fully operational, Max and the band began the composition of songs in 2011 would make up the new album Homicide HAGRIDDEN

“Homicide Hagridden release an EP titled Mechanism Dead! Available on digital platform on 01-01-2011! ” Homicide Hagridden, Mechanism Dead

TheWizard Borgaro, TO, IT Fri May 20 11 10:00 PM
PADIGLIONE 14 Collegno To, TO, IT Sat Jun 11 11 10:00 PM
United Club Torino, TO, IT Fri Sep 16 11 08:00 PM


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