Piel de Serpiente Inevitable CD Hard Rock

Posted: March 16, 2011 in heavy metal

Piel de Serpiente Inevitable CD Hard Rock

Playing Melodic Hard Rock with Metal influences and Spanish lyrics, the band PIEL DE SERPIENTE from Valencia is back with their third album “Inevitable”. Being around for 7 years now this album is their debut on Pure Rock Records. Before this they released two discs “Encenderé Tu Fuego” (2005) and “El Veneno Se Extiende” (2008), which appeared only as a self-release and through Karthago Records. Musically sometimes – because of the catchy double leads and a bass-sound in best Steve Harris-mania – a little bit influenced by Iron Maiden, a total of eleven beautifully dry produced unique songs are offered. Among them: a small loving tribute to the never forgotten Ronnie James Dio (“Ronnie James (Un Arcoiris En La Oscuridad)”) and also as last work an English song (“Sons Of The Night”). With “La Marea Del Ayer” the five musicians prove, that this band is also possible to play more quiet tones, which generally accompanies the diversity of the Spanish group. Although the language may sound a bit unusual for some listeners at first sight, almost all, very clean played pieces of “Inevitable” will catch you latest after second or third listening! PIEL DE SERPIENTE proves impressively, that Hard Rock, played with heart and soul, must have
English lyrics to work!

1. Corazones Salvajes
2. Rabia
3. El Umbral
4. Sangre
5. Estrellados del Rock
6. Inevitable
7. Ronnie James
8. La marea del Ayer
9. Suonos perdidos
10. La marca del Diablo
11. Sons of the Night

1. Encenderé tu Fuego (2005)
2. El Veneno Se Extiende (2008)

Javi Pimentel – guitar
Lutfi S. Al-Kharbutli – vocals
Fernando Rudila – guitar
Emma López – drums
Francesc Vera – bass


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