Devastating Enemy – The Fallen Prophet CD Modern Melodic Death Metal

Posted: March 16, 2011 in death metal
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modern death metal

Devastating Enemy – The Fallen Prophet CD Modern Melodic Death Metal

Devastating Enemy was founded in early 2009. Although each and every member came from projects with entirely different musical directions, it soon became clear, that the sound of Devastating Enemy should combine the most brutal aspects of extreme Death & Thrash Metal with the complex and yet catchy melodies of Modern Melodic Death Metal. Mindblowing Blastbeats meet Epic Guitar Leads. High-Speed Thrash Metal Riffs meet the most brutal Breakdowns. Devastating Enemy puts all these essences together, to create an unique, powerfull, melodic piece of Modern Death Metal. In February 2009 Devastating Enemy recorded their EP “The Gods of Reason” at the “Hinterhof Studios”, Vienna. Working with experienced Metal-Producer Norbert Leitner, the CD perfectly represents the quality of Devastating Enemys songwriting. After playing club-shows and big festivals all over Europe, Devastating Enemy recordedtheir first full-length “THE FALLEN PROPHET”. SO STAY TUNED AND BE AWARE OF THE AUSTRIAN MONSTER „DEVASTATING ENEMY“!

Daniel Fellner – vocals, guitar
Alex Kodnar – guitar
Jörg Varga – bass
Thomas Urbanek – drums
1. The Fallen Prophet
2. Icarus’ Fall
3. Psycho
4. As Bloodshed Begins
5. Buried in Oblivion
6. The Saint And The Heretic
7. The Purity Paradigm
8. Inhale The Innocence
9. Your Ravenous Greed
10. Sculpture Of Sorrow
11. I Surrender
total playtime: 44:01 min

The Gods of Reason [EP 2009]


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