Cavalera Conspiracy CD Preorders On Sale Now Through Release Date!!!

Posted: March 15, 2011 in brutal death metal

Cavalera Conspiracy / Blunt Force Trauma (Deluxe Limited CD/DVD) / CD $20.00 $17.00

Cavalera Conspiracy / Blunt Force Trauma / CD $16.00 $13.00

Release Date: 3/29/2011
Those who have survived a car crash will always remember those feelings from the immediate aftermath: anxiety, fear, shock, bewilderment and an overwhelming adrenaline rush igniting all of their senses. When heavy objects collide unexpectedly there are always passengers whose perception of reality undergoes a sudden transformation. Blunt Force Trauma, the pulverizing new album from Cavalera Conspiracy, is the musical evocation (and possibly even the literal equivalent!) of those sensations. Abrupt, hyper-charged and possessed of some of the fiercest riffage and percussive bombardment of the Brazilian born Cavalera brothers’ storied career, it’s a sophomore-slump defying declaration that the Cavalera Conspiracy was no mere one-off, fluke or temporary side-project.

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