Necromorph (Germany) – Grinding Black Zero CD 2011

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Grindcore

NECROMORPH was formed in august 1995.
From this point there’ve been many line-up changes with huge influences to their musical and technical progression! The acting line-up is forced from the brothers and foundation members: Fritz (Vox), Jockel (bass) and also Benner (Guitar), Ulf (Guitar) & Micha (Drums).

NECROMORPH try to combinate their music with a lot of drive and groovy riffs to give it an energetic thrill of all styles of hard music! The listener can hear the influences of old-school swedish Death Metal/Grindcore and also styles of rather progressive kinds of styles.

NECROMORPH is a force, tending to create intelligent song-structures with plausible sound! Direct and without any bullshit!

Summarized NECROMORPH’s just a kind of Grind/Crust/Thrash/Death-GangBang. Every lister’s gonna get brain-f**ked!


Nautic Noise
Idiotus Maximus
Convicted To Breath
Serve To Lead
Exclusive Suffering
Diary Of A Disease
When A Whisper Breaks A Neck
Panic Worldwide
Forthcoming Emancipation
Black Zero


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